Government statement: Scholz accuses Putin of "scorched earth tactics".

After the recent drone and rocket attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz accused Russia of using "scorched earth tactics".

Government statement: Scholz accuses Putin of "scorched earth tactics".

After the recent drone and rocket attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz accused Russia of using "scorched earth tactics".

Scholz said in a government statement in the Bundestag that she would not help Russia win the war either. "It only strengthens the determination and perseverance of Ukraine and its partners. In the end, Russia's bomb and rocket terror is an act of desperation - just like the mobilization of Russian men for the war."

Putin is covering Ukraine with terror and blatantly and irresponsibly threatening to use nuclear weapons. "He wants to sow fear, divide and intimidate," said Scholz. "He speculates on our weakness. But he's wrong. We're not weak." Germany stand together, Europe stand together, said Scholz. "Our worldwide alliances are stronger and more alive than ever. Putin will not achieve his war goals."

Chancellor: Heat supply secured - prices will be cushioned

Scholz declared Germany's dependence on Russian gas to be over and promised again that the heat supply would be secured over the winter. He also reiterated that the state will protect consumers and businesses from being overburdened by high energy prices. "Nobody, no family, no pensioner, no student and no company should be afraid of being overwhelmed by the prices for electricity, gas or district heating."

Scholz confirms rejection of a European gas price cap

With a view to the EU summit beginning on Thursday afternoon, Scholz expressed skepticism about a European price cap for gas purchases demanded by many EU countries. This carries the risk "that the producers will then sell their gas elsewhere - and in the end we Europeans will not get more gas, but less," said Scholz.

The EU must coordinate closely with other gas consumers such as Japan and Korea "so that we don't compete with each other". At the same time, a reasonable price must also be discussed with the producers. "I'm convinced that countries like the USA, Canada and Norway, which stand with us in solidarity with Ukraine, have an interest in energy not becoming unaffordable in Europe," he said.

More than half of the EU countries are calling for a gas price cap when purchasing. In addition to Germany, the Netherlands, among others, also reject such a market intervention. Contrary to the demands of advocates such as Belgium, Italy and France, the EU Commission made no concrete proposal for a maximum price on Tuesday.

Up to 5,000 Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in Germany

Scholz again promised Ukraine support as long as it was necessary. Germany will train an entire Ukrainian brigade with up to 5,000 soldiers by spring. "We are thus underlining our willingness to participate in the long-term development of strong Ukrainian armed forces - hand in hand with our partners," said Scholz. He pointed out that the EU foreign ministers had agreed on a new training mission for around 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers on Monday. One of the two headquarters for this will be in Germany.

Reconstruction of Ukraine as a "generational task"

Scholz described the reconstruction of Ukraine after the Russian war of aggression as a "generational task" in which the entire civilized community of nations must join forces. He reiterated that there must be a "Marshall Plan" for Ukraine along the lines of the US post-WWII reconstruction program for Germany and Europe. According to the Chancellor, the first foundations for this are to be laid next week at an expert conference in Berlin. The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Schmyhal, is also expected to take part.

Merz regrets the cancellation of the delivery of battle tanks

Opposition leader Friedrich Merz called on the federal government to quickly relieve private households and companies in view of the high energy prices. "Now people and companies in Germany need a clear answer as to when they can expect concrete relief as soon as possible in the next few days and weeks," said the chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group.

He once again regretted that the delivery of western-style armored personnel carriers and main battle tanks to Ukraine had not been carried out so far. Many EU members supported this. "This war might have ended sooner."

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