Pence: Trump's 'wrong' to suggest that the election could be overturned

On Friday, former Vice President Mike Pence directly refuted Donald Trump's false claims about how Pence could have reversed the results of the 2020 elections. He stated that Trump was just "wrong."

Pence: Trump's 'wrong' to suggest that the election could be overturned

On Friday, former Vice President Mike Pence directly refuted Donald Trump's false claims about how Pence could have reversed the results of the 2020 elections. He stated that Trump was just "wrong."

Pence spoke to the conservative Federalist Society of Florida about Trump’s intensifying efforts this Week to promote the false narrative that he, as vice president had the unilateral power to stop Joe Biden taking office.

Pence stated that Trump was wrong. "I had no rights to reverse the election," Pence stated.

Although Pence had previously justified his actions on Jan. 6, and stated that he and Trump would unlikely ever see "eyes to eye" about what happened that day. Friday's remarks were his strongest rebuttal to Trump. These comments come at a time when Pence is preparing for a possible run for president in 2024. This could place him directly in competition with his former boss who has been teasing a return run.

Trump escalated his criticisms of Pence this week. Trump made a statement Tuesday saying that the investigation into the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol should focus on "why Mike Pence didn't send back the votes to recertification" or approval. And on Sunday, Trump blasted Pence falsely declaring, "he could have overturned this Election!"

Vice presidents have a ceremonial role in counting the votes of the Electoral College. Any attempt to interfere with the count would be an extraordinary violation and an attack on democracy.

In his Friday remarks to Lake Buena Vista lawyers, Pence described January 6, 2021, as "a dark day" in the history the United States Capitol's history. He framed his actions on that day as consistent with his constitutional conservative duty.

He said to the group that the American people need to know that they will keep their oath to Constitution. He pointed out that Article II Section One of Constitution states that elections are held at the state level and not by Congress. "The only role of Congress in respect to the Electoral College" is to count and open votes submitted by the states. No more, no less."

He continued to point out those who insist otherwise.

He said, "Frankly, there is no idea more anti-American than that any single person could elect the American president." "Under the Constitution I had no right change the outcome of our electoral election. Kamala Harris won't be able to change the outcome of their election in 2024, when they beat us."

Pence's speech about beating the Democrats in next year's presidential election was applauded by the audience, but silence followed when Pence stated earlier that Trump was wrong.

Pence was at the Capitol Jan. 6 to preside over the joint session Congress to certify the presidential elections. A mob of Trump supporters attacked the Capitol, assaulting officers, and hunting down legislators. Pence released a letter just before the session began that stated that he did not have the authority to change the will of voters. He was then rushed to safety by rioters who chanted "Hang Mike Pence!"

In his Friday remarks, the former vice president acknowledged that there was still anger in Trump's base. However, he stated that it was time to "focus on the future."

He stated, "The truth is that there's more at risk than our party or our political fortunes." "Men and Women, if you lose faith in the Constitution, it's not just that we'll lose elections, but we'll also lose our country," he said.

Trump's aides didn't immediately respond to inquiries for comment about the speech. Trump issued a statement soon after the speech in which he criticized Jan. 6's committee, but made no mention of Pence.

Trump's rhetorical rise comes at a time when he is under increasing scrutiny by the committee. The committee has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and issued dozens upon dozens of subpoenas. They also obtained reams government documents that Trump attempted to hide.

This also comes as a bipartisan group if lawmakers pushing for an update to the Electoral Count Act in order to remove any ambiguity regarding the role of the vice president.

Pence has not yet attempted to put a stop to his Jan. 6 actions, which continue to anger large parts of Trump's base. This could pose a problem if he runs to be president in 2024.

He has been adamant that he would not raise the events of September 11, but he has also defended his actions when asked, claiming that he was adhering to his constitutional role. In a speech last year, he stated that he would "always be proud" that the Congress had done its part on the tragic day of reconvening the Congress. He also said that the Constitution and laws of the United States have been upheld.

He also accused Democrats, and the media, of continuing to focus upon the insurrection in order to score political points for Republicans and divert attention away from Biden's agenda.

Although it was a simple declaration of fact, Pence's decision not to call Trump "wrong" was significant due to Pence’s position in the White House. Pence, Trump's vice-president, was extraordinarily respectful of him. He never voiced disagreement and defends even the most controversial actions.

Pence, who had been in the shadows for several months after leaving the White House has now returned to the spotlight. Pence has been touring the country to promote his political agenda and has given speeches, hosted fundraisers, and visited early voting states. Pence has not, like some potential 2024 presidential candidates, ruled out running against Trump. He is currently working on a book.

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, the Mississippi Democratic Representative, and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democratic Rep., have both stated that they intend to summon Pence to testify in their investigation. So far, it is not clear what Pence will do.

Date Of Update: 04 February 2022, 17:53