Today I leave all animal way

Mrs Müller, you have Chestnuts here. Why? Marroni are almost the only Fast Food that I can eat. Otherwise, my Tupperware is always something Cooked in a backp

Today I leave all animal way

Mrs Müller, you have Chestnuts here. Why?
Marroni are almost the only Fast Food that I can eat. Otherwise, my Tupperware is always something Cooked in a backpack. At noon, I cook me something in the office, while the other pick is usually something in the Restaurant. This is time-consuming. A chronic disease is like a parttime job: You always have to plan carefully.

How you have noticed that you suffer from rheumatoid Arthritis?
ten years Ago, it started with joint pain in the fingers. My Doctor tapped on menopausal symptoms, which is apparently often. In 2012, it was really hard: The joints are inflamed, and I ended up at the rheumatologist. The diagnosed then rheumatoid Arthrtitis.

What can you do about it?
There is no cure. Drugs can only suppress symptoms. I tolerated the medication poorly, could not sleep well and was in pain anyway. In the worst time I could hardly walk more. As I looked around for Alternatives, I discovered that it works in the USA for some time with anti-inflammatory diet.

What does that mean?
There are foods that have a negative effect on inflammation. For example, wheat products, or sugar. I started to avoid this. Then I made an exclusion diet according to a Plan by U.S. Doctors. I renounced all of the possible inflammation triggers and meticulously led book about it.

How has this exclusion diet affects your present-day menu plan?
I leave out all animal products. Also Gluten I consume. Of course, no sugar. And also no nightshades – so no potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. Citrus fruits I could not stand at the beginning, but now it's back. I try every summer, again, whether tomatoes go, because I like very much.

And how has this change in Diet on your disease out?
The inflammation markers have gone so far back that my blood values are now in normal range. My rheumatologist does not see the urgent need for action. Currently I don't take medical drugs.

As you go but a risk?
I can accept that I have pain. But it goes me good. My quality of life is great. I can hike again, since last summer, even a bit of climbing. And I notice immediately if I but one of these inflammation triggers eat: Then I after about an hour of back pain that last for 24 hours. It is not quite clear for me, what foods I can.

"as Long as Doctors are hardly trained, what is the impact diet has, it must come from us."Petra Müller, rheumatism patient

it's not hard, this life-style to pull that off?
I know quite many people who also have rheumatoid Arthritis and take medication. To these people, it's not better than me, often even more worse.

there is no cure but diet as well?
True. But with the food you do not has, at least, the side effects of the drugs. Side effects, against many patients must also take drugs. And I'm not ready.

it Closes with such a rigorous diet is not social?
fortunately I have a husband who is very open and everything mitprobiert. Of course I can't just go with someone to a Restaurant to eat. But if I go with someone to invite home, I suggest that he or she could cook something from my Blog.

you have been to a blogger?
When I realized that the Diet had a positive effect on my disease, I thought to myself: It would be useful to share these experiences. I launched my Blog freak, where I tell my story and recipes will show.

Later, her online magazine "Food Movement came to be then".
Yes, because I me, with many people exchanging and realized that many made with other diseases similar experiences as I have. For example, a colleague said: If I have no wheat to eat, I have less headaches. Or my husband: After a few weeks of anti-inflammatory foods, he had no Asthma and more. This impressed us both very much. Through literature I learned: In all chronic diseases, inflammation is behind it. And inflammatory values can be reduced with the diet. Although, of course, also other factors have influence, such as sleep and movement.

And this actually works?
I mean: If I go with a sick animal to the vet, says of the first: to Make the lining. Why is this not being made for people? A change in Diet works for all, but not at all the same way. I try to find out each for themselves what is true for him. And it takes initiative and strength. Ultimately it's about figuring out how to influence the nutrition a chronic disease so that you will be alleviated, or at least remains stable. Because as long as Doctors are trained during their education is hardly in it, what a great impact the diet has on our health must come from us to be Concerned.

Petra Müller, 52, is the founder of Food Movement, a Non-Profit organization that deals with the healing power of nutrition. It has made the management of the independent organization, and lives in Thun, BE.

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