Europe is in danger of an antibiotic shortage

India has stopped drugs for the Export of certain Drugs "until further notice". Including the popular pain and fever reducer Acetaminophen, basic materials fo

Europe is in danger of an antibiotic shortage

India has stopped drugs for the Export of certain Drugs "until further notice". Including the popular pain and fever reducer Acetaminophen, basic materials for some antibiotics, as well as the vitamins B1, B6, B12. The decree dated 3. March and is effective immediately.

the reason for The ban on Exports: In India, medicines are scarce, because the Indian Manufacturers are to a large part of suppliers inside of China dependent. From there, but no supplies to come more, because due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the factories during weeks were closed.

The Chinese production is increasing, although slowly. But China has instructed, according to Industry experts big producers to export individual active ingredients only reduced. Because, of course, the medication is also there. In times of emergency, the States are looking for.

In the West, the shortages are not yet acute. The pharmaceutical manufacturers apply here, although the major part of their active ingredients from China and India. But still the supplies a meeting with you, which were shipped in February in Asia before the Corona onset. In Europe, the delivery stop is therefore strongly delayed in the next couple of weeks. If that is the case, then it is also for local Producers to made – and you have to rely on your supplies.

rich, As long as the stock of pharmaceutical companies, depends on your handling. In General, you have the ingredients for two to six months in stock. Insiders anticipate possible bottlenecks in Europe in the late summer when the stores are empty and no drug imports are received.

Corona-crisis helps to lobby against a change in the law

For patients with a bacterial infection in the gastro-intestinal, throat, mouth, or vaginal area could be the medications just. Because of the export ban hits with the active ingredient metronidazole is one of the most important antibiotics. The Indian list is not long, but it focuses on the essential substances.

affected patients may have fatal consequences. Anyone who is suffering from a bacterial infection and not on an antibiotic can draw, dies in the worst case, an infection.

The Swiss generic manufacturer Streuli, which produces, among other things, Paracetamol tablets, expected that there are no noticeable bottlenecks. "Because we have a drug warehouse for six months," says the company's CEO, Claudia Streuli. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify exactly whether there are other suppliers in Europe. "However, this means that generic drugs may not be the cheapest price."

This is exactly the theme of the Association of inter-generic. He wants to prevent for a long time the approve of principle in the case of generic drugs. Because of the competition plays, because of the patent protection for these agents is expired and can therefore be offered by different Manufacturers. Now, the Corona helps-crisis inter-generic lobbying against a correspondingly change in the law. "The invisible Virus is now in the open, how dependent we are on supplies from China now," says inter-generics-in-chief Axel Müller. How do the active ingredients come from, was solely a question of price. You could also be well-established in Europe. Dramatic it is, if it encounters even more basic drugs such as antibiotics or vitamins."

export stop would fight in Switzerland, only the Symptom

The drastic means of an export ban, Switzerland would grab. In some EU States wholesalers, is banned inside the Export of drugs now, when they are in their own country just. Even without Corona-crisis, this was already the case, because it is difficult to supply will in any case again and again.

In Switzerland, attacked the Association of pharmacists in the December before and first demanded a statutory basis, to be able to bottlenecks such ban that will be imposed. The Federal office of public health the does not exclude. There are a number of possible measures against the chronic summarizes supply bottlenecks in the eye.

The Corona-crisis, this is likely to spur now. A ban on Exports alone would fight in Switzerland, however, unlike in China and also in India, only the Symptom and not the cause of change.

This article was first published on 8. In March, the international women's day. On this occasion, we use – wherever possible – instead of the generic Maskulinums the generic feminine. For example: patients, instead of patients.

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