Flash visit to Ukraine: Press praises US President: “Heart, calculated risk, ambition – three elements that drove Joe Biden to Kiev”

According to Ukraine, the visit of US President Joe Biden to Kiev was also a clear message to the war opponent Russia.

Flash visit to Ukraine: Press praises US President: “Heart, calculated risk, ambition – three elements that drove Joe Biden to Kiev”

According to Ukraine, the visit of US President Joe Biden to Kiev was also a clear message to the war opponent Russia. The visit was a signal to the Kremlin "that the US will stand by Ukraine until it wins the war. The Kremlin, in turn, has no chance of winning," said the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak. according to local media in Kiev. "The visit is another step to show that we are friends and partners not only today, but also after the victory: in rebuilding and restoring our state," said Jermak. Biden's stay in Kiev has accelerated many processes, the most important of which is the provision of necessary weapons.

The comment columns of newspapers around the world are also dealing with the surprise visit of the US President - and the assessment is largely similar. The international press comments on the Biden visit at a glance:

"Der Standard" (Vienna, Austria): "With his visit to Kiev, US President Joe Biden succeeded in a political coup. (...) Biden brought arms with him. But almost more important was the symbolic meaning of his appearance in the middle mediated in a war zone: A US President presents himself as a kind of personalized life insurance for the country. This was of course aimed at Moscow and Beijing, above all at Putin personally, who is responsible for the progress of the war and a ceasefire. All speculation, after which the West could cave in, give up Ukraine and leave large parts of the country to Russia are wishful thinking."

"Tages-Anzeiger" (Zürich, Switzerland): "The risky trip confirms that the USA is not letting up and continues to support Ukraine with weapons and money to drive out the Russian invaders. And Biden did not come empty-handed: the white Haus announced that he would deliver even more artillery ammunition, anti-tank weapons and radars for air surveillance.Although there was no talk of modern fighter jets, which Ukraine wants, it was far more important that the US President brought a lot of confidence to the Ukrainians (...) Apparently, Biden is ready to use his foreign policy capital for Ukraine. This is also a clear signal to his opponents in the Republican Party, who are skeptical about aid to Ukraine. The disinterested aid to Ukraine should therefore shape his political legacy.The daring journey overland to Kiev is also a message to all those in Washington behind and whisper in front of the scenes that he is too old for the job. After the trip to Kiev, it is probably only a matter of form that Joe Biden announces his candidacy for a second term. And not only Volodymyr Zelenskyj should be happy about that."

"Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (Zurich, Switzerland): "The signal that Biden sends to Moscow could hardly be more impressive: No matter how many soldiers and how many artillery pieces you send to Ukraine. I dare to travel to the country whenever it suits me. The Ukraine does not belong to the Russian catchment area, as you always claim. It belongs to the sphere of interests of the West, because that is what its population wants and because we welcome it. (...) Biden is also moving one of the greatest successes of his term in office to date: his administration reacted calmly, purposefully and powerfully to the enormous geopolitical challenge of Russia's attack on Ukraine a year ago hand and such a trip by the American President is no longer possible, but war is not the decisive factor words but actions. Or in relation to Ukraine's western allies: support in the form of war material, ammunition, secret service information, logistics and assistance to the civilian population and the state budget of Ukraine."

"The Times" (London, UK): "The US President's surprise visit to Kiev to mark the approaching anniversary (of the start of the war) was not only a symbol of Ukraine's defiant undefeated standing and that Putin's ambitions were thwarted. It was also a symbol of the West's continued support for Ukraine's valiant fight to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of a cruel war of imperial conquest at the hands of a criminal dictatorship.Nevertheless, the West must address several pressing challenges if it is to give Kiev the best possible chance of victory at the lowest possible cost. The top priority is to expedite the delivery of the promised weapons. They must arrive in time to enable Ukraine to launch a new offensive before the summer. It is worrying that Germany, which made the decision on the delivery from Leopard 2 tanks, must now urge its allies to live up to their promises."

"Libération" (Paris, France): "An attack on Ukraine is an attack on the United States. That's the message Joe Biden wanted to convey to Vladimir Putin as he fine-tuned his speech to justify his war on Tuesday. (...) Some consider Biden's visit to be an unnecessary provocation, but this is the week in which the West must appear resolute and united, more than ever, this week in which rumors of a Russian-Chinese alliance are being circulated . This week, which commemorates two strong tipping points in Europe between anti- and pro-democracy. With the highlights of the speeches by Putin in Moscow and Biden in Warsaw on Tuesday."

