Gingrich slams Pelosi Because'most Damaging Speaker of This House we Have had'

'She does not mind abusing power.

Gingrich slams Pelosi Because'most Damaging Speaker of This House we Have had'

"She resides in an enclave that's safeguarded in San Francisco," Gingrich told host Mark Levin. "She's surrounded with left-wing looney tunes who believe it is OK to live in a town where... there is a map you can visit online which shows you where stool were. They do not differentiate human and dog, but they will reveal to you the stool count that afternoon around San Francisco."

"They come in the middle of left-wing nuttiness, and their buddies in the local country bar all their friends when they visit a cocktail party, believe this craziness is logical."

Gingrich added that Pelosi, whose father and brother had been Democratic mayors of Baltimore,"was in politics so long she functions just like a real machine politician of the old arrangement. And she does not mind abusing power. She does not mind running over folks... she is so keen to violate rules and to, honestly, just state things which are entirely untrue."

Host Mark Levin told Gingrich the Pelosi revealed"gall" when she promised the snap impeachment from the House of former President Donald Trump"joins the nation."

"It is also interesting the way the media respond to her when she's a media conference," Levin added. "You dare step out of line and ask her tough question, she intimidates you, she disturbs you, plus they do not begin crying questions ."

"Well, everything you've got right now using all the media corps are left handed lapdogs," Gingrich responded. "As well as their job is to discuss and lick the hands of their left-wingers and after that attempt to bite the Republicans. So that is their obligation. I mean, they are just behaving like they have been trained to act."

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