5th matchday: Next setback for Bayern: Union defies Munich point

The result was the same, Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann was in a much worse mood.

5th matchday: Next setback for Bayern: Union defies Munich point

The result was the same, Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann was in a much worse mood. "Overall, we didn't have the energy level of the last few weeks," said the 35-year-old after his team's draw at Union Berlin and the loss of the table lead.

After the 1-1 draw against Borussia Mönchengladbach the previous week, the coach had mainly criticized the usury of chances, but he was clearly less satisfied with the performance in Köpenick. "We weren't 100 percent mentally alert in some situations," he said. His team played some opportunities too sloppily to the end. Nevertheless, like his opponent Urs Fischer, he spoke of a deserved draw.

Sheraldo Becker (12th minute) put the Irons, who have been unbeaten in twelve league games throughout the season, in the lead with his fifth goal of the season. Joshua Kimmich equalized shortly afterwards in front of 22,012 spectators in the sold-out stadium An der Alten Försterei (15th). Union have only lost two of their last 36 league home games.

Nagelsmann in a bad mood

Nagelsmann answered some questions tight-lipped, for example to one after his explanation for the lack of energy: "I don't know, that's sometimes the case." That his team has slipped to third place for the time being? He said he "relatively didn't give a fuck" on the fifth day of the game.

The Irons had previously made every effort to spoil Bayern's mood. "We always wanted to annoy them, to keep tackling them," said midfielder Rani Khedira. "It was definitely the most difficult opponent so far," said Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Urs Fischer satisfied

The Köpenicker's plan mostly worked. They disrupted Munich's build-up game, but then retreated deep and narrowed the spaces. The record champions could by no means create chances every minute. "Defensively we played an absolutely top game today," said Union coach Urs Fischer. "Although Bayern had 70 percent possession of the ball, we never became passive."

The Swiss would only have wished for a little more relief from time to time, but didn't want to belittle the tireless performance of his team. In the first Europa League game in the An der Alten Försterei stadium against Royale Union Saint-Gilloise from Belgium on Thursday, it is now important to show the same willingness.

Union strong in a duel and with hard work

The Unioners kept throwing their opponents out of rhythm, even with tough duels in the gray area of ​​the irregularity. "They make a lot of clever fouls," Nagelsmann stated. In addition, the foul play before the free kick to lead the Berliners was not. The coach repeatedly sought exchanges with the referee team around Frank Willenborg during the game. "I think I've talked too much about referees in the last week," said Nagelsmann.

Nagelsmann didn't want to draw too many conclusions about Wednesday's Champions League game at Inter Milan. "They have a Champions League game at home. I don't think they will limit themselves to just defending." In the end he found a conciliatory conclusion with a smile. He actually likes the trip to Köpenick. "The stadium is cool. The fans are cool. The club is cool. Urs is cool." Only the result was not right for his team.

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