Similarities with the Greens and FDP: Because of unity on the tank question: CDU MPs think loudly about the Jamaica coalition

This article first appeared on ntv.

Similarities with the Greens and FDP: Because of unity on the tank question: CDU MPs think loudly about the Jamaica coalition

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Every child knows that there are no ghosts, and yet they sometimes spread fear and terror. Is it the same with the Jamaica ghost? In any case, the CDU swears by it. The "Bild" quotes several MPs with the demand that the Greens and FDP change sides and leave the traffic light coalition. The alternative: black-yellow-green, i.e. a Jamaica coalition.

The Parliamentary Secretary Thorsten Frei said that the two parties should seek a fresh start under different circumstances. "In any case, we are ready to take responsibility." Foreign politician Norbert Röttgen agreed: "FDP and Greens must ask themselves whether they are prepared to take responsibility for this failure against their own convictions."

Of course, this is about the dominant question at the moment: Will Germany deliver "Leopard" tanks to Ukraine and if so, how many? Also, there is no clear decision yet as to whether Germany would allow "Leopard" deliveries to other countries. Poland, for example, has just announced that it will apply for exactly that. The unity of NATO, of the West, at least has cracks - and that has to do with the German government's hesitation.

While Chancellor Olaf Scholz is standing still in a storm of criticism, the Greens and the FDP have positioned themselves clearly. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on French television that Germany would not stand in the way if other countries wanted to deliver. Jürgen Trittin confirmed this in the early start at ntv. Toni Hofreiter vehemently demands that Germany also deliver battle tanks, FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann and FDP defense expert Marcus Faber do the same. The latter also do not save with criticism of Scholz.

The Union is actually on the side of the Greens and the FDP on this issue. It was only on Thursday that the CDU and CSU submitted a motion to the Bundestag to no longer ban the allies from supplying "Leopard 1" tanks and to prepare a possible supply of "Leopard 2". For this purpose, contracts should be awarded to the industry and the training of Ukrainian tank drivers should begin. Several CDU politicians are also demanding the delivery of "Leopard 2", including Roderich Kiesewetter, Colonel a. D. the Bundeswehr.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz did not take part in the Jamaica speculation, but said on Saturday evening on ARD that he had expected a joint statement from Chancellor Scholz and President Macron on arms deliveries. "We weren't alone there," said Merz. Colleagues from the FDP and from the Greens and even the SPD had made similar statements. That was at least a reference to the similarities with the other two parties.

Can't you at least dream of Jamaica? After all, the tank debate outshines everything else, is a topic of historical importance. But you can save this energy. A change of sides in this critical phase would be political hara-kiri. Germany cannot afford a government crisis right now. The Greens, FDP and CDU also know this, as parliamentary group members of the Liberals and Union confirmed.

After all, a Jamaican coalition would have to work on other issues as well. In the case of a shortage of skilled workers, climate protection or housing construction, however, the similarities become more sparse again. Common ground in foreign policy does not make a new coalition. From the SPD point of view, there is no need to fear this specter - as long as no black-green-yellow spirit develops.

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