South Carolina House conservatives create their own Freedom Caucus

A Freedom Caucus is a group of South Carolina Republican House members that are modeled after the conservatives in the U.S. Congress.

South Carolina House conservatives create their own Freedom Caucus

South Carolina's version will attack excessive state spending and promote socially conservative ideas.

They will not only be taking on Democrats but also Republicans who they feel don't support their ideals, since they took control in the South Carolina House almost three decades ago. Rep. Adam Morgan is the leader of this new group.

"It's been an uphill climb toward some sort of conservative Republican future. It's time to get up and change fundamentally, Taylors stated.

In a variety of states, Freedom Caucus groups have been established. Andy Roth, President of the State Freedom Caucus Network, stated that "there's a swamp within every state, so our job is to take down the establishment in both parties."

Members of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus want bills to allow people to carry guns openly without a permit, abolish the state income tax, and expand school choice, among other things.

The initial members are not House leaders or House committee chairs. Morgan stated that they can influence the direction of General Assembly as a cohesive voting group and to draw more people into the caucus.

Morgan stated that you don't need to be the chairperson of a committee to pass legislation. Morgan said, "That's something that many people here seem to have difficulty understanding. Each member can have an influence, especially when it comes to the floor.


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