B. T. reveals: The mystery cheated themselves to the contracts with fake agent

identity Theft, forgery and fibs. It is three things, like sticking to The mystery of a footballer called Bernio Verhagen. It can B. T. now reveal. The 25-y

B. T. reveals: The mystery cheated themselves to the contracts with fake agent

identity Theft, forgery and fibs.

It is three things, like sticking to The mystery of a footballer called Bernio Verhagen. It can B. T. now reveal.

The 25-year-old dutchman, which no one really would know, has used a fake agent and forged documents to cheat to contracts in Cape Town City FC in south Africa and Audax Italiano in Chile.

B. T. has asked Viborg, if they have been exposed to the same as the clubs in south Africa and Chile, but the Sebring does not want to comment further on the matter, which goes back to the Bernio Verhagens first change of clubs between two professional clubs.

As Bernio Verhagen earlier in the year switched from Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol in Moldova to Cape Town City FC in south Africa, was the shift a reality, because the recognised agent Mo Sinouh from one of the world's largest agentfirmaer Stellar Group - with Gareth Bale and Danish Joachim Andersen in the barn - was a part of the deal. Or they thought, at least in south Africa, but the truth was somewhat different.

Mo Sinouh have never ever heard about Bernio Verhagen, and he has really not been a part of the 25-year-old Viborg player will switch to either south Africa or Audax Italiano in Chile. He tells this to the B. T..

"There is a fake agent, who have used my name. I don't know who he is. I have not found the guy yet. I became aware of it in the summer, but I let it lie, because he disappeared. But now calling you so. To be honest I contemplated going to the police with it here, but since I had nothing to give them, I let be," says Mo Sinouh, who is ready to travel to Denmark to meet Bernio Verhagen itself and also politianmelde Viborg-player, if it turns out that he himself has been aware of the Sinouhs name was used to get him contracts.

"I am going to fly to Denmark to meet her gut. I will confront him, for this is not just a joke. I have worked as an agent for 22 years, and I can get a hold of all of the sportsdirektører with a single call, and then samples the people here to ruin it for me," says Mo Sinouh.

It was Cape Town's chairman, John Comitis, who was said to B. T., that the ‘Mo from the Stellar Group had been in touch, as they wrote under with Bernio Verhagen in July. It, he was convinced, because he and the south african agent Vasili Barbis simply had been cheated.

Many fodboldhandler today have their root in the text message app Whatsapp, which agents and klubbosser write together about the players. And it was here that a person had snatched a picture of Mo Sinouh to his profile and then taken hold of the well-known south african agent Vasili Barbis to provide Bernio Verhagen a contract in the Cape Town City FC.

B. T. is in possession of a screenshot of the person Whatsapp profile and the phone number matches one of the three numbers, as Cape Town's chairman, John Comitis, sent us in the belief that it belonged Modabet to Mo Sinouh from the Stellar Group. It makes it just not and it has never done. And the phone number is no longer in use either.

The right Mo Sinouh knew back then in the summer nothing that another person was not to be him, before he even had time in a trade involving the south african player Lars Veldwijk, who know the agent Vasili Barbis.

Veldwijk told the rigttige Mo Sinouh, that he had heard that Sinouh and Barbis also had time in another trade - namely, Bernio Verhagen. It was just not the case. For it was the fake Mo Sinouh, as Vasili Barbis had come in contact with via WhatsApp. So the real Mo Sinouh took the phone and called Vasili Barbis up to see what was up and down in the case.

It was the first time the two talked on the phone together - yes, it was the first time, even if they were in real contact with each other.

Here told Vasili Barbis, that he actually had called a good contact in the Stellar Group to hear, whether he knew of an agent by the name of Mo Sinouh.

‘Yes, it is our boss in the Dutch department’ came the reply from the Stellar Group, who had no idea that another man was not to be Mo Sinouh.

Vasili Barbis continued, therefore, according to the real Mo Sinouh deal and let Bernio Verhagen register in the Cape Town City FC, only in the faith that around the corner awaited an ironclad kæmpehandel with Bernio Verhagen to China. It had the fake Mo Sinouh namely convinced Vasili Barbis on.

When the right Mo Sinouh finally came in contact with Vasili Barbis, was the south african agent, however, suddenly aware that there was a chinese contract on the corner of Bernio Verhagen. Shortly after the disappeared the fake Mo Sinouh out of Vasili Barbis’ Whatsapp without let hear from themselves.

He continued his work to send Bernio Verhagen on fodboldeventyr, and this time got the fake Mo Sinouh contact to chilean football via an agent by the name of Gaston Gonzalez Pezola, who works for the agency Mundo Futuro, which has several players in the best league in Chile.

Among other things at Audax Italiano.

The fake Mo Sinouh sent a fabricated letter from Ajax Amsterdam sports director Marc Default to the agent Gaston Gonzalez Pezola (as you can see above) and asked him to relay that information to the chilean club Audax Italiano.

The letter is B. T. also in the possession of, and here is that Ajax Amsterdam will offer six million euros for the club's top scorer Jeraldino Ignacio, but ‘before we make or sign any contract with Audax Italiano, we will follow the player with our scouts, who are stationed in south America’, is written. At an extremely buggy English.

And it is so here, to the fake Mo Sinouh will put themselves in the scene.

"All further contact will be through hr. Mohammed Sinouh," it is written in the letter, which is signed by 'Mark Default'. Yes, the Dutch legendes name is also spelled wrong.

How to created the fake Mo Sinouh the contact to the agent Gaston Gonzalez Pezola, which has good contacts in the club Audax Italiano. Pezola went ahead with the news of the 45 million big bids on the attacker Jeraldino. A potential rekordhandel for the chilean club.

And it was only when the right Mo Sinouh - after B. T.'s call to him - even took contact to the agent Gaston Gonzalez Pezola that chileneren was aware that he in good faith had been cheated to lie to Audax Italiano.

"He (the fake Mo Sinouh, red.) even got Audax Italiano to hire a player!," wrote Gaston Gonzalez Pezola Friday night in a Whatsapp message to the Mo Sinouh.

The play was Bernio Verhagen.

B. T. have tried to get a comment from Bernio Verhagen, but it is not managed.

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 14:00