McCarthy claims Madison Cawthorn is wrong about Zelenskyy

Kevin McCarthy, House Republican Leader, said that Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina was wrong to call Ukrainian President Volodymyrzel Zelenskyy "a thug". But he says he will continue to support Cawthorn for reelection.

McCarthy claims Madison Cawthorn is wrong about Zelenskyy


In recent days, the North Carolina Republican was under fire after reports and then a video emerged in which he said to supporters in Asheville that "Zelenskyy" and that "the Ukrainian government is extremely corrupt and it is incredibly bad and has been pushing woke ideas."

His view in the minor -- The Ukrainian president is widely admired all over the world and in Congress as an inspirational leader who has unites his people and the entire international community against a resolute and unprovoked attack by Russia . Congress gave Zelenskyy a standing ovation when he addressed Congress earlier in the week.

According to NBC News reporter Raf Sán, Cawthorn's remarks are reportedly being repeated on Russian state television.

McCarthy replied to a question about Cawthorn’s comments Friday: "Madison, you are wrong." Putin is the greatest thug in the world.

When asked by a reporter if he would support Cawthorn for reelection, the GOP leader replied "yes."

Cawthorn's remarks, which were made as Congress moved quickly to punish Russia for its invading of Ukraine, is the latest example McCarthy's struggles to manage fractious conferences. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia, and Paul Gosar, Arizona made their appearances before America First Political Action Conference. This conference is being organized by Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist. Greene was also condemned for his comments that compared COVID-19 mandates with the Holocaust.

These issues are often dealt with by McCarthy in private conversations with his colleagues. Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney was the only lawmaker to face lingering consequences after she repeatedly criticized former President Trump's role in the January 6th riot.

McCarthy has endorsed Harriet Hageman as Wyoming trial attorney, which is why she is challenging Cheney in her primary.


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