Corona Generation is changing the world - researchers explain new formula for happiness

the turn of The Millennium, which is dominated in the whole of the Western world, the Millennium fever. It was the culmination of a fun, Single, and affluent so

Corona Generation is changing the world - researchers explain new formula for happiness

the turn of The Millennium, which is dominated in the whole of the Western world, the Millennium fever. It was the culmination of a fun, Single, and affluent society. The international social research language, at the time, from the "bowling-alone"phenomenon: Each pushing his ball alone. Nine months prior to the "11. September“ 2001, individualism triumphed in Germany. Just under a third (31 per cent) of the German population was interested in January 2001, to a "better society". About the author

futurologist Horst Opaschowski is regarded internationally as a "Futurist" (Xinhua/China) and "Mr. future" (dpa). He is the founder and Director of the Hamburg Opaschowski Institute for future research (OIZ), and regularly conducts representative surveys and studies on the development in Germany.

latest news from his work, he published on his Twitter Account.

Two decades later: An almost explosive increase in the community thought the German citizens fixable. Now it is suddenly: We're all in the same boat; and for egoists is no more space. The proportion of Germans who "want to help to build a better society" has doubled, from 31 to 83 per cent more than in, a. o. I. Z demonstrates a representative survey in 2020.

The fear of a disintegration of the society is great. In ongoing times of crisis, more and more people for a better world, you want the next Generation to leave long. Especially young families with an Agreement of 92 percent for a new hands - on and self-help society particularly strongly. With this high degree of Approval, the question of meaning is at the same time: Know what you live!

crises Credo: The crises instead of drifting Apart

Credo 2020 is: We need to stick together – in the family and circle of friends, in neighbourhood and communities. From citizenship to sense of community. The experience of each other-Dependent-Being during the Corona-crisis has changed the self-responsibility of citizens is strengthened and at the same time, the understanding of solidarity, because the social infrastructure of the children was perceived to the care of the elderly, as always, patchy. Over all generations, solidarity is understood now also as self-provision: to fend For themselves, to fall to the other to the load.

Crisis: What is a man without family?

After an Era of commitment-free Singles and childless careerists, the question arises in the crisis, more and more often: What is a man without family? A Renaissance of the family, a new desire for family is imminent. On the binding nature of social relations will be reconsidered. A good two thirds of German citizens hold in the year 2020, the "marriage with a marriage certificate and children" for the "desirable model" (women: 69% men: 65%) – always under the condition that you can afford to start a family, too – financially, mentally, and socially.

The Single life has always two faces. A life alone, because you want it, the other because you will need it – also a reason why solitude can be in the future a government issue. According to the together with the Ipsos Institute has developed a National welfare index for Germany (NAWI stand D) property, such as house, apartment and car every second German citizens happy. But much more important for the personal well-being of the relationship richness is in the own family. the As a generation of community with strong bonds gives you security in life and acts as a stable store of Value. Your rate of return is life's fulfilment. The family atmosphere contributes to the profit maximization of the personal life.

prosperity thinking: Better

life instead of have a lot In socially and economically uncertain times, the puffs Always More to his psychological limits. The people to think in new ways about prosperity: the same material wealth deficits by qualities of Life in other areas. The crisis of the people more thoughtful. The Germans are demonstrating prudence, and call as an individual aim in life, to Better instead of more life.

The consumer market is facing major challenges. He must deal more with the change of the Economics of prosperity the psychology of well-being. The consideration of the subjective perception is important. Objectively, it will be after the crisis as a catch-up effect of an economic upswing. Subjective but comes out a little at the consumers. More and more consumers keep their money together, provide iron reserves and save for their own future. A new age of austerity begins. The longing for a better life remains in their realisation it is necessary to be able to afford in the long run but also. The appropriate purchasing restraint of consumers is to be expected.

The Post-Corona Generation will not live on as their parents ' generation. The change of perspective from wealth to well-being makes the consumer question to question Questionable consumption will go in three areas-Shopping/cinema/eating, in the distant future travel back, and also standard of living is secured, pensions are no longer safe. With the loss of importance of the dominant consumer orientation to life there is a shift of priorities in Life: to live Well instead of have a lot, as a precaution, wasteful with money, and the new time of prosperity, and the relationship of wealth to enjoy saving instead of wasting.

The formula for happiness in Bertolt Brecht's Threepenny Opera – "Only those who live in prosperity, live comfortably" – will be expanded and re-evaluated. Well-being is a matter of personal and social well-being. Well, it can also mean to have less goods, and to live better.

health is as valuable as money: Charité as important as VW?

brought The crisis to the point: Without health, almost everything is worth nothing. The health is to the mega market of the future. It is a boom in Bio - and genetic technologies, pharmaceutical research and research industries against cancer, Alzheimer's disease and epidemics, as well as health-related sectors, the Care, vitality and revitalization to offer. The mega-market health, including care, rehabilitation and health, sport is more intense in the next few years, the engine of growth No. 1: Bigger than the automotive industry, and especially the staff.

health is the new status symbol, and the dominant consumption displaced attitude in life. As a result of the nature of the System of health care is becoming more significant. The Ministry of health is as important as the Ministry of economy, the Charité as important as VW. The discovery of the mega-market health has only just begun. Nurses and Doctors are hailed as heroes of everyday life. You can be in the future, the new saints in Germany, because the health gets to be almost religious in character? And more and more often the question is asked: What is valuable professions really are?

A majority of the population wants to leave despite the crisis, their joy of life is not take. She hopes that in the near future everything will be good again. The "German Angst" is from yesterday. And the positive feeling wins over a supposedly "German Depression." The policy will focus more on these Positive potentials of the citizens, especially the youth. The crisis becomes a Chance, if the policy relies on the fact that the citizens are able to take control of their lives and to the creation of a better society.

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Updated Date: 25 May 2020, 13:26

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