Withdrawal of US troops: AKK explained, which is the Trump-step would make you really Worry

DW: Minister for women's Affairs, the American foreign Minister is today in Denmark, there is also Nord Stream 2. The Trump Administration separates less than

Withdrawal of US troops: AKK explained, which is the Trump-step would make you really Worry

DW: Minister for women's Affairs, the American foreign Minister is today in Denmark, there is also Nord Stream 2. The Trump Administration separates less than other governments, between economic and security interests. How great is the damage that NATO so far has worn?

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer: First of all, Nord Stream 2 is a project that will be discussed in the member States of the EU and NATO. I've seen it in my travels in the Visegrad countries. The concern is that Germany makes is very dependent on Russian Gas - which we were able to dispel. It comes to the Concerns and the legitimate interests of Ukraine and Poland. This needs to be negotiated for the contracts. And with regard to the threatened sanctions, are we in the Federal government is of the clear opinion that this is not with international law.

"If U.S. troops stay in Europe, it is a commitment to NATO,"

Donald Trump has threatened to 9500 soldiers from Germany to be deducted. How reversible is the damage to the NATO and the trust among the Alliance partners so far have taken?

so Far for the NATO no damage. But the question of troops withdrawal from Germany relates to the Alliance. And it will be crucial - if Congress agrees to this deduction and shall be deducted - where are you shifting? If you stay in Europe, then the is still the clear commitment to NATO. You should be shifted, for example, in the Indo-Pacific area, then that would be a possible indication of a shift in the strategy of the United States. And this, in turn, would trigger other discussions in NATO.

On the journey into the Eastern countries of NATO, you have repeated an old quote from a General who said NATO was there, the Russians to stay away, to keep the Americans close to them, and to keep the Germans under control. At the same time, you have talked about the great change.

Felt in the countries of Central Europe that there is a great expectation on Germany to shoulder more responsibility. And there is a very clear view of Russia. Russia is in a military exercise with 150,000 and 27,000 vehicles. This is an important point that we need to be both in NATO, but also in the development of the threat analysis and a strategic compass in Europe to incorporate.

Now, you would be happy in Poland, when there forces are redistributed. How seriously do you take because of the very specific Concerns of these States, especially the Baltic?

I take these Concerns very seriously. It makes a difference whether I'm in front of my own front door there is a clearly visible Russian Navy, the exercises. These are the experiences that make these States on a daily basis and we have to start with and, therefore, part of the in the way of looking at our threats. At the end of the threat analysis must be the basis for developing a common capacity to act.

"Libya shows how limited the ability to act without presence is"

On the very concrete example of Libya shows the limited ability to act in Europe. And, of all things, a NATO ally, Turkey, not trying, necessarily, to stability. What are the next steps that need to take Germany there are?

What we can do, is try to prevent the smuggling of weapons from the sea. That's why we are introducing now, in August, a frigate in the Mission Irini with. The second one is thinking - what the Foreign office Yes-that released the names of the weapons smugglers that may be imposed by sanctions, to impose this pressure. Otherwise, Libya shows how limited man is in his ability to act, if you have no field presence. Then you run into the danger we see now that a country may be divided between Turkey and Russia. This is certainly not for Europe the best Situation. The decision that we do not engage on-the-spot, has been made a long time ago and we are seeing today is the direct consequence of this decision.

And what you say to your Alliance partner in Turkey to his role there?

We discuss the very intense. Germany is the one who always keeps the conversation threads. There are other points of conflict, such as in the Mediterranean, when it comes to mineral resources and drilling. Germany enjoys in the Region a high degree of confidence. That is why many turn to us, and we are trying to do there, where it belongs, namely in the personal interviews and behind-the-Scenes to clarify as best as possible.

"We go ammunition losses with all the meticulousness to"

we Come to the accusations of right-wing extremism in the special unit of the Bundeswehr. How certain can you be that you can make the German army a Nazi-free space?

The German armed forces is a part of this society. That is, as long as we have extreme right-wing tendencies in our society, we can never be sure that there are in the armed forces such tendencies. What can we do is that we engage in any case, quite consistently, that we uncover the underlying instruments and networks that we are in prevention.

Now tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition are missing, especially in the special units. How big your worry is, that even in the army, such people fall short of, rather, to the fact, in the current climate?

I take every note and every suspicion that this could be so, very, very seriously, because we have just seen with the murder at the Walter Lübcke, with the incidents and the attack in the hall, that we have a process chain: There are thoughts that are thought, there are words that are pronounced. And there are always those who fall below also to the fact. And we must prevent it in any case - especially in the armed forces. That's why we go to these ammo loss with all meticulousness.

The Interview Michaela Küfner led.

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