These masks allow the almost perfect crime

It is in the movie "Mission Impossible" is probably one of the most dramatic scenes: The dubious Claire discusses deeds with her husband Jim Phelps their secr

These masks allow the almost perfect crime

It is in the movie "Mission Impossible" is probably one of the most dramatic scenes: The dubious Claire discusses deeds with her husband Jim Phelps their secret miss – but suddenly Phelps breaks an amazingly real looking rubber mask from the head. Including Ethan Hunt, the Hero of the film is. Thanks to the deception he comes to the impostor on the ropes.

about 25 years Ago, lives were real looking masks Hollywood reserved, now you have arrived in reality. The prices for silicone faces are now under 1000 Swiss francs. The masks are pulled over the whole head and range up to the shoulders. The selection is enormous, a canadian company has online about the "Senile" in the offer, the "teacher" or "fat". And it's not always the Mugs will be used for the Good. A few years ago a young Asian man passed the passport control in Hong Kong and boarded a plane to Canada. With a mask that disguised him as an old white man, he had fooled the border guards. In 2016, an African American was arrested for a Bank Robbery fixed. Later it turned out that, in truth, a White the Bank was robbed with a silicone face as a Black cloaked.

people with a layer of rubber Can be so easy to deceive? Psychologists from the University of York have demonstrated that the silicone cases are actually difficult and therefore for the security forces to the Problem could be. Recently, the researchers published in the journal "Perception" results of an experiment in the London science Museum. There, they asked visitors to check the identity of an accomplice and to decide whether they would let him pass. The accomplice wore a mask. 87 percent of the participants recognized that the man had a false face. As these, 87 percent were then asked explicitly whether the man was wearing a mask, there were still nine out of ten expect to see a real face.

An old man – but with a sporty Sprint

The Experiment involved a psychologist Rob Jenkins of the results, a little surprised. The reports of the crimes of the mask men have suggested that hardly anyone from the camouflage take note. "The cases were mostly solved, because someone realized that the perpetrator wore a mask," says Jenkins. "But because a confidant of the police gave a tip, or the mask was found in the course of a house search." The white Bank robber was convicted because his girlfriend discovered a bag with cash and the silicone mask. They informed the police. In a further Bank robbery, the offender fled on foot. He had disguised as an old man, and caught with its sporty Sprint is suspected.

Also in other studies, scientists have shown how easily false faces as true to go through. In the journal "Cognitive Research," says the psychologist Jet Sanders from an Experiment in which 60 people have viewed photos of people with and without masks. Without knowing what you should be looking for, none of them recognized the volunteers that some of the pictures did not show real faces. In a further Experiment, 160 students on the campus of Kyoto should monitor a man reading on a bench with a book. Only five realized that the bookworm wore a mask.

Aga Khan transferred estimates to the swindler of 20 million euros

Jenkins, that, in the meantime, about 40 crimes are known, in which masks were used. Only the tip of the iceberg, he believes. Because counting only the cases that were later solved, you can. Probably the most spectacular of these acts is being negotiated since the beginning of February in Paris, in front of the court. 2015 had issued an Unknown at the time, French defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, and with accomplices in a two-digit million amount of difficult tricks. On Skype and phone to the wrong Minister contacted some 150 mostly wealthy target, and claimed, for example, to collect ransom for kidnapped French citizen. Three believed the dizziness.

One of them is, according to the indictment, the multi-billionaire and Islamic leader, Karim Aga Khan IV, He is said to have transferred to the swindler of 20 million euros. The Turkish business man ?nan K?raç was even relieved of more than 40 million euros. Seven men are in Paris to court; as the head of the gang of ex-offenders con artists Gilbert Chikli is a suspect. The defendants deny the fact.

And so disguises in the world of secret services and Criminals are certainly nothing New. To false mustaches and Hats, the masks, according to Jenkins, however, many practical advantages: "You can put it on in less than 20 seconds and, thus, his appearance completely changed." Even the gender could change.

But there are always people that of Fake faces do not tease. Subtle signs such as an unnatural skin color, or a slightly artificial Expressions give you a decisive note. And, in the case of the illegal departure from the Hong Kong film it was nearly ripe: and The dizziness flew as the man during the flight, dropped the mask – which his seatmate seemed a little strange.

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