EXPLAINER: Check out Portugal's presidential Elections

Portugal will hold a presidential elections Sunday, picking a head of state to serve a long-term semester as the nation suffers through a nationwide lockdown and a worsening coronavirus epidemic.

EXPLAINER: Check out Portugal's presidential Elections

Saturday is a day of political manifestation, when the publication of opinion polls are prohibited. So Here Is a look at the election:

The president at Portugal doesn't have legislative powers, which lie together with parliament and the government, but is a powerful voice and under unique conditions can dissolve parliament and call an early election. The head of state may also stricter laws, though parliament can overturn that veto, and refer law to the Constitutional Court for vetting. Largely, the president intends to stand above the political fray, refereeing disputes along with acting as an arbiter to defuse tensions.

Seven candidates are running, but when none catches more than 50 percent of their vote, a runoff between the two leading candidates will happen on Feb. 14.

The incumbent, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is widely anticipated to be returned for a second and last term. Charming and affable, the 72-year-old Rebelo de Sousa's openness to present for selfies spawned a Portuguese Facebook page known as"Selfies com Marcelo" (Selfies with Marcelo). He's had an approval rating over 60 percent and also his six challengers have not come close to denting his obvious lead.

However a brand new right-wing populist, André Ventura, could capture around 11 percent of their vote, opinion polls suggest, and may secure second place in a runoff. That might send a shock wave through Portuguese mainstream politics, where extremists have been absent.

Portugal, that can be in a lockdown, has among the worst rates of deaths and infections in the world, according to a tally from John's Hopkins University.

The election campaign comprised not one of the typical flag-waving rallies or other big public events so as to prevent parties that could fuel the spread of this virus. Early voting attracted nearly 200,000 of the nation's 9.3 million registered Republicans. The government is launching 2,000 longer polling stations to stop audiences from forming Sunday.

Limitations on movement are being raised for election Republicans and day should bring their own pencils.

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