Praise for China's uncompromising and rigorous response

On the day, as the 25-strong Team started their investigation on the lung disease Covid-19 in China, reported the country just under 2500 new cases. As the expe

Praise for China's uncompromising and rigorous response

On the day, as the 25-strong Team started their investigation on the lung disease Covid-19 in China, reported the country just under 2500 new cases. As the experts ended nine days later, their visit, were only counted 400 new cases. "The decrease in cases is real", in the report, the Team now has presented. 16. - 24. In February, scientists from eight countries were traveling in China, in order to gain a picture of the epidemic and how to deal with her. The management of the world health organization, WHO, had, most of the members were from China.

The most important knowledge, with the help of the scientist returned, is as follows: In China, the number of new cases has fallen significantly – in fact, since a Long time. The peak of the outbreak was reached at the end of January. On Monday, China reported only 200 new infections with the Coronavirus. Possible the Recoiling of the pathogen was contingent, among other things, through a massive Staff. 1800 Teams of epidemiologists – each had at least five members – were in use. Daily you were looking for tens of thousands of people who had had contact with an Infected in order to test it and to observe.

In China, about 50 million people of the outside world were closed off

The report suggests that as good as no contact person escaped. But above all, the decline of infections goes back to the rigorous approach of China: "perhaps The most dramatic, fastest, and most aggressive effort to prevent Disease in history," says the report. To travel restrictions in many Parts of the country and the lockdown of entire cities were. About 50 million people were cut off from the outside world.

What makes this Situation with the people? The Team is convinced that there was among the Chinese a "big commitment" for these collective measures. Doubt or criticism do not occur in the 40-page paper. More still, the report sees the people's Republic in a kind of pioneering role. China's "uncompromising and rigorous" response deliver in the world very important Lessons, and mean it. Because, ultimately, the measures had been effective. The authors further write: "A large part of the world community is both in the spirit as well as materially, is not ready to take such measures".

The authors recommend, therefore, other countries tend to to classical measures of disease protection. States that have already discovered cases, should enable your plans to the emergency, potentially Diseased quickly investigate and contact individuals quickly to quarantine. Further measures such as school closures and the prohibition of large-scale events could be planned and simulated.

the quarantine of entire places is also outside of China is no longer taboo. Italy has sealed off ten places in the North of the country; a total of 50'000 inhabitants are not allowed to leave the communities, or visitors from the outside received.

psychologists warn of fear and loss of control in the event of a mass quarantine

But a discussion on the social, political, and ethical implications of such drastic actions, there are only approaches. In the British Medical Journal the psychologist James Rubin and Simon warned Wessely from King's College in London to the fact that a mass quarantine, such as in China can have side effects. To fear and a feeling of loss of Control in the case of those who are excluded from the outside world. You the stigma threatens beyond. And there, where people no longer even a picture of the situation can make, rumors arise. All of this can lead to confidence is playful.

"There are different views exist on how useful it is to take such drastic measures," says Daniel Lorenz, research associate at the disaster research centre of the Freie Universität Berlin. Restrict the life, whether it is also possible that people try to bypass these measures or to hide symptoms of illness. This, in turn, can mean that the effective Monitoring of the Virus will be more difficult.

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