Expert warns of the Power of the Tech companies: We are moving in the direction of tyranny

1. Amazon is the major health provider a few weeks Ago, I was once more clear, why is Jeff Bezos a visionary of this century will go down as the greatest Econo

Expert warns of the Power of the Tech companies: We are moving in the direction of tyranny
1. Amazon is the major health provider

a few weeks Ago, I was once more clear, why is Jeff Bezos a visionary of this century will go down as the greatest Economy in the history. It was in a phone conference with investors, and I was just amazed. Bezos announced plans to invest four billion dollars in protection against infection.

Amazon will be able to offer the first and possibly the only virus-free supply chain in the world – no matter what virus will come. And this is incredibly smart. Just a multi-billion-Dollar market, a new product, for the prior three months, no one was interested in: Virus and antibody testing. And Amazon will be the market leader. Amazon 2.260,50 EUR -8,00 (-0,35%) Tradegate

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the course data Bezos could offer this Service, even as a further advantage, a membership for Amazon Prime. I think that Amazon will very soon be the fastest growing healthcare providers in the world.

2. "Big Tech" is regulated – hopefully

We are now at a critical point in dealing with the largest technology companies, with Google , Facebook , Apple and Amazon . We will give private firms more and more Power and cut for agencies such as the Commerce Commission, the money, the should monitor these companies actually. And this shift in power will happen in a frightening speed.

When private interests are more important than public, we are moving to a Form of tyranny. Our political leaders must quickly show strength and, for example, Amazon split. It is possible and important, and will happen hopefully this year. Will Elon Musk bring us to Mars? Should Jeff Bezos test us on Covid-19?

Or do we want it to do, NASA and the WHO? At least I don't feel comfortable, if the most important decisions of our time on the benevolence of billionaires and Billionäre want to depend on.

3. Disney wins the first battle in the Streaming war

at The Moment, benefit from the large Streaming providers such as Netflix , Amazon, Apple and, more Recently, Disney extreme of the pandemic. The people sitting at home on the Couch, watching movies and series. At the same time but can't rotate at the Moment corona is due to nothing New on the market. So, who wins in this Situation? Walt Disney 102,62 EUR +2,90 (+2,91%) trade gate To the course data, The brand with the largest media library: Walt Disney, produced for 40 years En entertainment space. In order to gain millions of subscribers to its new Streaming service, it needed the addition of a single new iconic Hit Show as a drawing card, your own "House of Cards". And that was "The One lorian". Disney will be able to in the short term, positioning it as the clear winner. But in the long term, Apple, and Amazon will decide in the Streaming war for themselves.

this is Because these companies sit on the tracks, the infrastructure. Two-thirds of all US households already have an Amazon Prime membership and Amazon Prime Video. The power of Amazon is practically the largest television station in the world. So why another service? And Apple TV, Plus has only one reason so many subscribers – much more than you with this sparse Per gram actually was entitled to: their Smartphones. to start

To set up Apple TV Plus on my iPhone, I need only three clicks. To start a Netflix movie 17 clicks against it. And the people, if you have a choice, always three clicks to decide. We are lazy. Especially when it comes to entertainment.

4. Zoom and other Silicon Valley favorites are crash

Start-ups such as Zoom , Slack Technologies or Spotify offer great products and are in your division, whether it's Video or music, the best. These companies, however, cannot be sustainable. Because the sad truth is that the white sharks are circling for a long time, they smell the blood in the water. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Registered Shs Cl.A 195,50 EUR -1,00 (-0,51%) Tradegate

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To attack the course data Microsoft Slack and wins, because their Office products are supposedly safe. And Facebook and Google to upgrade their video conferencing systems, soon destroy Zoom. Only a few of these companies have become overnight large, will survive the attacks to your business and grow long. That is the danger, if the most lucrative markets in the world are controlled by a handful of companies.

5. Mark Zuckerberg is in court

Facebook is a corrupt organization. This company can't make up for what it is with Fake News, hate on the platforms and data selling. And the people don't stop anyway to use Instagram or WhatsApp.

Because the services are great and they have felt no other Option. Pablo Escobar's cocaine was also the most popular, even though it came from a criminal. Mark Zuckerberg is a sociopath who exploited the personality and the gender of his right Hand, Sheryl Sandberg, in order to disguise the fact that he leads the most dangerous company in the world.

Two things could happen: a cartel in legal proceedings or criminal prosecution. In Canada, he was loading up already. And in the case of a landing in London, he would be probably still at the airport. You want to invest? The experts from the Bernecker exchange-compass help you in your investment. (Partner offer), Free of charge, the recommendations of the Bernecker exchange-compass test! (Partner offer)

6. We're taking the Younger, the future

We are witnessing that countries in the crisis of socialist. Commercial use of a sudden 96 percent of its available cash flow to shares from the market to buy back, but then have to be bailed out by the government. The is also called capitalist cronyism: It celebrates capitalism, if all goes well, and embraced socialism on the way down.

This is the greatest danger to our society. Many politicians and governments to focus only on it, to protect the people who are already rich. They operate under the premise: "If the Virus from exterminating mankind, that would be bad. But it would be even worse if the Nasdaq continues to fall.“ So you are cheating the younger Generation deserves the Chance to buy at normal prices, shares, and so, perhaps, financially ascend. Business leaders and politicians to act in the interests of the future, but do always anything to obtain the wealth of the baby boomers. The reason why we can expect future generations of these enormous debts is that you may not participate in the election. It is incredibly unfair and immoral. Patient knee

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