A Sneeze is enough for the infection

when is an Infected person to others contagious? This question only epidemiologists not driving at the Moment, but anyone who takes the Tram a cough right acros

A Sneeze is enough for the infection

when is an Infected person to others contagious? This question only epidemiologists not driving at the Moment, but anyone who takes the Tram a cough right across from the person sitting next to you true. A new study from Germany provides the answers to some pressing questions: virologists in Berlin and Munich have investigated the first outbreak in Bavaria that had happened at the beginning of February. A Chinese woman had put on it in training several employees of the Bavarian automotive supplier Webasto face. Nine colleagues ill.

There is good news and bad news: The study shows that patients with mild gradients after resolution of symptoms can hardly be more contagious are. Although the tests showed not seriously Ill even ten days, and longer positive Viruses, the viruses amounts to be sufficient to infect others. It is still the genetic material of the virus in the body of the Recovering, which is why Tests are still positive, but there is no danger for others.

in Order to test how long someone is infectious, the researchers tried in the laboratory the virus from mucus, urine, blood and stool samples to increase the patients. This was not possible in mild cases after eight days. The patients who are severely Ill, developed pneumonia, were eliminated, however, still longer and larger virus quantities.

early contagious

But there are also less reassuring news: Covid-19 is already in a very early stage of the infection is quite contagious. The Doctors had to realize, that the Infected's departure, when the appearance of the first faint symptoms of large virus quantities, and that the Virus locates mainly in the neck and throat. The different Covid-19 strongly from Sars, which is also caused by a Coronavirus. During the Sars epidemic, the patients were only on the contagious, when the pathogen was deeply ensconced in the lung.

"In Covid-19, however, a cough or Sneeze is already in the initial phase of the highly infectious," says Clemens Wendtner, chief of infectious diseases at the hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich and co-author of the study. The employees of Webasto were sitting in the training with the Chinese side by side on the Computer. "If someone sneezes strong, the rich already," says Wendtner.

The big question is, whether the Infected are already before the onset of the first symptoms contagious, such as, for example, in the case of the flu, the case cannot yet be answered clearly. Exclude you can't exclude it but. On the contrary, the rapid spread in countries such as Italy shows that data give the Virus easily and early on. Also the history of one of the nine Munich patients points in this direction. An infected was even sick at all, nevertheless, the Doctors showed a relatively high viral load. Even a Sneeze from him would have been contagious.

The summer helps not

One of the nine Webasto employees fell ill of severe and had to stay four weeks with pneumonia in the hospital. The man is the beginning of 50, as a pre-existing condition he had, however, only increased cholesterol. His laboratory values showed but after a few days that his immune system could not fight so strong against the pathogen. The man had to but not on the intensive care ward today, he is healthy again.

at the Munich study, the renowned German virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité hospital in Berlin, has been a lot of research to corona virus was Involved. The investigation has not yet gone through the normal scientific testing process, the international, however, do get a lot of attention. Many scientists publish their studies rapidly on Preprint servers, in order to put all the information in the fight against the Virus is available.

Drosten made on Monday in Germany with his Manifestation to the weather and Covid-19 for excitement. The warmer weather, so Drosten, not going to brake the spread of the Virus, unlike the flu,. The new model calculations by one of US showed a group of researchers. Also disease cases in countries with a warm climate speak against this assumption. All the hoping in the spring and summer of relaxation, could be fooled so. It is all the more important now, the epidemic with strict measures to curb.

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