Laudrup-the daughter's tough love: the Guys wanted me because of my father

Who has not dreamed to be called [Said] to last name and have himself Michael as a father? But there are also challenges and downs with the world famous name.

Laudrup-the daughter's tough love: the Guys wanted me because of my father

Who has not dreamed to be called [Said] to last name and have himself Michael as a father?

But there are also challenges and downs with the world famous name. It can just ask Michael Laudrups daughter, 26-year-old Rebecca at the Time, though.

She and Michael Laudrup have visited the main applications for low podcast 'The spirit' to a talk about wine, about to have had 22-23 different home and about the advantages and the disadvantages of a have a nearest to the royal surname.

And here falls the conversation on nomadic matt's love life. Right here, it has not always been smooth, to be the daughter of a time best footballers.

She has constantly had to figure out, if the boys were after her - or in fact just had a dream of getting Michael Laudrup as the father-in-law.

"But you learn pretty quickly to find out who the men are. If I'm out and drinking coffee, and the third issue is something about my father, so I know that it may not be entirely good, the there," she says.

"It is also, therefore, that Frederick (Christian man, ed.) is the only boy I've introduced to my mother and father."

"I have been very selective about who should go home and meet them."

Michael Laudrup adds:

"It is problematic enough that you have the thoughts. In this case, because of your father. Other might such because of the money. Just that you as a person have the doubt about why he or she is along with you - it must be a very negative and awkward feeling."

"She (Rebecca, ed.) would like to have a girlfriend, and she might have also thought that there were some that were cute - and she still had the thought in the back of my mind."

"It must have been an unpleasant feeling to have to go with," he notes.

Michael Laudrup says that there also have been women, there was extra interested in his kendisfaktor.

"But now I have been married for 30 years, and before that I had a boyfriend. So I managed to do it there. It was only when I was very young. Of course, there has been something, for it is always there when one is known."

all In all, Michael Laudrup never had to navigate in the extraordinary interest from the opposite sex, that comes with life as a football star.

He had a ungdomskæreste, as he got his first son.

"And then I met Siw, as I could see, was something quite special. And we are celebrating next year the 30-årsbryllupsdag. So no, I have not had the singleår."

And then running the talk into a marriage, which has proved extremely solid.

The 55-year-old Michael Laudrup knows well that a marriage that runs on the 30. season, is rare. And he feels privileged that he and Siw has preserved the glow through so many years.

"I just know, that after so many years still has this feel for the person that is next to it. It is a great feeling, which not many permitted to have in such a long time. We see this also when we look at the skilsmisseraterne in most of the world."

"I see This as a big privilege to have one, as you have it with after so many years. I hope it applies to us both," he says in the podcast, 'The spirit' and turns out in a laughter.

In a career that has taken the couple around the world, marriage has also been an invaluable friendship, explains the Danish football legend.

For it is not many that have been have to be as intense together as Siw and Michael - and the test has the relationship passed.

"We can also bore us along. WE have been a couple of years in Qatar, where they trained in the evening. And there were days that just passed - where we nothing did. It is to be able to be in each other's company and still have it well, is a privilege, I think."

Rebecca Laudrup adds with a laughter:

"you are also really good to talk together. Or, it is mainly her talking."

"Yes, it's called probably 70-30 in her favor, haha," replies Michael Laudrup.

"But we have all tried to sit at a restaurant and see such a couple, sitting facing each other, and where they are in five-seven minutes, not saying anything. We do understand the not! It seems I am good enough is strange. If you have reached the point where you can't talk about something, then one can rightly well ask themselves: 'Why should we continue when we are just sitting here and looking at each other?'"

Rebecca Laudrup breaks again.

"You said something very sweet for your silver wedding. You said that you had won many cups and medals, but the biggest and best prize was her. All the women stood and wept."

"I Said really? If you have recorded it, so it must be true, haha."


Updated Date: 14 December 2019, 08:00

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