"Corriere della Sera" (Rome, Italy): "Heart, calculated risk, ambition. These are the three elements that drove Joe Biden to Kiev to show all the US determination to support Ukraine: a mission , which becomes the symbol of a Western-led struggle for freedom, with the US President challenging Putin by announcing his trip to the city under fire from the Kremlin's rockets to a leader he knows in the "Soulless Killers” in the past: two Cold War-era men who hate each other but understand. For Biden, Ukraine is more than just a country that has been unjustly attacked and is fighting it on the basis of ethical and human rights legal general principles of the UN Charter must be defended. Kiev is a place close to his heart, and he made that clear when he unexpectedly arrived in the martyred capital yesterday."

"Público" (Lisbon, Portugal): "At a moment of great uncertainty on the war front, when the loss of Bakhmut threatens and Russia can make slight progress, Joe Biden comes to Kiev for a surprise visit to Zelenskyy. It is difficult to say who has opposed Kremlin imperialism with more courage and determination after Zelenskyi.The commitment of the presidents and heads of government of the Baltic States or Poland is well known, who of course have not forgotten the price they paid for territorial ambitions between the 18th and 20th centuries Ursula von der Leyen undoubtedly deserves a top spot on this list for her ability to mobilize a fearful Europe (and Germany), but if Zelensky is the leader resisting the inevitability of defeat, Joe Biden is the central figure in the international alliance that supplies Zelenskyj with the means of resistance. O Without the example of Joe Biden, it would have been difficult to mobilize Europe. Without his conviction (and power) the Ukrainian cause might already be lost."

"De Standaard" (Brussels, Belgium): "The fact that US President Joe Biden appeared on the streets of Kiev while the air raid sirens wailed in the background is an act of great importance. The signal could not be clearer: the Americans, and with them the entire West, stand united behind the Ukrainian people and its President Volodymyr Zelenskyj.(...) The Russians, who were of course informed in advance so that World War III would not be unintentionally triggered, should become even more intrigued by the visit strengthened in their belief that the West's goal is Russia's demise. For them, the conflict with Ukraine is part of a proxy war. Russia is therefore at war with the West and fighting for its survival. No more and no less."

"Sydsvenskan" (Malmö, Sweden): These are already historical pictures: Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj walk through the center of Kiev to the sound of the air raid alarm, which residents have had to hear for almost a year now. That Biden was not satisfied with meeting Zelenskyy on Polish soil, as recommended by the Secret Service and the Pentagon, is of course incredibly important. For the Ukrainian will to fight. And as a sign against Vladimir Putin. Biden and Zelensky appear to have developed a friendship in all the talks they've had since the war broke out, but the fact that a US president is actually showing his support on the ground cannot be underestimated. A moment that has just been immortalized in Kiev, just 500 miles from Putin's Moscow, despite the threat of airstrikes."

"Lidove noviny" (Prague, Czech Republic): "Biden's visits to Kiev and Warsaw also indirectly highlight the differences among Ukraine's western supporters. In Kiev, Biden promised further arms deliveries, for example artillery ammunition, but no larger missiles range nor fighter jets, as the Ukrainians and some of their European partners would like The West as a whole is unsure how much it should support Ukraine in its effort to take the war first to Crimea and then to Russian territory that persuade Russia to enter into peace negotiations or, on the contrary, lead to an escalation of the war and even induce Moscow to carry out a nuclear strike?"

"Sydney Morning Herald" (Sydney, Australia): "A long list of world leaders made the long train journey to Kiev last year - from the British Prime Minister to the French President, from rock stars to Hollywood greats and even (the Australian Prime Minister ) Anthony Albanese.(...) But the scenes of 80-year-old Joe Biden, President of the United States, walking side by side with Volodymyr Zelenskyj by the glittering golden domes of St. Michael's Monastery were a timely reminder of what in Ukraine is at stake. The visit is a symbol of American determination. (...) Ahead of the first anniversary of the Russian invasion on Friday, the Western alliance behind Ukraine is engaged in difficult debates. Biden is also under pressure at home to seek military aid while also Europe – which has united in a way that Russian President Vladimir Putin said was impossible had - shows signs of war weariness."

"Magyar Nemzet" (Budapest, Hungary): "The USA (...) let the Ukrainians do the "dirty work" in their place, weakening Russia. That is their goal, they have subordinated everything to it. It doesn't count, how many die as a result.(...) All the provocations of the last two decades - the orange "revolutions", the US-led Maidan coup, the systematic persecution of minorities, the Bandera cult, the threat of inclusion in the Nato and everything else - only had this one goal. That there would be war. And there was war. The old gentleman (Biden) was therefore sent to shake hands with the naked pianist (Zelenskyj, who in his time as a comedian once played in a Sketch pretending to play the piano with his penis) because the show, because the war must go on."