The end of the heated terrace, new example dhypocrisie climate - The Point

The millennialism green requires humanity to atone for its original sin : the search for comfort. Sign that it fits into the definition of the puritanism of the

The end of the heated terrace, new example dhypocrisie climate - The Point

The millennialism green requires humanity to atone for its original sin : the search for comfort. Sign that it fits into the definition of the puritanism of the american journalist Henry Louis Mencken : the fear haunting that someone, somewhere, is happy. Aristotle defined envy as the pain that comes from the happiness of others. From this pain comes the pleasure of upsetting the habits of the petit-bourgeois. Today, the heated terraces. Tomorrow, the plane. The day after tomorrow, his desire to found a family, as suggested by the small music recurring on overpopulation. Where the dangerousness of leaving a clergy ecologist the task of distinguishing between the essential and what is superfluous. The climate is here that the alibi of the despotism sweet that Tocqueville spoke of the cancer of the democracies. In the country that weighs less than a percent of the total emissions of CO2, the call to contrition is the display of virtue. It is indifferent to the consequences almost zero of these restrictions on the climate.

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The deception of the apostles of virtue is all the more palpable when it arises in the debate the word " nuclear ". The emergency environmental variable geometry leads the heirs to Savonarola to reduce the speed of the motor while closing of the plants. The rationing coexists with the sabotage of the only energy, which can be controlled, and carbon-generalizable regardless of the topography. The objection of the risk and waste is sincere when everyone has access to the balance sheet safe remarkable of civilian nuclear energy. In reality, it is necessary to understand that the new malthusian enemies hate nuclear power for its benefits and not its disadvantages.

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In 1975, the ecologist Paul Ehrlich wrote that give humanity a energy abundant and accessible would be " morally equivalent to giving a machine gun to a child idiot ". The philosopher Dominique Bourg's fear of "escape" industrialist and skill that such a power would. The engineer descending Benedict Thévard asks about him on the opportunity to have still more energy, even if a technology were to one day see the light of day : "The provision of energy more abundant and less expensive than were the fossil fuels would be an absolute disaster, if it is not accompanied by a work collective and the world on the management of common property and the artificialisation of land. "Innovation saving is even more relegated to the rank of chimeras inaccessible. It is dreaded. Proof that this is not the love of the green that motivates our ecologists. This is just the old hatred rousseauist of the condition of the bourgeois and the desire to finish with the human as a cartesian who sets himself up as a master and possessor of nature.

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While the rest of us pay in the higher bid of the bad conscience of the bourgeois, hundreds of millions of human beings to the outskirts of the West want – to reason – to imitate our way of life. The thermal renovation of buildings, and the wide variety of measures of the franco-French are not going to change anything to the global scope of the phenomenon. Faced with this situation, two attitudes are possible. The first is cynicism, neo-colonial, which postulates that the South must not seek to import the mode of life of the North. A good example of this attitude lies in the words of Serge Latouche, who calls the third-world not to adhere to the "belief" of development to " continue the thread of a story interrupted by colonization ". As if the African was in essence immune to the seduction of the western way of life and that he would never have had the idea of kiss without the imperialism of yesterday.

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The second attitude is more empathetic. It acknowledges the access to more and more comfort as the goal natural of human societies. It was looking at ways to marry this noble quest in maintaining a habitable environment. Once again, nuclear power has been the centerpiece of industrial civilization. It is the energy that will décarboner the electricity, clean the atmosphere, and to synthesize clean fuels of tomorrow. To save a pleasant climate, there is no need to annoy the petty-bourgeois or replace the wretched of the Earth by the Earth's damned. We should bring the ideal of a nuclear industry competitive and export oriented, capable of knocking at the door of Indians, Africans and all peoples of the earth wanting to get rid simultaneously of fossil fuels and poverty. Ambitious ? No doubt. Grant that it is easier to "preach" to his neighbor, who doesn't turn off the light when leaving home.

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*Ferghane Azihari is the director of the Academy free of the human sciences. He is preparing an essay on the environmental issue.

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