Badgers: the kings of The under world

at Night, all the badgers are grey – you would think. What is certain is that in terms of his physique, seems to be the roof to be undecided as to whether he'd

Badgers: the kings of The under world

at Night, all the badgers are grey – you would think. What is certain is that in terms of his physique, seems to be the roof to be undecided as to whether he'd rather be a bear or raccoon. The head with pointed snout, whose power is emphasized line and form and by the black-and-white rally stripes, going from the neck abruptly into a relatively chubby body.

Mysterious forest dwellers

The badger, although tens of thousands in our forests, it is one of the most mysterious of domestic animals. Few people can claim to have a badger in the wild sees. No wonder That we encounter the black-and-white ghosts of the forest so rare, is their highly sensitive sense of smell. The animals register a people long before this is ever in sight, and pull back immediately in their construction.

the badger is a special case: the Fox, the snake, in the suburbs around, raccoons in dumpsters, wild pigs, do the same gardens in the allotment: This Rabaukentum the roof of a civilised life in well-ordered paths – no experiments! What is the largest marten in Germany does not know, he left. Always badgers use the same paths in their nightly forays. Meles meles is grounded, literally.

generations-construction of underground

there is the Riester pension or savings contracts for animals, the badger, you could have it all! At some point in the course of the past 12 million years – about as long as there is a marten on the earth – must be adopted in one of the deep-laid fur-bearing animals by Hunting extensively and all of his energy to the establishment and Design of a civil engineering have put. And we are not talking here of a drafty cave for a season: "castle roof" to several generations as the family seat.

The result of sophisticated interior architecture you see today: a complex, over the years created underground systems of passages and chambers. Here absolute cleanliness is the key! Needless to say, that the toilets outside the main house. Carpets of Grass and hay, and the roof laid meticulously in the many chambers of the building, bring comfort to the home. As soon as the carpet is old and dry, it is thrown out. Roof even the layman recognizes to build, thus a bulk-like accumulation of green stuff in the middle of the forest. However, this cleaning obsession could be yet another a – very clever – have reason: the Foliage and Grass to ferment in the building and generate heat.

hunters and the hunted

anyone Who believes now, badgers are dreary boring, the hide in case of danger in the construction is wrong, however. The badger is a defensive is Wild, once hunted for its fat, that should help with rheumatism, and his hair, which was used for shaving brushes. To overpower the Black-and-White in their caves, and has even bred his own, similar low-slung breed of dog. The Dachshund, a short-Dachshund called. Happy those dachshunds that are allowed to walk in the Park for a Walk are. Because a badger can be hell on you.

In contrast to the Fox doesn't Meles meles about in front of the hunting dog. He turns him fix his back and paddles him with earth and stones into the face. The Dachshund can't nachgraben as fast as the roof, hurling him to the ground. The result: the dog is digging his own grave, because at some point, the way back is blocked, while the badger power by a different gear of it. And the grave, trick fails, attack is still brute force: If it comes down to it, to bite a badger-resistant than all other domestic mammals.

Predator and fruit collectors

so cute, he seems the badger, like all the other Mustelidae in the order Carnivora, to the hard hitting predators. An additional bone crest on the skull is stabilized by the extremely strong jaw muscles. If he wanted to, could not, crushing the roof, everything is in the case of Three on the trees. If he does not. Because pure hunting technically Meles meles is manifested in a comparatively relaxed. Wants to say: He is chasing is almost never active, but collects rather roots, fallen fruit, and especially earthworms, and to meet its needs for liquid. We summarize: A twenty-year-long life in the wild, plenty of food and rent-free, safe Living – the badger makes everything right!

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