Mount Everest: How a beekeeper, the highest mountain in the world conquered

That Edmund Hillary would become the most famous man of his country, he would never dream of. That you would print notes with his face on money, streets and squ

Mount Everest: How a beekeeper, the highest mountain in the world conquered

That Edmund Hillary would become the most famous man of his country, he would never dream of. That you would print notes with his face on money, streets and squares after him, calling, Queen Elizabeth II would beat him to the knights. And the Time Magazine him one of the hundred most influential personalities of the 20th century. Century would choose. Because Edmund Hillary was, he was only a simple man. A beekeeper from new Zealand. Only with a special Hobby: mountain climbing.

The dream from the summit

It is 1953, and the Mount Everest is the last major destination on this earth. The North pole reaches the South pole as well – only the highest mountain in the world is not yet vanquished, always. Nineteen years earlier a British force had failed, and the two mountaineers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine died. If one of them reached in front of his death to the summit, no one knows. Great Britain had not but given up since then: Seven more expeditions were sent to Mount Everest. And Switzerland, too, had tried their luck. In contrast to the UK you got but only the permission to try it from the South side of the mountain – a hitherto completely unknown Terrain.

In the far in new Zealand, Edmund Hillary to Mount Everest in the Philippines. The 33-Year-old had loved the mountain climbing ever and had mastered many challenging routes in the southern Alps. Once, in 1951, he had already participated in a fact-finding tour to the Mount Everest. He, too, had already tried to climb the Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world. It's located just twenty kilometers from Mount Everest away. But then, in 1953, he is actually an invitation to a summit expedition. This is led by Colonel John Hunt, the General staff to the task approach. He leaves oxygen bottles in the pressure chambers of the Royal Air Force to test, and tents in a wind tunnel on your storm strength check. Hillary, the simple man, a beekeeper from new Zealand, says, without hesitating for even a second. Not because he wants to be a Hero – but simply because to him the mountain climbing so much fun.

The goal of

Perhaps it is this unflinching Confidence, this optimism, which make it then, but for the Hero. Even if it initially looks as if two other participants of the troupe take the credit. Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans on 26. May to to the summit in of 8,750 meters of altitude. However, the fatigue is bothering you, you must repent. Only three days later Edmund Hillary can climb. He is accompanied by the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. This knows the area around the Mount Everest like the back of his pocket, since he was 21. The age of he as a carrier expeditions accompanied. Once he has penetrated almost up to the summit. In the early Morning of the 29th. May 1953 to break the two of them in the death zone.

The heaviest piece on the way to Mount Everest are the last hundred meters to the summit. Until then, the Route without climbing technique is feasible. But then a twelve-Meter-high steep wall rises at an angle of seventy degrees – a seemingly unbreakable Pass with a tank of icy snow. Hillary, who is actually not an extreme climber that takes you in. Just like that – without hesitation. A false step would have taken him three thousand meters in depth tear. Later, we will baptize the dangerous rocks "Hillary Step". After that, only a few metres difference in altitude on the ridge. At 11.30, he and Tenzing Norgay standing on the roof of the world. Stunned, they fall into each other's arms. And the Mount Everest, the "third Pole" of the earth, is finally defeated. Tenzing Norgay, who does not know his exact birthday, you will celebrate later on this date.

to have the power of many

Although Hillary is a few steps ahead of Tenzing Norgay, affirm the two later, together with the summit of the mountain. "We have shown it to the Bastard" – these are the Hillary's first words after the descent. He and Norgay keep an eye out for the bodies of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, the first summit expedition. But you can't find anything. Edmund Hillary will later emphasize again and again that the victory over the summit was a team effort, not the success of individual. Without the two Swiss expeditions, forgotten today by many, would not have been explored, for example, the easier way to get from the South.

Tenzing Norgay died in 1986 in India; Edmund Hillary in January 2008 in Auckland, new Zealand, and the city in which he had been born. In spite of all the honor that has been given to him only in his home country, he remained humble. His sudden fame, he use to be for the people of the Sherpa, to build schools, bridges and hospitals. And he retained his reverence for the highest mountain in the world: Until his death, he was not committed, that is the Mount Everest degenerates to the free time and the right place for the tourists that his mysterious Aura remains intact.

This last success, however, Edmund Hillary will be denied. Not even four months after his death, will have already carried the Olympic torch to the summit of the crowds cheered and the television accompanied.

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