Pearls of Kremlin propaganda: "Did you understand me, Scholz?" – now the propagandists want to denazify Germany

Germany is a very fortunate target for the Kremlin's propagandists.

Pearls of Kremlin propaganda: "Did you understand me, Scholz?" – now the propagandists want to denazify Germany

Germany is a very fortunate target for the Kremlin's propagandists. The wounds left in Russia by the Second World War have never healed. It's all the easier to break open. Again and again. It is all the easier to stir up hatred against the old enemy. The Russian public is only too happy to believe that nothing has changed in Germany since 1945.

It doesn't matter whether it's Olaf Scholz, Annalena Baerbock or Claudia Roth - with every word a German politician says, the propagandists lie in wait to see if they can turn a rope on the unlucky one. And so the appearances of German government representatives trigger waves of hate speech at regular intervals.

The latest storm is being led by none other than the face of Kremlin propaganda: Vladimir Solovyov. The talk master is one of Vladimir Putin's most ardent defenders, supporters and takers of orders. Its mission: to pound messages, ideas and conceptions that the Kremlin wants to see placed into the minds of its viewers. For the father of eight children, no provocation is too sensational, no insult too hateful, no lie too breakneck, no contradiction too great.

The face of the propagandist, dripping with hate and agitation, flickers almost constantly from the TV screens. The servant of the Kremlin, mostly dressed in black, instills his poison into the audience for several hours a day - almost every day. Since the beginning of the war, state television has increased the frequency of its broadcasts.

"You Europeans," he spat out contemptuously on his show "Evening with Solovyov." "I'm not addressing the people, I'm addressing the political caste," he added shortly before starting his tirade. "You will never understand us. There is a simple reason for this. For you, the Great War is World War I, and for us it is World War II. 27 million dead Soviet people! Six million Jews destroyed! And if you now say slogans on the Independence Day of Ukraine by Nazis or Bandera, (...) I think back to the Europe that came together to solve the Jewish question: to kill us Jews," he explained to Solovyov, pointing his finger pathos at himself .

On such occasions he likes to remind people of his Jewish origins. It was not so long ago that Solovyov adored Benito Mussolini and wrote cinematic hymns to him. A fascist who would have wanted to kill him, the Jew, if you follow his latest statements. However, that did not prevent Solovyov from buying four villas in Italy. Of which he had to say goodbye in tears. (Read more about this here.)

"We will never forgive you. And we will never forget you. We see through you," he said now in the direction of the European politicians and bared his teeth. "Did you understand me, Scholz?" He added threateningly. "Your statements that we position ourselves as the opposite of Europe .... " Solovyov began and only exhaled loudly instead of completing his sentence. "You still haven't understood anything."

And then Solovyov pulled out what all Kremlin propagandists love to pull out: the nuclear mace. "But we will win the war against NATO. There are two variants. You won't like the second one. Because: why do we need a world without Russia."

Meanwhile, his studio guest Dmitry Evstafiev indulged in denazification fantasies. This time, however, Ukraine was not the target of his chimera - but Germany. "Look how quickly denazification took place in Germany and Europe," he began, referring to denazification after World War II.

"It was less than 30 years ago that Germany was under the occupation of the Soviet Union. And Eastern Europe. And we already have what we have now. And from this follows the conclusion: The next denazification of Germany must be much more systematic, much more profound , much more ideological than it had been," explained the political scientist calmly. Is a "special operation" sufficient for this?

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