Trump is questioned by a lawsuit regarding the crackdown on protesters in 2015

In a deposition Monday for a lawsuit brought in by protesters, former President Donald Trump was interrogated. They claim that his security team raped them in the early days in his presidential campaign in 2015.

Trump is questioned by a lawsuit regarding the crackdown on protesters in 2015

A lawyer representing the plaintiffs stated that Trump was subject to oath at Trump Tower in New York City and lasted several hours. If the case goes to trial, a video of the deposition will also be shown to a jury.

Benjamin Dictor, the plaintiffs' lawyer, stated that Trump was interrogated on a range of topics including comments made at rallies during which he encouraged security personnel to treat protesters harshly.

Five New Yorkers of Mexican descent brought the lawsuit. They claim that Trump's bodyguards attacked them outside his Manhattan skyscraper, Sept. 3, 2015. This was in protest at Trump's negative remarks about Mexico and Mexican immigrants.

In a statement after the deposition, Trump stated that the protesters were to be blamed for the scuffle. He called their claim baseless and said they had suffered "injuries" and lost a temporary cardboard sign. This was quickly returned to them.

Trump stated, "After years and years of litigation, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to tell my story of this absurd story -- Just another example of baseless harassment by your favorite president."

According to Dictor, the plaintiffs lawyer, Trump's manner of answering questions was similar to his public persona as President. The session went according to the norm for depositions. Before presenting the case before a jury, he declined to give details about Trump's handling of the questions and refused to describe his testimony.

"While we won't comment on the substance, Mr. Trump's testimonies at this point, we hope today’s events serve to show that our institutions have triumphed and that no one is above law," Dictor stated.

Trump, his company, The Trump Organization, and his security personnel are all defendants in the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs also demand that the former commander-in chief of the real estate mogul be compensated for punitive damages. They claim he should know that security personnel would act "negligently or recklessly."

Trump's lawyers refused to allow him to sit for the deposition. They argued that it must be an "exceptional circumstance" to allow a high-ranking official of the government to be deposed while Trump was still in office.

Bronx Judge Doris Gonzalez is presided over the case. She rejected this argument and said it didn't apply since Trump was being called for answers for conduct outside of his office.