Perfume: the seductive scents arise

odors are complicated: What's up with us as a pleasant fragrance in the nose, molecules in a mixture of hundreds of different Odor. Perfume are your able to ge

Perfume: the seductive scents arise

odors are complicated: What's up with us as a pleasant fragrance in the nose, molecules in a mixture of hundreds of different Odor. Perfume are your able to get out of such a large number of fragrant individual components of a liquid mixture, which gives its wearer a characteristic Note, and the others beguiled. But how is it even possible to win a fragrance of roses or strawberries? And according to what rules later, the individual components are mixed together? Who invented the perfume? And how our brain responds to the seductive scents?

since ancient times, people use the magic of the fragrances. It is known that the ancient Egyptians burned more than 5,000 years, spices and resins in honor of the sun God Ra verb. In addition, they made scented oils to cover their dead balsa. Such pleasant scents were regarded as a sign of life and whitewashed the acrid body odor. In addition, ointments, Oils, and Pomades of lemon, anise, myrrh, and other precious essences have been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The Oils had anti-inflammatory on the skin, and made it additional supple and shiny.

Fragrant smoke

The term perfume is derived from the Latin "per fumum", which means "through smoke". It was burned in the Catholic Church since time immemorial, incense as a sacrifice, and still applies today in the Liturgy, as a sign of divine worship. In the Bible, Psalm 141 promises in the book of revelation: "How to make a Smoke rise my prayer, to thee". The smell of incense is to symbolize at the same time the fragrance of God.

From the middle East from the intoxicating fragrance spread over the whole world. The invention of distillation by the Arabs made it since 8. Century, the manufacture of perfume, as we know it today, possible. However, the early perfumes were very heavy and were used mostly to mask unpleasant smells. They were used in the middle ages, even as a remedy against the plague, as it was believed, the disease will be transmitted by the stench. Only in the 19th century. It was perfume for luxury items and has now also brought of fashion manufacturers such as Chanel as a status symbol on the market.


Several methods can be used to drain fruits, flowers, spices, Woods and herbs their scent. be won The Enfleurage is one of the oldest methods of fragrance extraction, however, it is used today. The scents of raw materials – from flowers – to be absorbed by animal fats. So we put the freshly picked flowers on a odorless pig fat, which absorbs the fragrance. At the end of the will be washed with scent-soaked fat in alcohol to separate the essence from the fat.In the case of the oldest method of distillation, and filled the petals in a giant cauldron and cooked, while the essential Oil is released from the flowers. The ascending water vapor is then cooled and into a reservoir. Here the water and Oil separate again. Because the essential Oil has a lower density than the water and floats therefore above. It takes about a ton of petals to produce one litre of perfume oil. The price per litre is, therefore, up to 50,000 Euro.

scent of a withdrawal by solvent

The most commonly used method is the extraction. Here are the raw materials of the fragrance is removed with a solvent. This is washed in huge cauldrons, essential Oils and Plants grow out of the flowers. Together, they form a salve-like mass. This now needs to be washed with alcohol to remove the waxes and to obtain the pure Oil, the "essence absolute".Using the various perfume oils perfume try to create your exceptional fragrances. The training to become a perfumer can take, depending on the company, up to six years. His main Instrument is the nose. With her, he tried to sniff out the correct composition of the individual components. Millions of different compositions are possible, but only a few have that certain Something, the on duration of the appeal.

Up to 600 single fragrances

the perfumer needs to know which fragrances blend together - such as rose-scented with strawberry, what scents cancel, bite, or as a composition to the skin effect. A perfume must consist of at least twelve and can consist of up to 600 different individual scents.For each perfume there is a head, heart and base notes. The head note consists of light, fruity scents that you first smell, but also the quickest. The heart determines the character of the perfume, such as lavender or roses, the base note is the Foundation of a perfume and a heavy, long-lasting, is formed in scents such as musk or sandalwood.Perfume as we know it, consists in part of oils, and for the most part from alcohol. In Eau de perfume 12 to 15 percent of perfume oil are included, the Rest is alcohol. Eau de Toilette consists of only four to eight percent perfume oil. The idea of a new perfume to the bottle in the buying shelf for up to three years of creative work.

How we smell

A scent immediately trigger memories and emotions in our brain. Be included the odor molecules through the nose. Here, attach to the hairs of the olfactory cells, which protrude into the nasal mucosa. Up to 10,000 different smells, our nose can distinguish between. However, the human taste is a sense, with its five flavors almost under.The olfactory cells of the olfactory molecule from immediately triggers an electrical impulse. This is transmitted via the olfactory bulb, located directly above the root of the nose, to the brain. To the limbic System, an ancient area of the Brain. Here, the pulse triggers an immediate sense, depending on the smell of arousal, fear, or disgust. At the same time, the fragrance conjures up bygone images. On the other, the impulse goes to the olfactory bulb in the cerebral cortex. Here, the scent can be mapped and identified, such as the smell of roses, or of sweat.

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