So do not forget your secret number, never again

died How many brain cells the Stresstod, while their owners have their memory for forgotten passwords to be searched, is not yet scientifically investigated. Th

So do not forget your secret number, never again

died How many brain cells the Stresstod, while their owners have their memory for forgotten passwords to be searched, is not yet scientifically investigated. The German Federal office for security in information technology still had compassion. It has recently withdrawn his recommendation to change passwords regularly, because it brings little additional safety, and because people forget this constantly changing their passwords. But what if it is already too late if the damn password just can not think of more? To come to the Carsten fire mountain people want to remember. The 51-Year-old works in the Memory Clinic of Essen, an outpatient clinic for persons with memory disorders. He is also a trained hypnotist.

Lord of fire mountain, have you ever forgotten your PIN number?
Well, of course. That was a few years ago, my children were still small and were sitting in the car, along with a fish in a plastic bag we had just bought. I was quickly in a Shop, wanted to pay at the cash register, my PIN – that's where my son comes in the door and says: The bag is run out, the fish wriggles! In such a Situation, panic sets in, the flight reflex is activated, the brain is blocked. You've got a Blackout.

And what do you do then?
you can come, apart from the classical relaxation techniques – a little bit down, focus, for half a Minute in the abdominal breathing, nothing. Also, these new-fangled methods help there's nothing that you activated via electro-magnetic pulses in certain areas of the Brain. Then things do not come, although again, the Council of Europe, but on the way that's not natural.

"Our brain linked to abstract memories with pictures": memory trainer Carsten Brandenberg. Photo: Contilia

Oh, great.
You may possibly leave the Situation. So away from the ATM. Relax.

And if I can't leave the Situation, because I write, for example, just an examination and a Blackout have?
The Blackout itself is a cause of Stress, additional Stress. You can't just change it, if you approach this with the mind. So you need to do something Active when the body is involved. Best: just breathe. For a Minute. In the stomach.

let's Say I'm standing in the shower, had a brilliant idea – but then something comes up, suddenly the idea is gone. What do I do?
best time to take a shower. This is often the case that you go into a room and suddenly can't remember what you wanted there, actually. In these cases, it helps to go back to where you had the idea, the Situation as precisely as possible to restore. Our brain linked to abstract memories with images, with emotions, with facial expressions. So with information that was critical to Survival, long before there were Bank machines. Therefore, one often remembers to seemingly minor Details. But you can take advantage of that.

"We have managers who work 80 hours a week and then wonder if you have a Blackout you have."

If you want to forget your PIN, you can assign the Numbers, for example, certain symbols, and then a story to invent. The One looks a bit like a candle, the Two as a Swan, because of the curved neck, the Three is to the Trident, the Four leaf Clover, the Five and so on, there are certain systems, so-called "Major systems". Say you sequence a of numbers.

So, the Three of the Trident, the Seven, the Flag, the Two of the Swan, the Nine is a snake. Then I imagine a picture: I'm sitting on a bench and had a Trident in Hand, next to me on the bench is a red Flag, suddenly, a Swan swims past, followed by a snake. Although this is a bit abstruse. But we have pictures and emotions. You should then be able to retrieve easily.

people often Come to you, which something Important not to think of more?
We have in addition to the pathological cases are often also managers working 80 hours a week and then wonder if you have in the presentation, suddenly a Blackout. Want to make memory training, although the exact opposite direction would be the Right thing to do. Because these failures are, of course, due to the stress.

, people need to relax sometimes more, then you would also have these dropouts?
Absolutely. A high percentage of the people that come to us, not thinking, with your mind something is wrong, everything is actually fine. The more the topics of Alzheimer's and dementia through the media, the Public, the more you discovered this in yourself. Come to see us, people Worry that you will not be able to answer the 500-Euro question in the case of Günther Jauch. This has to do, in many cases, with the memory of nothing to do, but with the lack of General education.

when should I start to Worry?
If I've misplaced my glasses, which is not bad, so what happened. If I don't know that I have a pair of glasses, then I should make my thoughts.

"emotions are the crucial factor that can affect the memory, positive or negative."

If I want to get but out a certain memory, would be hypnosis a possibility?
In hypnosis you have someone who has help to make the steps in his head backwards, a bit like the brainstorm in the shower, the man goes back under the shower. The hypnotist takes you by the Hand and goes with a memory. There, where the memory is, where it comes near the asteroid belt, perhaps because the reminder is painful – what should be in the case of a forgotten PIN number rather a Problem. But a hypnotist is not, of course, mostly on Hand when you are standing in front of a Bank of vending machines.

Why I'm not actually certain memories ran? If the brain is sometimes like a hard ...
Because the new memories, the old overlay. Like in a cave, you are very far behind. This doesn't mean that they are there, they will reappear every now and again. This is what we experience when we perceive, for example, a certain smell, because everything, in terms of the senses, is associated with memories, and ... now I forgot the question, help me.

Whether the brain works like a hard drive. It was a somewhat fuzzy question.
Ah Yes, the hard drive! No, that would be much too easy. We are accustomed to today with the technology: I press a button and then I, what I want to have get. Thank God we are still human, emotional and, above all, thinking beings. Emotions are the crucial factor that can affect the memory, positive or negative.

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