While the Mafia Ganster silence, reveal your crypto-cell phone secrets

The phone contact with the Code "DLFZ...." urged to convert his interlocutor, the BlackBerry Smartphone is finally on the more modern encryption platform SkyE

While the Mafia Ganster silence, reveal your crypto-cell phone secrets

The phone contact with the Code "DLFZ...." urged to convert his interlocutor, the BlackBerry Smartphone is finally on the more modern encryption platform SkyECC. The old cryptographic technique seemed to be tap-proof. Guiseppe M., alleged boss of a drug ring, the Calabrian Mafia organization Ndrangheta, the organized by NRW from an international cocaine trade on a large scale, resisted. He was old-fashioned, he left the coded chat line know. And so it left M. at his old encryption mode on the BlackBerry.

Rather, the Mafia Boss told the investigation that on the evening of the 28. April 2017 on its new promise of full contact in Rotterdam: A Moroccan've offered to him in addition to cocaine also Crack for 18,000 Euro the Kilo. His Partner cheered, finally the tide was on the drug market. It was the pure madness that he had opened to the Moroccans, answered a mobster via coded the Chat, "then we'll be rich". Spilcker Mafia Boss. m.

crypto-phones not to reveal many secrets

so it came. One and a half years later, M. wandered with 13 other accomplices in the large-scale action "Pollino" in custody. The Prosecutor's office of Duisburg, which has accused the 34-year-old Calabrese and his band members, in the meantime, due to the cocaine trade of just under half a ton, speaking of the Mafia & Co KG. A far-reaching syndicate with 58 accused, from Turkish financiers, South American and Moroccan suppliers, on top of a group of Mafiosi are to M. to.

but While the Italian Gangster silence persistently reveal your crypto-cell phones, in the meantime, a lot of secrets. During the RAID in December 2018 108 mobile were seized telephones, a majority with encryption software. According to FOCUS-Online-information is managed the IT-forensics unit of the Federal criminal police office (BKA) in the past year, a part of the coded chat conversations make it re-readable. A groundbreaking success. The providers advertise with all the special protection mechanisms that are not crack. Confidentiality for the customer is top of the Agenda.

If it was sensitive, not used to phone with encryption software

Therefore, only German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the phone about shielded special mobile phones, but also terrorists, or Organized crime. So the Stuttgart prosecutors clashed in their Investigation against a gang, which attract 45 million euros from the Drug in a complex gold trading in Dubai washed, to their limits.

the head of The group, from the Swabian town of Schorndorf want to have made in overheard telephone conversations with the Afghan Taliban as transactions, such as with the Turkish secret service. If it was a particularly delicate issue, changed Enchrochat the Gangster on mobile phones with the encryption software. The further course of the conversation remained the customs officers hidden. "Crypto phones"

In the case of so-called "crypto phones" to protect the communication by encryption. The devices seem like normal mobile phones. The screened-in Smartphones are usually limited only to the encrypted messages and images, exchange. The communication is only possible between identical-equipped mobile phones are often of the brand BlackBerry. The average costs amount to 1500 Euro for a half-year subscription with the encryption software.

in Particular, in the Netherlands, the criminal procedure tracker hard against Smartphone vendor. In 2016, the police arrested the head of the company Ennetcom. To its customers, contract killer, drug dealer and other Criminals have heard. The company denied the allegations. Nevertheless, the Netherlands Forensic Institute by means of a special search engine for unencrypted meta data from Blackberry to analyze messages. By the end of 2016, the Dutch police was able to identify more than 1000 users of Ennetcom-Blackberry-Smartphones. Also managed the IT Forensic specialists to decipher the supposedly unbreakable coded PGP-Mails. In 2017, the Dutch authorities took the company PGP Sure to also have the Organised crime supplying it.

The other evidence was sufficient to convict sentences of the four defendants at the end of January high adhesion. The case proves, however, once more, as under the world sizes of the isolated channels to the judiciary and the police hang out.

1500 Euro for Software in the first half

The unmasked drug ring of the Ndrangheta in NRW defensive communication used for years forms. The crypto mobile phones members of the Mafia & Co KG languages, as they wore cash transports as a means for construction works, should you get into a police control.

photos of large cocaine batch circulated. The recordings suggested buyers that the gang material could deliver in large quantities. Just bad luck that you showed the images to an undercover police, posing as a Dealer.

Rarely, the alleged drug boss M. used to be a normal Smartphone. For almost 2000 encrypted messages, which could only read his accomplices with the same Software found on its BlackBerry in addition to encryption technology. For the half-year in the case of special providers bookable subscription to the Mafioso paid 1500 Euro.

According to the BKA-fields "data reconstruction" as well as "crypto - and Softwarenalyse" used Marando & co. the encryption software SkyECC and Enchrochat. The latter provider has provided a plurality of encrypted steps. The Chat App deletes, depending on the setting, the message or encrypted "PGP-Mails" within seconds or minutes. The experts speak of the "burn time". The access to the Enchrochat System can be found only through a hidden key combination.

experts were able to safeguards

turn off the Relevant Online-Shops advertise that the devices self-locking, that should determine the System to manipulation by outsiders. Also, the user can enter a kind of Crash-command, so that the storage device deletes the call from the outer self.

Noureddine M., a co-accused, Moroccan wholesale dealers, the Mafia & Co KG, described to the investigators in pre-trial detention, how it works in practice. In Dutch shops, he referred to the tap-proof mobile phones. The neighboring state is regarded as an Eldorado for crypto mobile phones. There, he also know a shop owner, m. that would burn after the arrest of his device. Friends of his would have to send the contact man, only his E-Mail contact number, then the store could be the owner of the mobile phone "crash".

to prevent this from happening, created the Federal experts elaborate counter-mechanisms. In continuous mode, you let the repossessed Encrochat phones turned on. Also, it developed a kind of special treatment in order to avoid that the phone turns off routinely after one day automatically.

For the first Time in the local criminal history managed it to the experts, the range of protective measures by a specially developed method outmaneuver. In a further step, the officials cracked in the devices, the database of encoded messages App.

uncertainty about the cocaine delivery

Although the information tracks to the "Burn-in-Time mechanism" is deleted. However, the IT-forensics text fragments discovered on the database. Through a complex procedure, these were able to be recovered. Also Dutch colleagues found a Server in Costa Rica, the many Chats, the defendant ran.

However, could the digital breakthrough, some controversial questions in the process does not brighten. A number of drug suppliers or helper, the languages with the Mafia & Co KG via encrypted Messenger services, are not identified until today.

it is Also unclear what happened to that delivery, three days after the wave of arrests of `Ndrangheta drug ring at the beginning of December should be received in 2018, in the port of Rotterdam. The gang is said to have ordered according to prosecutors, 100 kilograms of material from Brazil, for a purchase price of $ 250,000. However, the Gang was still looking for safe Ways out of the port. The news on the cart were all the things until many later reconstruct. Consequently, till today, questionable whether the cocaine delivery was made at the time at all.

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