These Trump Fans do Not Think Biden will Probably Be president and nothing is changing their Heads

The president understands it.

These Trump Fans do Not Think Biden will Probably Be president and nothing is changing their Heads

However, for some of President Trump's most diehard fans, none of that demonstrates that Mr. Biden won a honest election and is going to function as valid 46th president of america.

"There is no way me nor many, most, many, many others might recognize this past election," explained Couy Griffin, a county commissioner in New Mexico who identified a band called Cowboys for Trump. Griffin is just one of many Trump supporters showcased in the brand new CBSN documentary"Hindsight Is 2020: A Unprecedented Election."

"I won't ever take a Biden presidency," he explained.

When asked who'd be standing on the steps of this Capitol for that the inauguration, Griffin responded,"I really don't understand.

And the sight of Mr. Biden being assured in will not change their heads.

The fatal riot in the U.S. Capitol by Trump fans who had been hoping to halt the counting of electoral votes confirming Mr. Biden's triumph revealed how literal and harmful that this belief is now.

CBS News polling published this week found that only 31 percent of Republican voters believe Mr. Biden the valid winner of the 2020 election. About two-thirds of Republicans and two-thirds of all independents believe Mr. Biden's victory valid, while nearly all Democrats -- 96 percent -- visit Mr. Biden as the valid winner.

The statistics imply that as Mr. Biden takes office, there are possibly millions of Americans who aren't eager to take his presidency.

Harry Formanek, a Trump supporter at Boca Raton, Florida, wouldn't entertain hypothetical concerns concerning Biden's presidency, stating there wasn't any reason to talk about it.

"Joe Biden will not be president of the USA," Formanek, that additionally supports QAnon conspiracies, informed CBSN. "It will never happen. It is not likely to occur."

A variety of GOP local and state elected officials continue to state the same.

Mr. Trump started assaulting the ethics of this 2020 election months prior to Election Day came, spreading falsehoods to throw doubt on Friday afternoon ballots and telling fans"the only way we are going to get rid of this election is if the election is rigged." On election night, as votes were being counted in several nations, Mr. Trump publicly declared himself the winner.

Later that exact same afternoon, the first important"Cease the Steal" Facebook page emerged, made by the pioneer of the conservative nonprofit Girls For America First. Facebook closed down it in under 24 hours because of"stressing calls for violence from several members of this team," but by then it had already brought over 350,000 followers -- and also eventually become a rallying cry.

Trump supporters in swing states chanted"Stop the Steal" out of elections offices, asserting the late counting of mail-in ballots -- that mostly obliterated Mr. Biden -- was a part of a plot against the president.

Since November 7, greater than 60 election suits against Mr. Trump and allied classes are thrown out, occasionally by judges he made. Recounts and Tests in numerous nations found no systematic fraud,'' because Mr. Trump's very own Justice Department confirmed.

However, as all this played out,"Stop the Steal" turned into a self-reinforcing alternative reality. For the own believers, each measure that affirmed Mr. Biden's success was just evidence that the steal is much larger than they thought.

For Formanek, the previous two months just convinced him that national courts, say election officials and Republicans in Congress are part of the slip or helpless to prevent it. After watching the process unfold,"I have just grown more powerful in my resistance" into the election results, he explained.

Back in December, hours prior to the Supreme Court disregarded that election litigation , Formanek advised CBSN that he'd trust Mr. Trump's word within the country's highest court when it ruled against him.

"All these Supreme Court justices, they are human beings," he said, explaining that he thinks they would be"fearful for their own lives" and cave into pressure from Mr. Trump's competitions.

Formanek was a researcher on Election Day, also notes that he observed no fraud in the polling location where he functioned.

Following the Capitol assault, Mr. Trump issued a movie finally admitting a new government is going to be ensured in January 20 and promising that a"smooth, smooth and orderly transition of power" Mr. Biden was extending his hands to frustrated Trump supporters, calling for an end to divisiveness and saying in his success address ,"Let us give each other a opportunity."

But there is no indication that the motion is dying , along with the danger of further violence on the election outcome stays.

Even the mayor of Washington, D.C. has urged Americans to not attend the inauguration, along with the Capitol building is currently protected by tens of thousands of National Guard troops. Mr. Biden canceled a plan to journey to Washington on Amtrak from safety issues.

Griffin, the Cowboys for Trump creator, live-streamed while he had been in the January 6 rally which turned into a riot, warning of demonstrations and"blood flowing out" of the Capitol.

He insisted that he does not encourage violence, but implied that there might be much more of it to oppose Mr. Biden entering the White House.

"The left is talking about immunity," he explained. "The left has not even seen immunity until the proper comes alive, so I promise. Since the left are the gun-grabbers. The right's those who still possess the firearms ."

Researchers say that he told FBI agents there's"no alternative that is off the table for the sake of liberty"

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