Teacups: dogs in teacups - cute Trend, or terrible animal cruelty?

Teacup dogs, or, in short: Teacups, so dogs that are so small that they fit in a teacup, and a maximum of 23 centimeters tall, weigh about a kilo and a half, co

Teacups: dogs in teacups - cute Trend, or terrible animal cruelty?

Teacup dogs, or, in short: Teacups, so dogs that are so small that they fit in a teacup, and a maximum of 23 centimeters tall, weigh about a kilo and a half, costs more than a motor scooter, and some of the hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Instagram and Facebook.

In Germany, don't give it to many breeders of such miniature dogs, says the Hobby breeder Ivonne Winter from Hanau, Germany, is exclusively specializing in Teacup-poodle. The demand is significantly higher than the supply. "Everyone now wants to have a Teacup dog, but it has not been sitting on the shelves." The work is time - and cost-intensive. The puppies are in need of much attention. "Because you have to feed every two hours, day and night," says Winter.

The weakest and smallest of dogs is a breeding with each other? crossed

But how the little ones to be bred at all "You are the weakest and smallest animals from a breeding program, to breed with them again," explains Daniela Schrudde, content Director of world animal protection society. This is contrary to nature. The typically large eyes, large head and small nose does not correspond to in addition, the anatomy of a healthy dog.

"something like that happens, if you do it carefully and pure Teacup-dogs mated with each other," replies Ivonne Winter. The mother-dog about had to be at least 20 to 23 inches tall and the dog had to fit in terms of size to her. "It may well fall times smaller puppies, which are not suitable for breeding." Your Mini-poodle to be as healthy dogs as any Small or large poodle, says Winter.

Already a missed meal can. for "Teacups" the death of

Lisa Hoth, a consultant for home animals of the German animal protection Association mean, however, reports of animals, the tremors often, because their body temperature is too low Another Problem with hypoglycemia is: This could be caused by a missed meal, and in the worst case, in death. Also imbalances in the head, such as those caused by hereditary not due to the growing together of bone columns were observed. Anyway, the bones are very fragile, the eyes are disproportionately large, and thus more susceptible to injury, and milk teeth, often without external help, removable.

"That's absolute nonsense," says Ivonne Winter. "Big eyes are in Germany, the breeding objective and come from America and Asia, as well as the round Apple heads and short muzzles." That their animals had to be occasionally a Tooth pulled, was not a special Problem of Teacup-poodles, but poodles, in General. Also a puppy with an open fontanel've never had. You breed only the animals that were around 20 inches tall. "Even if a lot of people say on the phone, you want to have a Teacup poodle which is only 15 to 16 inches tall, then you have come to the wrong place and can buy a stuffed animal."

qual protection of the law are farming in accordance with the German animal forbidden

Legally, the case seems clear: Because, according to the animal law for the protection of so-called torment of farms are prohibited in Germany. That is, it is not allowed to breed animals, if you are missing body parts or organs for its characteristic use, or are transformed and thereby pain, Suffering or damage will occur. "If you look at the Teacup-dogs, they all have that," says Daniela Schrudde.

the practical implementation of The so-called torment of breeding clause, however, has its problems, like Lisa Hoth explained. "Until now, there was in the past, only judgments of individual Farms." Certain agony are breeding characteristics such as the short-headedness says is already known and scientifically studied, Hoth.

"Teacups" as a perfectly staged Instagram-Stars

On the Online Portal Instagram there are numerous sites that regularly present photos and short videos of the tiny four-legged friends: Once you are wrapped up in colorful Costumes, sometimes they stretch the small head out of a Beach chair. Nothing is left to chance, everything seems to be meticulously staged, from the perfectly manicured fur, including the selection of image props.

it is noticeable that it is mainly the sites of professional traders, the reach of many users. The Instagram page of the provider "Rolly Teacup Puppies" had about the beginning of June to 740,000 subscribers, the dealer sent the tiny machines, which cost the equivalent of up to 8640 euros, in the whole world. According to the page the animals are core healthy, which should additionally be provided with a health certificate proves.

Dubious service providers: certificates are not always a guarantee for the welfare of the animals

But to speak against the seriousness of the offer, says Daniela Schrudde. Also, the certificates are not a guarantee that the animals are well. "There are a number of veterinarians who issue certificates that are worth nothing."

From the breed standard of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) are not covered Teacup-dogs. Under the umbrella organization of associations of the dog unite breeders and owners from all over the world. The smallest dog breed recognized by the FCI Standards, the Chihuahua, whose weight is determined with at least one and not more than three kilograms. Lioness Zebra young in its mouth, then its parent uses to counter-attack at FOCUS Online/Wochit lioness Zebra young in its mouth, then sets its parent to counter-attack


Date Of Update: 09 June 2020, 11:26