Verhagen in kæmpeknibe: Maria escape attempt costs four months ' imprisonment

. "the Conditions surrounding the escape has been enhanced. So it now gives four months ' unconditional imprisonment, the first time you run away," says co

Verhagen in kæmpeknibe: Maria escape attempt costs four months ' imprisonment


"the Conditions surrounding the escape has been enhanced. So it now gives four months ' unconditional imprisonment, the first time you run away," says communications advisor at Mid - and Vestjyllands Police Mette Quistgaard for B. T.

on Monday, it was at the Court in Viborg particular, that the detention of Bernio Verhagen should be extended up to 10. January 2020.

"When the case comes to court here, I will, in the light of the day, request that the remand be extended further," says assistant attorney, Katherine Melgaard, who is the prosecutor in the case, where Bernio Verhagen is charged after the criminal law section 244, paragraph. 1.

It was supposed, that the remand of Bernio Verhagen, who risk a sentence of up to three years in prison, should be carried out in Holstebro Attachment.

"The plans have been made. After his escape he is taken to a more secure detention centre further to the south. So that he will keep christmas and new year," says Ole Vanghøj, there is vagtchef at the Middle - and Vestjyllands Police.

He does not hide that he is pleased that Bernio Verhagen again is behind lock and key.

"It was a really stupid situation, we had placed us in, as it managed to escape. The reason why it succeeded, and only know the two gentlemen, on Monday at noon carried him from the Court in Viborg and Holstebro Attachment. We have some clear guidelines for how fangetransport must take place, but it is not the case that the ushers will now get an official reprimand. I think, that it here is learning enough for them," says Ole Vanghøj.

During his flight from the police was Bernio Verhagen extremely active on the social media.

Among other things, he wrote a message that he was on the way out of the country:

'today (Monday, red.) I left the prison, and right now I'm on the way to Sweden to visit a good friend,' he wrote among others, and continued:

'I remain silent until retsdagen 10. January (the date on which the judge Monday chose to extend the remand to the, red.).'

Ole Vanghøj has this comment to that Bernio Verhagen tried to create a diversion:

"It amazes us that during the flight to be able to write these messages. My theory is that he may have used a pc in a library, where the public has access, or he may have borrowed a cell phone where he briefly has logged on to an account on the digital media."

According to Ole Vanghøj was the arrest of Bernio Verhagen made by the two officers.

"On the basis of a tip, they found him in an apartment complex in Christiansgade in Holstebro. I must say, that the citizens of the town have been good to contact us when they have seen him," says Ole Vanghøj.

During his arrest, he was, according to Ole Vanghøj and pressed in a basement room, which he had managed to unlock from the inside. In anholdelsesrapporten it is apparent that he was not in possession of a telephone. Moreover, he he by the arrest early Tuesday morning did not resistance.

The spectacular case of Bernio Verhagen began in earnest, when Viborg FF 25. november terminated the contract with him.

at the same time, notified the club the matter to the police. Among other B. T. had at the time described that the dutchman did not possess the skills to play professional football.

the Same day were Bernio Verhagen was arrested in connection with the tumult in a kiosk at the train Station in Vyborg, and shortly after he was charged with threats, violence and robbery.

At the hearing Monday in Viborg extended the police charges against Bernio Verhagen, who according to the police repeatedly over a three-week period must have been violent against his 21-year-old chilean ex-girlfriend.

B. T. have tried to get a comment on the matter from attorney Peter Nisgaard Brink, that during Monday's court hearing in the Court in Viborg has acted a defender for the 25-year-old dutchman.

Here, he tried to convince judge Kirsten Maigaard on, to remand Bernio Verhagen was supposed to be released, since he has a child in Denmark and therefore would hardly try to escape out of the country.

"Peter Nisgaard Brink has no comments on the matter. First, he has the obligation of professional secrecy, and, secondly, he was sitting in a meeting all day," said his secretary, Berit Søgaard.

Date Of Update: 17 December 2019, 13:00

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