Suspicion of corruption: Decision on further detention for Kaili postponed

The politician Eva Kaili, who is suspected of corruption, initially remains in prison.

Suspicion of corruption: Decision on further detention for Kaili postponed

The politician Eva Kaili, who is suspected of corruption, initially remains in prison. However, no decision was made on the further detention of the former Vice President of the European Parliament. The Belgian public prosecutor announced that the appointment had been postponed to Thursday next week.

The three other suspects in the corruption scandal surrounding the European Parliament, on the other hand, were heard in the Brussels Palace of Justice. Two of them have to remain in prison for the time being following a decision by the Council Chamber. The prosecutor's office said the detention had been confirmed against her. A third suspect remains "also in custody, but on condition that he wears an electronic tag."

Corruption, money laundering and influence from abroad

The Belgian judiciary has been investigating suspected corruption, money laundering and foreign influence in the vicinity of the European Parliament for months. It is said that the Gulf Emirate of Qatar, which is currently hosting the soccer World Cup, tried to influence political decisions with gifts of money and goods. Since Friday, the Belgian judiciary has arrested six suspects, two of whom are now free.

On Sunday, however, an investigating judge issued an arrest warrant against Kaili and the three others. They are accused of involvement in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption. Kaili has already pleaded her innocence through her lawyer.

According to the prosecutor, the two suspects who remain in prison are F.G. and P.P. These are Kaili's friend, who works as an MEP's assistant in the European Parliament, and former Social Democrat MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri. You can still appeal the decisions.

According to her lawyer André Risopoulos, the reason for the postponement of the Kaili hearing is a strike in the prison where the Greek is being held. That's why she couldn't be brought to court, he told the Belgian newspaper "L'Echo". Kaili remains in custody for the time being. Prosecutors said E.K. had requested an adjournment and would now be heard on December 22.

Kaili has since been removed as Vice President of the European Parliament. Her Greek Pasok party and the Social Democratic group in the European Parliament excluded her.

Almost 1.5 million euros confiscated so far

During house searches in connection with the corruption scandal, the Belgian police in the Brussels region have meanwhile confiscated almost 1.5 million euros. She posted several photos on Twitter, including a trolley case and several briefcases full of banknotes and several stacks of banknotes.

According to a draft, the European Parliament wants to suspend all parliamentary work on Qatar until further notice in view of the alleged influence from the desert state. As long as the allegations have not been clarified, there should be no votes or business trips to the Gulf Emirates, according to a draft for a cross-party resolution that Parliament wants to vote on Thursday.

In addition, more staff and money should be available in the future to check the transparency information provided by parliamentarians. According to the draft, the transparency rules should now also apply to non-EU countries. According to the text, which is subject to change, an ethics committee should also be created.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has spoken out against putting relations with Qatar to the test as a whole. When asked about this in Brussels, he said the allegations of corruption were "an issue in and of themselves, and that needs to be clarified on its own." One must examine the allegations against those who are said to have been bribed. But that also applies to those "who were on the other side, i.e. who bribed them," emphasized Scholz.