Wirecard fiasco: Dax-the group sees a gigantic fraud, company chief brown resigns | business

The balance sheet scandal, Wirecard has no end - the group sees himself as the victim of a massive deception. The Dax group Wirecard will report to crimin

Wirecard fiasco: Dax-the group sees a gigantic fraud, company chief brown resigns | business

The balance sheet scandal, Wirecard has no end - the group sees himself as the victim of a massive deception.

The Dax group Wirecard will report to criminal complaint against Unknown. The IT companies with headquarters in Munich and a must, once again, move the presentation of the annual figures . Wirecard sees himself as a victim of a "gigantic fraud".

Update from 19. June, 12.58 PM: Wirecard -chief brown resigns with immediate effect.

Previously have summarized the evidence for a case of fraud of great magnitude. The

Philippine Bank BDO Unibank

, where, allegedly, one of the two suspect has been faithfully led hand accounts for Wirecard said on Friday that the German company had no single customer: "The document in which the existence of a Wirecard account in BDO, it is claimed, is a doctored document, the forged signatures of Bank employee is wearing,“ it said in the opinion of the in the city of Makati-based Southeast Asian money house. "The case has been reported to

Central Bank of the Philippines

." Previously, the US news Agency Bloomberg had reported on the opinion.

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Driven by bankruptcy fears, the rapid expiry of the Wirecard-stock on the Frankfurt stock exchange continued. The papers lost on the Friday morning, again almost half of its value and traded just around 20 Euro on Wednesday evening, Wirecard stock was still over 100 euros. The organization of the loss of billion loans threatening . If Wirecard is presenting this Friday no audited annual and consolidated financial statements could loans of about 2 billion euros will be terminated. The group had announced on Thursday.

Wirecard fiasco: Dax-see group "a gigantic fraud" - course crashes spectacular

Update from 18. June 2020, 17.25 PM: The share price of Dax-group Wirecard is broken after a displacement of the balance sheet template because of highlight inconsistencies to the extreme. After the payment had been communicated to the liquidator, that he is not able to submit because of the billions of ambiguities in the balance sheet in its annual financial statements again, the shares of the company in a spectacular fall flight .

Wirecard papers were lost after a number of commercial interruptions first in the top approximately two-thirds of their value and were at 35 Euro sagged. The shares recovered a bit and rose until it came under pressure again and getting deeper into the red slipped.

in The afternoon the papers were about 71 percent in the Minus 30,23 Euro. This is the lowest level since March of 2016. Thus, the Wirecard taxes-share on one of the largest percentage losses , the the a Dax company based on the closing price has suffered. The market capitalisation dwindled in comparison to the closing price on Wednesday of around 9 billion to 3.7 billion euros.

Wirecard fiasco: the group triggers a stock-market quake, and speaks of the "gigantic fraud"

first message: Munich, - The payment service provider Wirecard is not able to submit because of the billions in any ambiguities in the balance sheet his financial statements again. The commissioned audit firm EY informed the company that the existence of Bank credit on escrow account in the amount of EUR 1.9 billion were available not sufficient audit evidence, informed the Dax-listed group on Thursday in Aschheim near Munich. So it's going to be about a quarter of the total balance sheet sum.

Wirecard announces criminal charges - share price descent

Wirecard criminal wants to press charges against the Unknown , a company spokesman said on Thursday. The company see themselves as a potential victim of a "gigantic fraud" .

There is evidence that the auditor of a Trustee or from the area of banks, which cause the fiduciary accounts, "incorrect balance confirmations for the purpose of Deception have been submitted", - stated in the message. The share price then plummeted by more than half.

The group has to postpone his several times already - most recently on Thursday suspended the presentation of the annual financial statements for 2019 again. A new date is not fixed yet. "The Board is working hard, the facts of the case, in consultation with the auditor to further clarify," it said.

Wirecard move accounts again - until 2019 allegations of fraud to the group

the group Should have an audited financial statement until Friday (19. June) not present, could loans the Wirecard AG in the amount of approximately two billion Euro will be cancelled, warned the company.

Wirecard level since the establishment in 1999, always in the centre of share speculation . Beginning in 2019, even heavy allegations fraud were in the room. The British Financial Times reported repeatedly via fake sales and fake contracts with Wirecard in Singapore. Wirecard rejected the accusations are always considered defamatory.


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