Is globalization steam: After Corona, there is a new normal

Unimaginable until Recently was how our life in the past few months has changed. Output restrictions have been said to adopt, shops, schools and day care center

Is globalization steam: After Corona, there is a new normal

Unimaginable until Recently was how our life in the past few months has changed. Output restrictions have been said to adopt, shops, schools and day care centers, but also Restaurants, museums, theatres and cinemas closed, all events, including worship services, under. In shops and in public transport as well as partly on-the-job distance rules and mask of duty apply. Many of the works still held in the office from home.

even Though the restrictions are now being relaxed gradually, not over the pandemic, and thus, a state of emergency for a long time. However, even if in the near future, vaccines against the Virus, and Corona will be under control, is likely to be the world after the crisis than before. In an interview with FOCUS Online, Manfred taut cher, managing Director of sine-Institut for market and social research in Heidelberg, explains what will stay and where our society could develop.

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FOCUS Online: Mr taut cher, is because change, in their view, the Corona-crisis our society is at all sustainable?

Manfred taut cher: Yes, I think the current Situation is a rupture in the development of our society. There will be a new normality. But what is the extent of this change depends on how long the current state of emergency, and the fear of a Rebound will last.

sine the market and social research GmbH, Manfred taut cher, is the managing Director of the sine of market and social research GmbH.

FOCUS Online: What do you mean by new normal? There will be, for example, in our society, more sense of community than in the past?

taut cher: The sense of community is certainly on the rise. And, related to the regionality. This means, for example, that you want to help the local merchant or craftsman as far-flung companies. However, one can interpret the term "Region" is subjectively very different. Who is aligned with cosmopolitan, for the whole of Germany is meant to be so perhaps. A member of the middle class, for example here in Heidelberg, is likely to understand the city and its surroundings.

FOCUS Online: More solidarity and sense of community is something hope to many for the future. At the same time, but also warned that the crisis could split the society further. Does one exclude the other?

taut cher: no, not at all. The increased regionality leads to fission. As a result, new boundaries arise be feared that behind those dangers. Currently, the are no longer refugees, but possible Carriers of the Corona Virus. Otherwise it will be in the company's new wells. Many struggle with the economic consequences of the crisis, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. It will open up as a gap between those who are materially affected and those in which the less or is not the case.

FOCUS Online: Now, the state takes a tremendous amount of resources in the Hand to help those Affected. In the population, the surveys show trust in the government and state institutions is so high for a long time. Will it stay that way?

taut cher: That may be. At least at the Moment, there is a positive attitude. Whether or not the remains but also in the future, depends on what makes the politics of it. Just for the social democracy, the current Situation is a huge opportunity, because their issues such as social protection and solidarity with the Weaker in point of view. All the traditional parties could benefit very well in the long term.

FOCUS Online: But the danger is that at the end, especially if the economic problems are on the increase still is not – especially the populists will benefit?

taut cher: at The Moment at least the popularity of populist parties is steamed rather. Because in such times as now, Populi will be unmasked is one of the most. It shows well in the USA, where the of Trump as a Reality Show staged presidency of the Corona-reality is to be obtained. Nevertheless, new opportunities for populist could open up most, if unemployment continues to rise and more and more people in financial difficulties. Then there will be someone to blame for it looking for. The decisive factor will be how constructive the discussions will take place about the handling of the crisis. Only the policy but also the media have a great responsibility.

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FOCUS Online: you have already spoken earlier of a growing regionalism. Will lead to the Corona-crisis because a total of to an end of globalization?

taut cher: is likely to be, at Least, the previous Hyper-globalisation is slightly subdued. In the economy there could be efforts to be used in the production of independent from abroad. Whether that's actually the case then, you see, because the pressure of profit maximization, there will always be. The trips will focus probably more on domestic regions. Instead of into the distance it goes and then possibly more often, to closer destinations, such as, for example, in the Saxon Switzerland. This is a huge opportunity for domestic tourism. I see at least a certain degree of development.

FOCUS Online: The number of business trips has been reduced in the current Situation, Yes also. Generally speaking, communication is often via Video-conference and not in the personal encounter. You can expect that the digitisation is also experienced in other areas, a strong push?

taut cher: without a doubt. I think that the Hyper-globalization will be replaced by a Hyper-digitization. You recognize just what all is possible and that much works even better than before. Video calls, for example, are meanwhile, for the vast majority, of course, earlier they were more of a thing of Nerds. In addition, the species is likely to be, how we shop, change. The Online trading will become even more important. Especially giants such as Amazon benefit, of course. But also small and medium-sized businesses are forced to be in the future of digital. In General, the increasing digitalization will make it possible to save time and be more efficient.

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FOCUS Online: you can See there are no problems for the social interaction and the psychological well-being of the people? After all, personal encounters are lost?

taut cher: will change Through the digitization of our communication to be sustainable, dialogs are different than in the past. But there is also the danger that people seeds in certain areas of the club, of course. Therefore, I believe that at some point the pendulum will again lay in the other direction-exclusive – people simply have the need for personal interaction. But in the end, there should be a new normality, in which the analog and the digital life, are more linked than in the past. To give an example: If, in the future, Fans look to the football come together this could happen in a smaller group than before, and this circle will then virtually be expanded.

FOCUS Online: Who gets to belong in our society to be the winners and who are the losers in the crisis?

taut cher: That is to say at the Moment is hard to come by. But there are chances that it was before Corona still arise certainly. The civic center, for example, could be among the beneficiaries of the crisis. The Reputation of workers in the health care field, or by the staff in the supermarket, for example, has increased significantly. Perhaps, the impact in the future on their income. On the other hand, previous elites, such as Creative and Cosmopolitan at the Moment, are under huge pressure. Since there could be a reorientation, perhaps you will no longer be the elites of tomorrow. If, however, it is really so, is still to be decided. With these and other developments will play in any case, the policy has a great role. Survey: Germans skeptical about the mask duty in the Corona-crisis FOCUS Online/Wochit survey: Germans skeptical about the mask duty in the Corona-crisis

Date Of Update: 10 June 2020, 05:26