More and more attacks on dogs: warning of poison bait, and razor blades in meat

Possibly poisoned baits put dog owners in fear - in Bremen, the same as last mid-February in Gifhorn. In Bremen, several people pieces of meat that were riddled

More and more attacks on dogs: warning of poison bait, and razor blades in meat

Possibly poisoned baits put dog owners in fear - in Bremen, the same as last mid-February in Gifhorn. In Bremen, several people pieces of meat that were riddled with needles, to discover the police called on dog owners to increased caution. In Magdeburg, a dog sniffed at the Sausage slices, which were prepared with nails that prevented the owner of the dog, the sausage-eating, the police found later in the Plot, a total of 13 dangerous bait. And whether it was in Gifhorn, in fact, a poison bait, a dog and a cat ate there recently in the city centre, is still open.

incidents like this almost on a daily basis in Germany. You read about it in police reports, in social networks and specialized Apps, which warn of poisonous or dangerous items provided dog baits. For MS Chen and Mr Chen gives the impression that On each green strip, behind every Bush, a deadly danger for the beloved four-legged friend could be lurking. But is that actually so?

"The trend in recent years is steadily rising"

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protect As many dangerous bait in Germany in the year discovered and how many dogs cause damage, is unknown. In the crime statistics in these cases are not recorded. If you ask the police in Bremen, said: "This happens again and again."

However, the number of unreported cases is high. Many dog owners don't go to the police, if you discover a suspicious treats. And often it is the animals only hours later is bad after they have eaten poisoned meat pieces, so that the owner bring the last walk in conjunction.

at Least a tendency for the numbers of the Bavarian land office of criminal investigation. In the past year, the authority recorded 219 cases of groomed dog baits in the free state. In the first half of 2020, there were 149. "The trend in recent years is steadily increasing", says detective chief superintendent, Ludwig Waldinger. But The statistics give only the number of cases in which the police have investigated. Not all of which later proved to be the Offense out.

Also false alerts are extremely fast on Social Media

widely used If somewhere suspicious bait popping up is the under dog friends quickly the talk of the town. With Ads, many of them are hesitant, with warnings in Facebook groups, dedicated websites, and Apps rather. More than 10 000 messages from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the website of the "poison bait radar" since 2011, registered. "Over the years, the Numbers are stable to slightly increasing," says co-founder Sascha glass of Gerd.

Five to ten messages from the whole of Germany will go to his information, according to the daily. About 40 percent of them published the page. "The Rest is usually carelessly discarded food and not poison bait in the classic sense," he says. Or is it outdated messages, the without the time information in the social media course to be. "The perception in this area is massively distorted, and the dog and bear holder itself, of course, also extremely," says glass of Gerd. This shared unreflective rumors about possible bait often.

"That is posted in social media and then it goes," confirms Wolfgang Prehl from the police headquarters middle Franconia. The consequences were the investigators to feel the beginning of the year, as they warned of possible poison baits in the South and West of the city. More than 30 suspicious treats from gifts, concerned citizens. "Everything was from the sausage pieces to the cookie," says Prehl. In any of these, the experts of the land criminal police office were able to find, however, is poison.

dpa/Marcel Kush with a razor blade prepared piece of meat sausage is located in a garden.

Still, small talk should the Problem be not the case. Fact is: There are people who lay out treats with poison, razor blades, tacks, or nails, to hurt dogs or even to kill. But why?

motives: inconsistencies, lack of empathy, and tests of courage, aggression, degradation, or pathological predisposition

In the rule, not the investigators, to catch a perpetrator or perpetrators. "The risk of Detection for perpetrators of low," says Nils Matthiesen by the police Bremen. Therefore, there is usually no witnesses, which could an or a Suspect to describe, and thus no evidence that the investigators could pursue.

So it was in the spring in Magdeburg. The police interviewed witnesses, neighbors, dog owners - without any result. "There is a concrete suspicion against a Person can not currently be justified," says Heidi von Hoff from the police station in Magdeburg. The motifs could, therefore, only speculate: discrepancies with the dog owners, a lack of empathy towards animals, tests of courage, aggression, degradation, or abnormal predisposition to cruelty could have played a role.

The animal protection Association is holding yet another motive is possible: "it is Often also held between the human conflicts, for example between neighbours, about the pet," says spokeswoman Lea Schmitz. Then a clarifying conversation might help. However, in most cases, only the eyes help going for a walk and the dog to teach, nothing to eat what is lying around somewhere.

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Date Of Update: 16 August 2020, 12:26

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