Recalled from India a diplomat from Bangladesh on suspicion of "sexchat scandal"

One of the rare instances in diplomacy was the recall of a diplomat from Bangladesh who had been posted in Kolkata. He is accused of a "sex chat" scandal.

Recalled from India a diplomat from Bangladesh on suspicion of "sexchat scandal"

"A video was sent to us via messenger to our official Facebook account a few days back. According to Toufique Hazan, Bangladesh deputy high commissioner to Kolkata, we learned from the video that the diplomat had an inappropriate conversation with a woman.
After a preliminary inquiry, the diplomat, Muhammad Saniul Kader (the first secretary (political), posted in Bangladesh Deputy High Commission), was sent to Dhaka. This is a sensitive matter. Hasan stated that the official was returned to Dhaka within 24 hour of the incident.
The diplomat fled India and entered Bangladesh via the Benapole border in January 19. Sources said that the woman accessed Facebook's high commission page on January 16 and shared WhatsApp chats and videos with the diplomat. She also added, "She sent evidence through the Messenger of the Facebook Page."

The matter was immediately reported to the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry. "The Prime Minister's Office in Dhaka was informed by the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry. According to one source, the PMO considered the matter very serious as it was sensitive and requested that the ministry withdraw him immediately.

According to the diplomat, the video was "superimposed". Kader was appointed to the Bangladesh deputy high commissioner in Kolkata approximately a year ago. He is an officer in the Bangladesh Civil Service.

Although diplomats from all parts of the globe have been recalled for "sex crimes" over the years, this is the first time that a diplomat has been recalled due to a "sex chat scam".