Unique report: The SA-mother of Königsberg was Hitler more important than your children

In the spring of 1926 heard Elisabeth Zastrau from Königsberg, a name that should henceforth determine the course of her life: Adolf Hitler. Just a campaign of

Unique report: The SA-mother of Königsberg was Hitler more important than your children

In the spring of 1926 heard Elisabeth Zastrau from Königsberg, a name that should henceforth determine the course of her life: Adolf Hitler. Just a campaign of the national socialists, which had the goal of delivery, the ban on speaking for your boss in Prussia lifted. As of now, the calls appeared to be in favour of Hitler, were Zastrau and her husband for the first Time to the attention of this man who had failed two and a half years earlier, with a coup in Munich, and for a ridiculously low time in prison had served.

Hitler's gang of Thugs, the SA, was at this time in Königsberg, as elsewhere, is still completely insignificant. However, for the Zastraus there was no more doubt, that you had to join this organization to fight for their goals. These objectives are the fight against "Marxism" – i.e., the SPD, the "commune", i.e. the Communists, the Jews and everything else were: what embodied the spirit of democracy. Exciting, but just no time?

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The whole family is in the SA

in 1928, the two joined the Nazi party, which was at that time a splinter party. The Nazi movement seized the whole family, because her two adolescent sons were soon helped by a member of the SA and party, and even the twelve-year-old daughter, when it came to the fight against the Red.

The terms "battle" and "movement" may take quiet literally. Anyone who wants to understand why the Nazis languages after the "seizure of power" in January 1933, and is quite nostalgic of the "fight time" and why they called themselves "movement" should read the 80-page report, the Zastrau on the events of 1926 to 1932, wrote. This report from the October 1935 handed over to you at the party headquarters in East Prussia. After that, he disappeared in the archives and is now published for the first time. Each week provides you FOCUS Online with the most important news from the knowledge Department. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

The great value of Zastraus report is that for this woman to write from a very simple background that was in 1930, in his mid-forties, no one led by the Hand, and she had apparently asked no one what they had experienced in the "struggle time". This will give your lines to get a particularly great authenticity, especially since she wrote it shortly after the "seizure of power" of Hitler, and not until decades later, as your memory, perhaps with later impressions and Knowledge would have to be mixed.

He is of a large subjectivity, and that is what makes this a unique source for the Understanding of Nazism and its followers in the early time is so valuable. Also the simple style and the many errors make the report authentic. Book recommendation (display)

"The "SA-mother" of Königsberg. A report on the "fight time" of the SA in the capital of East Prussia from the year 1935" by Armin Fuhrer

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Zastrau would have mothered their own children for Hitler sacrificed

The report is to fight a series of descriptions of hall battles and street, Hiding from the "commune" and the Hunting of Communists and "SPDisten"; of the wounded, "SA-lads", the "mother Zastrau," which is itself often unemployed and destitute, cared for, and hidden. Often you despair, almost – just the thought of the "leader" and the cohesion of the ever-growing SA gives her the courage to continue.

her two young sons to pull again and again in the fight, and not infrequently beaten and bloody back home. Even if the mother's fear of death is pending your guys back to keep you tried you never. For the fight for the leader you would have sacrificed even their own children.

And here is the reason to find, why Zastrau, and many other SA-fought people so fanatical. If you are also describes the goals of national socialism – in the end, it's something Else: the Cohesion, the community and We-feeling, Fighting with the other like-minded people, feeling squeezed, all as a Sub, against a hostile perceived environment, and the feeling of a big family. And all of this in these economically catastrophic times, in which many of the SA people will be unemployed, and any support can use. So, for example, a SA will be opened in-home, in which young men without a Job can stay.

"people's community" in a Small

And again and again: common exits, torches, singing. The SA, which is reading the report, clearly, was the anticipated "people's community" in the Small, as the national socialists understood. Who belonged to it, was protected and cared for, who was outside, was ruthlessly combated.

The report is a downright impressive subjectivity. Always the others are to blame when it comes to battles Hall, always the SA-people of the innocent, peace-loving victims.

And always, you will emerge victorious from the confrontation with the opponents. The police is usually described as an enemy, even if you are between the ranks of the fighters – it is designed to run automatically as a partisanship for the Communists or social Democrats.

Zastrau enjoyed under the king, Berger SA, quite obviously, a certain amount of popularity and notoriety – to Gauleiter Erich Koch. The fight you saw with the "seizure of power" by no means finished. On the contrary, Now it should go really. What became of Elisabeth Zastrau, is unknown.

The following are some brief passages from the report:

"I have the nights to be sacrificed, the money, everything I owned, and also my life, I would like the leader to be sacrificed."

"A SA-man, not mom can color my hat. The are so bad. Is made! Another: mom, I have no Connection. Also the be concerned. Other: mom, wash me in the brown shirt, the pants and so it went the whole day in front of the parade.“

"Then Saturday, the leader voice came. I stood near the car, because the SA had me like and anywhere alleged and I was not allowed to see my beloved leader in the face. I cried silently with joy, and was completely happy.“

"One Night turmoil! Commune is raging! From the Windows of the commander-in-chief mountain, stones, wood stick fly pots, flowers. A lot of bleed from us. We have several injured. ... As a scaffold and boards. I think a meter-long bar. Down with her under the coat, the Bobby you are not allowed to see. The SA, the grins it looked at. ... Now the boys los swept to the commune, and in a few minutes, none of this cowardly gang was out of sight. Now the police is there, and our poor boys, who fought back only to be beaten by the police.“

"The out punch of the commune I was caught between the Communists and the SA. Dschimbowski struck me. But it was glorious and so it went, day after day, night for night and night for night.“

"The leader should come. We are so happy. Rally at the Walter-Simon-Platz. It was overwhelming. ... Me Bouncing off the heart with joy. On you. It's already happening. I'll take excitement to my husband by the Hand and go with him. We have positioned ourselves, as the car of the leader comes. ... The car comes closer and stops right in front of us. My husband takes and pushes the leader's Hand, much too long for me. I take his Hand and just get the Arm and shout, as loud as I can, 'hail, my Adolf Chen"... I was distraught with happiness and couldn't believe it, I had the great fortune to press my beloved leader of the Poor."

"motto: out of Germany throws the Jews. We want to keep our leader the Loyalty and if he wants our lives.“ Hungry bear climbs in car after 30 minutes, the car climbs a small wood PCP Hungry bear in the car after 30 minutes, the small car wood

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