NASA Rover Perseverance to Mars launched - this is the Mission of the robot

In February, he will land, according to the US space Agency Nasa in a dried-up lake, the "Jezero Crater" on Mars. "Perseverance" (on German about "persev

NASA Rover Perseverance to Mars launched - this is the Mission of the robot

In February, he will land, according to the US space Agency Nasa in a dried-up lake, the "Jezero Crater" on Mars.

"Perseverance" (on German about "perseverance") is a kind of improved Version of the 2012 on the Mars landed "Curiosity"Rover, and is as yet technically challenging Mars-robot. On Board he has, among other things, 7 scientific instruments, 2 microphones, 23 cameras, a Laser and even a small helicopter.

Among the devices, and thermal sensors of the Leibniz-Institute for photonic technology in Jena, Germany. You can contact free measure the surface temperature. The German technology will help to explore the climatic conditions on the neighboring planet before a first manned Mars Mission.

the carrier rocket with the Mars Rover "Perseverance" had, apparently, technical problems

According to the US space Agency, Nasa, had problems with the carrier rocket with the Mars Rover "Perseverance" obviously, first of all, technical. Data indicated that the rocket had switched into a security mode, said Nasa on Thursday. May be a part of the ship had become in the shadow of the earth is too cold.

Also, when establishing a communication connection with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Nasa in Pasadena in the U.S. state of California, there was reported to be delays. Meanwhile, the rocket left the earth's shadow and the temperatures had returned to normal, said the Nasa more. Currently, a comprehensive Review will be made.

The Deputy mission Manager Matt Wallace said the incident was of too much concern. "This is perfectly in order, the rocket is happy," he said. The Team was investigating the functions of the rocket. "So far, everything I've seen looks good. Soon we will know more." If a rocket goes into safe mode, turn off all but the necessary systems.

"people living on the moon, and

work plan" of The United States, by 2024 at the lunar Outpost for a Mission to Mars to build up, could maybe start already ten years later. Nasa chief Jim bride Stine, according to the "Perseverance"Mission does not aim, therefore, to the fact, "that one day, people live only on the moon and work, but also on another planet". Reuters/NASA/JPL-Caltech/dpa/Illustration The graphical illustration shows the NASA Rover "Perseverance".

of The roughly 2.5 billion dollars (2.1 billion euros), expensive Rover that was designed for eight years and built, to look on Mars for traces of former microbial life, as well as the climate and the Geology of the planet to explore, and samples of stones and dust, take some of these should also be in a container and years later brought to earth collected. Scientists hope to "Perseverance" new evidence on the origin of the universe.

In the evaluation of important camera data and images, according to information from the German center for air and space travel (DLR) as well as the Expertise of its researchers used: Planned to be panoramic shots of the Mars, not only in color but also in 3D and mineralogical analysis with a spectrometer.

Premiere: "Perseverance" comes together with a Mini-helicopter "Ingenuity"

"Perseverance" is the fifth of the Rover, trying to get Nasa to Mars - according to the "Sojourner" in 1997, the twin robots Spirit and Opportunity in 2004, and the only still active Rover "Curiosity". In addition, it managed, among other things, 2018, the stationary Nasa Lander "InSight" to Mars, several probes orbiting the Red planet.

Nevertheless, this Mission is also a Premiere, as "Perseverance" comes together with "Ingenuity" (ingenuity): A Mini-helicopter, which resulted in the run-up in space Fans for a lot of excitement - because with him is to start for the first Time a helicopter on an alien planet. The challenges for the 1.8-kilogram device are huge: The thin Martian atmosphere corresponds to about 30 kilometers above the earth - a conventional helicopter didn't make it even half as high.

earth and Mars are just cheap,

Therefore, the four "Ingenuity"-rotor blades made of carbon fiber to rotate much faster than they need to in the earth's atmosphere. In addition, the helicopter must be able to withstand the icy temperatures of up to -90 degrees. If all goes well, is to make the helicopter a couple of short flights alone, because the remote control Ingenuity makes "" the earth is hardly, if even light itself is in need of at the best constellation for more than three minutes from one planet to another.

Currently, the earth and Mars are favourable for flights to our neighboring planet. Therefore, already on 20. In July, the United Arab Emirates sent as the first Arab Nation is a space probe towards Mars. You should not land. Three days later, China launched a spacecraft toward Mars, which contains, among other things, a vehicle the size of a Golf automobile. Both room probes arrive as "Perseverance" in February at your destination.

Other countries are not in competition: "science is international"

The Nasa science Director, Thomas Zurbuchen, stressed in an Interview with the Bayerischer Rundfunk that these missions were in competition to "Perseverance". "We are glad, when other countries are working together with us and also spend your money in order to make this important research," said Zurbuchen. Science is international: "We clap for each other".

Only about 40 percent of the world has so far launched Mars missions were successful. In 2016, about the probe, "Schiaparelli", the European space Agency, Esa, had crashed due to a computer error during the landing approach. Goat racing in a panic, to hikers, to the seconds later, why PCP goat race in a panic to hikers - see seconds later, why Angler draws huge draws under the water creature from the lake of Constance PCP anglers huge underwater creature from the lake Constance


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