Analyzes them for almost 20 years: Fritzl-reviewer says, what's going on in sexual offenders

In Münster were three children are victims of abuse. Among the Suspects: relatives, a father, a stepfather. The Offense, which played in the gazebo of the main

Analyzes them for almost 20 years: Fritzl-reviewer says, what's going on in sexual offenders

In Münster were three children are victims of abuse. Among the Suspects: relatives, a father, a stepfather. The Offense, which played in the gazebo of the main suspect, Adrian V., are only the tip of the iceberg. There are a total of 11 suspects, 600 terabytes of video material. Behind a child pornography Ring on a huge scale, plug - to view the Material with ordinary techniques, a need for a single person is around 30 years.

Adelheid Kastner is familiar with such cases. The psychiatrist examined for nearly two decades, murderers and rapists. Including Josef Fritzl, which is called by the media the "Monster of Amstetten".

you know that Victims of abuse often your own children. The motives are varied, family relationships often play a role. In an interview with FOCUS Online explains why such cases often remain so long undiscovered, and why every abuse is an isolated case.

dpa psychiatrist and court expert, Heidi Kastner

FOCUS Online: Mrs. Kastner, in the case of Münster, at least one of the children was already is for many years, miss. Even the youth welfare office has already had contact with the family. Why not fall to such acts only after a long time, perhaps?

Adelheid Kastner: in most cases, a child will not notice the abuse often is not often that the children Express themselves. You are not insecure, know, if this was really so, as you have perceived. Then there is great doubt whether anyone would believe, if you were going to say something.

In this particular case, were stunned by the children's welfare, you probably won't have heard everything, could not say exactly what actually happened.

on The other, children are often overwhelmed with the importance of the experience. The perpetrators are adults, with respect of persons. To ask what a reference person, a person of trust does for children is already difficult. Add to this the shame. The children hesitate.

FOCUS Online: That is, a Partner, or the other parents not notice anything?

Kastner This is often the case, because there is no typical specific symptoms, which refer to abuse of children. Partner abuse perpetrators, which needed parents of the Miss, not to notice the often. If at all, immediately abnormalities occur and are perceived, they are often led back to other things.

FOCUS Online: abusers are often referred to as the "master of deception" – how do such people, to manipulate their environment – in particular your Partner?

Kastner : The perpetrators themselves are often hide it well, their different sexual inclinations. Also, because relationships in which the abuser is located, are often dysfunctional or superficial; of a Partner and maybe also a little interest in what the other is doing, because he has on the Person themselves have little interest.

Certainly, there are also, in many cases, Transitions between "not true" or "denial". Often partners of sexual offenders deceive the conscious self. Because who wants to think of their own partners, that it is an abuse perpetrator?

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FOCUS Online: so there Are warning signs that family members can notice?

Kastner : There may be slight signs and instructions. An actual proof there is, however, only if you observed abuse in fact, or if you find a relevant video material. And then, it is important not to look the other way, the fact is true in and can not get rid of.

FOCUS Online: In the case of Münster, the children were in part related to the Suspects. What is the role of family relationships in the case of such deeds?

Kastner : the abuse is most common within families. Their children are readily available. They are easy to control, threaten easily. As hard as this may sound: The own children are the uncomplicated and risk-free most of the victims.

Add to that the abuse is only the most obvious indicator of an overall dysfunctional system, in which the interaction between all Parties is impaired. This affects not only the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim.

in Most cases, the relationship between the victim and the abuse is a parent, disturbed, as well as the relationship between the parents, between siblings. In such family systems, security, trust, and emotional closeness lack of, and often an unclear division of roles prevails.

FOCUS Online: In the case of Münster, a father has his own child to the abuse of other "offers".

Kastner abuse presupposes in principle a certain level of empathy, lack of. This special Form of abuse of expansion suggests, however, that the children were generally not regarded mainly as an available or usable objects.

FOCUS Online: In the case of Münster, the mother of the main suspect is now under suspicion.

Kastner : the mother of a possible perpetrator of the abuse should have known, based on the assumption of a disturbed system with cross-generational anomalies.

FOCUS Online: What are the motives of the abuser? It's about Power?

Kastner There are a lot of motives, they are very different. For one, there are Abusers that are in fact a pedophile. The however, only about one-fifth. Some were even. as a child victim of abuse, this is true, however, only about 13 percent of the perpetrators

Then demonstration of power, of course, plays a big role. Many have in their daily life the feeling to not argue and not to be respected. By bringing children under their control, they try to compensate for their inferiority, and to repair their tarnished self-worth. You want to feel, for once, superior, and powerful and a role in which they are not questioned.

Then there are cases in which a fact is rather a pragmatic motive behind it. You see the abuse and its consequences as a business model, as an opportunity to come without any special effort money to. Such offenders are usually not limited in their delinquency only abuse, they are committing other offences. Depending on what offers just, can range the spectrum from property to violent crimes.

In Essence, each offender will be a special, private event with special Motivation to explore it.

FOCUS Online: So every case of abuse is an isolated case?

Kastner : Yes, everyone is an individual case. And therefore, from a distance, without the facts, to know the persons themselves also do not say what is actually behind them. What I can surmise in the cases, in Münster, just, is, that here the latter, which is the factual motive also plays a role.

Here it was not only the abuse itself, but also to earn money. These are people who do not follow the General rules or laws. That leaves at least the extent of the Case suspect.

FOCUS Online: How do abusers take in your experience to yourself? You justify your behavior in front of yourself?

Kastner , On a rational level, it is the perpetrators aware that they are doing something forbidden. That it is "wrong" and in accordance with the applicable rules of the company will be sanctioned.

Internally, the perpetrators can justify their behavior, however, and nice to talk to, what they are doing. This is a fairly common mechanism, probably everyone knows, is not acting entirely in conformity with the rules. Exactly the same mechanism is also often the case with abuse perpetrators, and convince yourself it's just a "sexual education" of the child, that it is a special proof of Love or that the kids don't notice the eh so exactly, which is why it also can't hurt.

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