Bruun's blog: The best AGF-team in 20 years

One of the most tiresome clichés about the AGF is that every time the team wins three games in a row, so believe everyone in Aarhus, to The Why'e is on the way

Bruun's blog: The best AGF-team in 20 years

One of the most tiresome clichés about the AGF is that every time the team wins three games in a row, so believe everyone in Aarhus, to The Why'e is on the way in the Champions League.

Therefore, it is not what I write.

in return, I would like to postulate that the AGF's current team is the best in more than 20 years. It is not a euphoric message. It is an assessment built on the same realism, as the AGF's coach, David Nielsen, have to the events on the pitch. He is neither the dream or the gambler. He is a realist.

I'm not a fan of the AGF. It can't be after spending a fodboldliv in a competing club. But I'm aarhusianer and have followed The Team since the end of the'80s. So I know what I'm talking about.

The best AGF-team in recent times was it, there was no. 2 in the League and won the cup in 1996. With Peter Rudbæk on trænerbænken. And with goalkeeper Lars Windfeld, Torben Piechnik, Stig Tøfting, Thomas Thorninger with more on the pitch. The team was a miraculously Mogens Krogh-goal from becoming Danish champions.

ever since, AGF fluctuated between mediocrity and misery. With the three stay in the second row as the lows. AGF was someone you laughed at or felt sorry for. As skilsmissebarnet said: "I prefer to be with AGF, the beats never any."

Such is no longer the case. For this autumn, the pieces are fallen into place in such a way that the AGF without a doubt come with in the playoffs for the first time. AGF is simply stable.

Therefore, people had also not right when they said that 3-4 defeat to Silkeborg for a month ago was the 'typical AGF. It was not. It was really the only slips in throughout the fall.

the AGF's good season due to both the good work on and off the field. Team he will play for Peter 'PC' Christiansen has purchased the good in. He has with a sure hand picked the players for the team's weak points.

For example, it was excellent viewing to download Nicolai Poulsen in denmark, so it was at the forefront of the situation that occurred, as Jens Stage was headhunted by FC Copenhagen. Poulsen has been marked for the AGF as the silent terrorist in the rear midfield. He should just do a little less kick.

It is far from all the new players, there is a noise check on the AGF's first team, but it is a ones. For they have sharpened the competition to such an extent that the AGF's squad is perhaps the widest in the entire League.

Neither Nicklas Helenius, Gift Links, Kevin Diks, Zach Duncan or Alex Gersbach has played himself into the starting line-up, but they have helped to make their competitors better.

Also, there are several players from the AGF's own youth, who has joined in the fight. Earlier in the spring promised Peter Christiansen in a studiesnak at 6'eren, that several of the AGF's young players 'should be playing' in the course of the autumn.

I allowed me to doubt, but the 'PC' was right. The best example is Sebastian Hausner, who has ousted incumbent Superliganavne as Frederick Tingager and Jesper Juelsgaard. It is good news from a neglected front.

of course, It is not the width, it all. The AGF has a few players who have delivered outright excellence. Captain Nicklas Backman has been indispensable in central defense, and further has Mustapha Bundu created horror with its gennembrudskraft. The kind of need that to.

The absolute key figure behind the AGF's vocals are, however, head coach David Nielsen, which has been shown to have the right personality for a club like AGF. Nielsen can use big words, when it sticks him, but first and last is he pragmatist.

He goes neither the possession or the most shots on the opponents ' half. He goes for the win.

alliance & leicester's players may like to be able to something extra, but if not they are working enough in the team's service, so it's out. Exit Tobias Sana. For now to use one of David Nielsen's own favorite sayings, so he is merciless in such situations.

Right now is the same David Nielsen, however, also AGF's biggest problem. Because the club has not yet extended his contract, which expires this summer. Director Jacob Nielsen has been pending, but it has meant that most of the trumps now sits with coach David Nielsen.

An extension can therefore be costly. But it can be even more expensive for AGF to let be. When you now finally have found the right trainer.

Morten Bruun

Fodboldkommentator on the Espn channels. Danish champion and european champion once a long time ago. Former coach in the best League in Silkeborg, Jutland. In a lifelong love affair with English and international football.

Updated Date: 01 December 2019, 13:00

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