The Danish police is equivalent Malmö FF again: 'It is pathetic'

Malmö FF regrets now own bystanders behaviour in the context of the tumult that occurred at the Europe League match against FC Copenhagen. But the Swedish clu

The Danish police is equivalent Malmö FF again: 'It is pathetic'

Malmö FF regrets now own bystanders behaviour in the context of the tumult that occurred at the Europe League match against FC Copenhagen.

But the Swedish club cuisine is also a harsh criticism of the Danish police.

'It is both sad and unfair that so many innocent devotees affected by police action, when they were not involved in the riots,' says the Wednesday from Malmö FF, in a statement.

The Swedish club says further that the man has asked for an evaluation meeting with the Danish police in the beginning of 2020.

It was last Thursday, that EL-the noise between the two club in a sold-out Park degenerated in the streets of copenhagen up to the kick-off. Here came the supporters from the two clubs in close contact with each other and with the police in connection with the Swedish fans march to the Park.

Malmö FF writes, that you have found out that about 100 of the club's own supporters behaved 'extremely assertive and aggressive during the visit to Copenhagen'.

From the Swedish side reads further, that the supporters 'created fear, insecurity and harm for both other Malmö FF fans, locals and police by firing pyrotechnics and fireworks. It is being branded as 'completely unacceptable' behaviour.

the Police went on a point in the action to stop the unrest in the march towards the Park, and it is here that Malmö FF is also directing criticism against the Copenhagen Police.

'the Police choose relatively late to act against the individuals by using tear gas and violence in the march. The result of the police conduct was, that several of the other Malmö FF supporters in the march was hit by the physical and psychological effects of tåregassen,' reads the opinion from Malmö FF.

At the Copenhagen Police are baffled by the criticism from the Swedish football club.

"My reaction is: That's strange, when a football club - if the fans have ravaged large parts of the World - choose to use one and a half line on that they are really sorry to have had some aggressive fans. And then the rest of their communication addresses to the Copenhagen Police have failed," says Peter Dahl, chief inspector at Copenhagen Police, to B. T.:

"Such a club ought to look inward in relation to the hooligans, they have with. It is a little pathetic, that they have a lot of fellow travelers hooligans who throw with bottles, cobblestones, shoot fireworks and throw firecrackers against politet, and then it all of a sudden the police's fault."

The chief inspector compares the ballad up to the battle with 'the worst street fights at Nørrebro, where you begin to dig the cobbles up and throws them against the police'. And he believes that any innocent Swedish football fans in the march have had the opportunity to get away.

"If you choose to go with someone who throws everything against the police, one must expect a backlash. The gasgranat, which will be referred to, are thrown by the police officers out there in the pure legitimate self-defence, because they are so pressed. So that they themselves could get away. And you must also just remember that there good enough they were here very aggressive Malmö-fans, but there was at least just as many, perhaps more FCK fans we have to deal with. The police officers out there have been under a massive pressure," says Peter Dahl of the Copenhagen Police.

Malmö FF calls in Wednesday's announcement that the involved Swedish supporters will be held responsible for the debacle. And here is politiinspektøren, in turn, completely in line with the Swedish club. The work to identify the more than 100 troublemakers from Sweden already went in once on Friday, and there will be work intensive, until all those involved are found'.

"We will not be found in the behavior of our city and to the police. And it is, therefore, that I am a little bit upset when a club instead of take responsibility for, that they have some fanproblemer, instead go out and criticise the police force in another country, where they were guests," says Peter Dahl.

He knows not, moreover, something that Malmö FF would have asked the Police for a meeting. But the chief inspector 'would very much like to take over and visit them and take some video documentation with, so I can show the club, how their fans act in real life'.

Malmö FF criticises in its opinion, also FC Copenhagen for access to the Park. Here, there have been only two ports open on the udeholdets D-tribune in contrast to the three, having been promised in advance in connection with the so-called 'site visit', where you visit værtsstadionet in advance. Sounds it.

at the same time was a visitationsområde to create 'congestion', 'chaos' and 'traffic jams, which pressed people towards afspærringshegnet on the dangerous way', where it is found that of Malmö FF, who has highlighted the situation over for FCK.

From the Danish club's page refuses to prosecutors from the Swedish club.

"It is not correct," notes chief communications officer, Jes Mortensen for B. T.:

"Both in the context of their 'site visit' and drawings sent to them, they have been told that there would be two entries. It is true that there are three inputs on the D-stage, but it was only the two of them, which would be open, and they knew well. They also had to know that their fans should come in good time, because it was a 'high risk'match, with an extraordinary security controls. They arrive just unfortunately with their march three quarter before kick-off, and it does, there is not a long time to get all these people in."

Jes Mortensen adds: "I stood and looked at it from the top, and my guess is that the people behind started to jostle, because they are afraid of not getting in on time. And so was the front mast."

The football match between the two football teams ended in a 1-0 victory for the Swedish team, but both teams went on to the spring knockoutfase. Here I am meeting scottish Celtic in the 1/16-finals, while Malmö FF to be up against German Wolfsburg.

Updated Date: 18 December 2019, 13:00

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