Russian invasion: War against Ukraine: That's the situation

A video of the beheading of a suspected Ukrainian prisoner of war has sparked anger and horror in Ukraine.

Russian invasion: War against Ukraine: That's the situation

A video of the beheading of a suspected Ukrainian prisoner of war has sparked anger and horror in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the world to react to the gruesome clip. "This is a video of Russia as it is," Zelenskyy said in Kiev on Wednesday. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called Russia "worse" than the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. Kuleba called for the exclusion of war opponents Russia from the United Nations. In contrast, the Kremlin in Moscow questioned the authenticity of the video.

EU Council President Charles Michel was shocked and blamed "a Russian soldier". The EU will do everything to ensure that justice triumphs over terror and impunity. UN observers in Ukraine were also appalled.

A video of around one and a half minutes appeared on the Internet on Wednesday night. It shows a man in uniform being beheaded by another in uniform with white markings typical of Russian soldiers. The authenticity of the video and the time of recording cannot be checked. Due to green leaves on the trees, it is more likely that the recordings are not from this year. According to the UN observer mission, the video shows the "brutal execution of a man who appears to be a Ukrainian prisoner of war".

"We find these monsters," said Ukrainian intelligence chief Wassyl Maljuk. "If necessary, we will find them wherever they are: underground or from beyond."

"Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case," said the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission. Footage had previously surfaced that allegedly showed the mutilated bodies of Ukrainian soldiers. Recent UN observer reports documented several serious violations of international humanitarian law regarding prisoners of war. Ukraine has been repelling a Russian invasion for more than 13 months.

Ukraine demands reactions on video

Selenskyj said about the video that it was neither an accident nor an isolated case. Terror must lose. No one would understand if leaders didn't respond to the video.

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko called for an "appropriate" response from the world. "The video footage of the barbaric execution of a Ukrainian defender by Russians makes your blood run cold," Klitschko said. Ukrainians would never forgive Russia for "bestial barbarism."

In Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke of "appalling images." But first it must be determined whether the beheading actually took place. It is then necessary to examine by which party the crime was committed. "First of all, we live in a world of fakes and therefore have to check the authenticity of the recordings," he said, according to the Interfax news agency.

Russia: Hardly any chance of extending the grain agreement

However, the Russian leadership renewed its criticism of the implementation of the grain agreement and questioned an extension of the agreement. "If we start from the current situation, then the prospects (of an extension) are not so good," said Kremlin spokesman Peskov. The agreement was recently only extended by 60 days instead of 120, as part of the agreement was not implemented. Russia has been complaining about persistent obstacles to the export of fertilizers and grain for months.

Pentagon boss after data leak: "Will turn every stone"

Meanwhile, after the release of explosive US information about the war in Ukraine, the US government is trying to clarify and reassure its allies. "We will turn every stone until we find out the origin and extent of the incident," said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Washington. Both he and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said they had spoken to their Ukrainian counterparts.

Austin said he learned of the data breach last Thursday. "I was first briefed on the reports of the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive and classified material on the morning of April 6." Since then, he has consulted senior officials at the ministry on a daily basis and taken immediate action.

Reports: Leaks point to Western special forces in Ukraine

According to British media reports, the leaked alleged US secret service documents indicate, among other things, that western military special forces could be deployed in Ukraine. The BBC and the "Guardian" both reported, citing one of the documents, that Great Britain was deploying around 50 members of its elite unit known as "Special Forces" in the country at war.

Other NATO countries should therefore be on site with similar units - such as France and the USA, each with around 15 forces. According to the reports, the document does not reveal where the special forces are exactly and what they are doing on site.

Reports of deaths and injuries in the combat area

According to a report by the Ukrainian general staff on Wednesday, Ukraine repelled more than 70 Russian attacks within 24 hours. One focus is the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. According to the authorities, at least two civilians were killed by Russian artillery fire in the Donetsk and Cherson regions. At least eight people were injured in Donetsk region. Two people were injured by landmines in the Kharkiv region. The reports cannot be independently verified.

London: Reinforced Russian defenses south

According to British intelligence services, Russia has significantly strengthened its defense lines in southern Ukraine. This is a sign that Moscow is using more resources to prepare for a possible counter-offensive in the direction of the coastal town of Melitopol, according to the short report by the Defense Ministry.

In the past few weeks, Russia has completed three defense lines in the Zaporizhia region over an estimated distance of 120 kilometers, each about 10 to 20 kilometers apart, the British wrote. The foremost contained positions for attack, while the rear two would have continuous, better developed defenses.