The social media double-gangers of Canadian news keep up to date with Canadian news one tweet at a time.

A Regina resident demanded that his councillors condemn the racist imagery used at the Winnipeg protest over the weekend.

The social media double-gangers of Canadian news keep up to date with Canadian news one tweet at a time.

A Regina resident demanded that his councilors condemn the racist imagery used at the Winnipeg protest over the weekend.

He did what many people do today when they want something from politicians: he tweeted. He sent them a tweet.

He didn't get the answer he wanted.

The written reply was, "I am not mayor." "This is my name."

Regina Mayor, an energy specialist at KPMG Houston, Tex. has danced with eager Saskatchewanians who have less than perfect Twitter skills.

She reported via Twitter that she once read a lot about street racing. "And the usual rants regarding city inefficiency. "What's the deal up there?"

Monday's troubles were rewarded by several new followers and the offer of an "Experience Regina T-shirt" from the city’s Rebellion Brewing Company. There was also a lot of Canadians who are apologetic.

One member suggested that Sandra Masters, the real mayor of Regina - who isn't on Twitter - should join our apology club.

"And I await an apology from the real Mayor of Regina," The non-mayor Mayor of Texas responded in jest, using a tears of joy emoticon.

Mayor could form a club with Canadian social media doppelgangers if she so chooses, such as Erin O'Toole and Doug Ford.

"Twitter twins," Erin O'Toole, a Colorado National Public Radio host, said. Erin O'Toole has been following the ups and downs of Canadian Conservative politics via Twitter misfires for the past 17 months.

The morning of August 24, 2020, Colorado O'Toole woke to discover she had many new Canadian supporters. The politician O'Toole had just been elected Conservative leader.

Since that day, she has had a disclaimer attached to her feed.

She wrote, "I see two new Canadian friends this morning Just to let you know, I may be not the Erin O'Toole that you're looking fo."

O'Toole, oddly enough, shares a birthday and a Canadian twin on Twitter. This has caused many to have a good time with the misdirected tweets. Canadians commented on O'Toole's misdirected tweets Monday after the news broke that O'Toole was being challenged in her leadership role.

She wrote, "It'll be difficult to say goodbye to all of this,"

Before 2020, she didn't really think much about Canadian politics. She is now likely to be among the most knowledgeable Americans about Canadian Conservative politics.

Jason Kenney, a Richmond resident, had a lot of fun Monday at Regina Mayor's expense.

He suggested that he run for mayor. "Become mayor. Everyone should call you Mayor Mayor. It will be amazing.

Kenney feels the pain of Regina Mayor. His political twin is Alberta's premier. He has since added "not Canadian" in his Twitter bio to correct a mistaken tag.

Virginia Jason Kenney replied to a tweet by Premier Jason Kenney that he was visiting Washington, D.C. this weekend.

He would later add, "I was thinking more that this would be an opportunity to meet jkenney and get a beer (or Jimena) and some photos." I would have tried, but for the two children with COVID, the winter storm and the drive through Northern Virginia. Next time."

O'Toole has not met her Canadian counterpart on social media, but they did talk by phone when O'Toole's Canadian office learned of the online mix ups.

American Kenney and O'Toole have amassed legions Canadian fans, who will tip them off to beware of an incoming flood in mentions whenever Kenney or O'Toole make big headlines.

O'Toole received O'Toole boxes containing Coffee Crisp chocolate bars from some people, which isn't possible in the United States.

Colorado O'Toole admitted that she sometimes finds herself at the receiving end of angry Canadians. This can be distressing until she realizes they're not really yelling at Colorado. While she doesn't have any input into the future of Canadian O'Toole's politics, it would be likely that her social media celebrity period will end.

She said, "It has been so much fun to interact with these wonderful Canadians." "And I must say, I mean, everybody who realizes that they have mistakenly tagged the wrong person is just as kind as anyone else. They are also very understanding.

"So yes, I do believe it will fade away. This won't last forever. People don't follow my blog because they want to see pictures of me and what I'm up to at work. You know what? I will miss it if it leaves.

Date Of Update: 03 February 2022, 06:20