"important today": female, 30, plumber: "I love being in construction"

In 2021, around 40 percent of training positions were vacant - almost half of the available and urgently needed jobs.

"important today": female, 30, plumber: "I love being in construction"

In 2021, around 40 percent of training positions were vacant - almost half of the available and urgently needed jobs. This is often due to the fact that many people first want to do their A-levels and then go to university instead of starting an apprenticeship after they leave school. Skilled trades training is particularly frowned upon. Sandra Hunke believes that many young people have a completely wrong image of the profession. She is a plumber and shares her everyday life on social media to make the craft more popular, especially among young people. In the 356th episode of the "Today Important" podcast, she reports enthusiastically about the diversity of her job: "It just has to be told what exactly we do and that it's not just about dirt and dust."

"Somehow training is totally disreputable, because one should study. Even working in the trades is totally out," Sandra Hunke annoyed at the beginning of the conversation. "It has to be clarified what options you have in an apprenticeship or in the trade." The 30-year-old would like to enlighten, among other things, with her social media presence. Because even if there are always campaigns by the Chamber of Crafts that want to make crafts more attractive for young people, the plumber believes that she can achieve significantly more with her website.

She particularly likes creating something new out of nothing: "I love creating something with my hands. I love building a wellness oasis out of a ruin." The climate crisis is also present here: "We are climate protectors, for example, we are doing so much for the climate at the moment." All the solar systems and energy-saving heaters are finally installed by craftsmen and women.

Sandra Hunke describes her path into the trade as relatively easy and unencumbered. Nevertheless she also talks about the downsides of an apprenticeship in the podcast: "I very often observe on construction sites how trainees are unfortunately treated and something urgently, urgently needs to change from our side." Training in a trade is a difficult step, especially for women, who are still clearly in the minority today. When Hunke was in vocational school in 2012, she was even the only woman and was excluded, especially by teachers. Hopefully it won't stay that way, she says: "But I notice when I'm actually in the vocational schools or at events where trainees are, that there's already a change."

In the meantime, Sandra Hunke could live well financially from her income as an influencer and model. Giving up her job is out of the question for her, she says: "I can't do without my craft!"

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