Podcast "important today": Mental health: When children hurt themselves

Many men grow a mustache in the so-called "Movember", thereby drawing attention to a very important topic: men's health.

Podcast "important today": Mental health: When children hurt themselves

Many men grow a mustache in the so-called "Movember", thereby drawing attention to a very important topic: men's health. It is also about mental health and suicide prevention. Movember aims to motivate men to talk more openly about their problems and to accept help. Because boys often learn very early on to fight their way through life, even if they are not doing well.

That's why moderator Michel Abdollahi discusses the topic of self-harm among young people in the 405th episode of the podcast "Today important". Although this appears to be more common in girls, boys suffer from it just as much. "The causes of self-harm are broad," says specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Oliver Dierssen in the podcast. Some only felt how much they suffered inside when they saw their skin bleeding. Others - the considerably smaller part - punished themselves by doing so. "Many find something like support," says the child psychiatrist. Before the pressure mounts even further, to the point of suicidal behavior, people self-harm.

According to Oliver Dierssen, people with mental stress are often very lonely and socially isolated, especially young people. "This loneliness is a very big risk factor for mental pain." This pain is often expressed in self-injury, "so that it can come to the surface of the body, be understood - and also be able to subside again". Therefore, one often encounters the thesis that self-injurious behavior is an "act of self-care". From the child psychiatrist's point of view, however, "self-care" in this context does not mean that self-injurious behavior is healthy or right. But it is wrong to morally condemn self-harm. "You have to realize that people who do this are really in great need," says Dierrsen. However, as Oliver Dierssen says, self-injury "does not have a good reputation". Affected people are viewed very critically in emergency rooms and have to listen to many questions and allegations.

It is precisely the taboo that leads to even more loneliness, to even more pain. Affected young people withdraw - out of shame and because they do not want to burden others. Many are afraid to confide in their parents. "As a parent, it's very difficult when the child self-harms," ​​says the child psychiatrist on the podcast. He advises them to seek advice and support – for their child, but also for themselves. The best way for parents to help their children is to accompany them on their way: "And the parents must be doing well too." Most importantly, take the pressure off of staying by the child's side no matter how long the process takes and saying, "I don't expect you to feel better right away."

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