When it comes to laschet's Desk, fly Söders poison splashes through the hall

Markus Söder is not the type of hair small, each set in advance to cope. This remark about Armin Laschet (CDU), but have thought about the CSU Chairman: "I thi

When it comes to laschet's Desk, fly Söders poison splashes through the hall

Markus Söder is not the type of hair small, each set in advance to cope. This remark about Armin Laschet (CDU), but have thought about the CSU Chairman: "I think he is a humorous and also serious, home to live more consciously and simply, very loving person." Break. Marbles. "And I don't think is bad now." Had asked a Moderator Jörg Quoos, editor-in-chief of the Funke media group, according to the book about Laschet as to Laschet itself. But this is not at Söder exactly.

He is this Morning in the heritage-protected meistersaal in Berlin-Kreuzberg, well, something as a censor, and master of ceremonies in a personal Union. And this is a Signal he wants to get rid of the obvious: "Not bad," this won Armin Laschet, the in North Rhine-Westphalia, the former tribal area of the SPD, a choice, and since then as Prime Minister, a black-yellow government. But, apparently, not terrific. Not "a Bombä" would have said of Franke, he would have said it.

How is the Laschet, Armin, and the Power?

It comes to a lot of. The Showdown for Power in the Union has been running since February. With the CDU party conference on 4. December is reached a first climax. Who wins is completely open. Decides Armin Laschet in the fight against Friedrich Merz and Norbert Röttgen, the CDU-presidency for himself, then he and Söder could be competitors to the candidacy for the most powerful office in the Land, the chancellorship. Exactly, all that are come this day to the presentation of the book with thinking, of course.

So the conversation circles this morning over and over again to a question which is also the focus of the biography of Tobias Blasius and Moritz Küpper: the man from Aachen, Germany, the unconditional will to Power? The book of human contributes to this question, the extent to which a friendly-to-place type, such as Laschet is the Correct one for the most powerful Position in the country, practically in the title: "The Power." Laschet was an "atypical people", says Blaise today at the presentation.

No Highlander-moments

If there Laschet Similarities between the previous Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, and Armin, you will be asked Söder. Answer: "So visually: no." Giggling in the hall. A typical Söder. Then he says, but even more on the subject of: cabbage have set his or her interests "very engaged by". Since there is "to Laschet a difference".

And since he is in such good shape, mentioned Söder, as it was for him: "For me, it was always so, that all were against it", he commented on important career steps of the state Parliament to the Minister President of Bavaria. He would always need Resistors, for example, from predecessors to overcome. It sounds as if he can see a real opportunity here, too, a contrast to the six years her senior Union colleagues. That the but had to fight often and important Items often only at the second attempt has received, would have Söder many passages of the 360-page biography, see.

The two authors also in the book – apparently aware of, as is with Laschet and Power. "The unconditional will to deal you can feel with him, rare," they write. "There can be only one' – the special Highlander-moments of career – seeking a like Laschet's not." If a Highlander Move is necessary to run a country well, you can then rate each reader and each reader then.

"It may be that I'll be left"

Laschet appears in the book as most of the time, the Cautious, the Open with a strict Conscience. Be a history teacher, Karl / Niederau taught not only Laschet, but also Thomas Kemmerich, those of the FDP-politician in Thuringia, the AfD votes for a few hours to the Prime Minister choose to let. "This wouldn't have happened to the Armin", says the teacher when comparing the two Ex-students, "because the know exactly: don't play with the grubby children. This has something to do with instinct.“

To his power ambitions Laschet once, it is said in the biography of the can, said: "It is that I stay on the left."

Söder were the nice, but by no means harmless

So Söder laschet's Humor, his government's performance in the West, the leadership of a team, including the Minister, praises once his adversary. Söder is not familiar with the current Prime Minister, in the West, however, closer from common times in the young Union. There's others like Norbert Röttgen ("He had been looked by the way have always been very chic" ) is active. Really Laschet fell on the Swiss franc Söder until later, and then initially uncomfortable: by criticism of his boss, the party Chairman Edmund Stoiber.

Söder is affable-it's nice, but not nice. And certainly not harmless. The biography of Tobias Blasius and Moritz Küpper he called a "very friendly". What you could also translated: "too friendly". The request of the publisher reached, whether he wanted to present the book, he asked Laschet, whether or not the "okay" was reported Söder to the Berlin audience. Found Laschet's apparently okay. Söder not Converses fuzzy-locker, the thoughts of aggressive competition Söder fired in this round, right in the middle of Berlin. The subliminal competition but, of course, and with pleasure.

dpa/Guido Kirchner/dpa, Armin Laschet (CDU, l), Prime Minister of NRW, and Markus Söder (CSU), Bavaria's Prime Minister.

There is "different temperaments", says Söder. But the name is not that one is better. If Bavaria's head of government, however, is the book Info that you work in the düsseldorf state Chancellery up in the evening at 20 o'clock, placed it to the throaty Laugh of the note, that it is going to be in Munich later. There are also many would not have been surprised if Bayern would also be here from Söder perspective in the front.

The Bavarian folder-order beings

And there is also still the thing with the Desk: Laschet is hidden at work, so the authors of the book report, behind Stacks of books, photo books, catalogues, colorful folders, and all sorts of clear plastic. "Everywhere, sticking a yellow Post-it notes", it says in the book. "In the paper to rest gorges personal things like wallet, charging cable, and Cigarillo-box. Sometimes there is a waiting plate with a leftover piece of cake to be cleared.“

Söder can not resist the temptation, not to mention that his Desk is much neater. "You have to give your employees and also Guidance", he ends his excursus on the Bavarian folder-order beings. Since the poison splashes to fly so merrily through the hall, that is more sensitive to time smooth might be enjoyed regret that you have discontinued after the arrival of your mask.

Söder talks a lot about – Söder

But: The audience is hardened, it remains loose. For example, in the memory of a holiday experience laschet's, which is not likely to be the most beautiful have been. Laschet is like when on the Phone, time in the swimming pool of the holiday house in Portugal, velvet Cigarillo and mobile phone. His Cigarillo, he could not the phone save. Non-Smoking Söder: "For me, about probably have been different."

Söder would not Söder, when he would not practice and criticism of a certain Markus Söder. In its broad irony on the spectrum of self-irony is also always some space. Logical, because self-irony is also a proven self-protection. The change of the aggressive CSU by the year 2018, the many as a dangerous AfD-close feel to the CSU of today, Söder describes as a "near death experience". And he is not to mention tired, that he had since then learned a lot"".

During Söder in Berlin, the political situation is sorted, is Armin Laschet, on the way to Rome for a private audience with the Pope, and the Chancellor's speech will keep your budget. Before Bavaria's Prime Minister makes on the way, he leaves behind a couple of messages sent in the capital. He sees the Green is the most likely future Partner of the Union, for example. Because the liberals had "the inclination to meet on a regular basis the post". The have shown when dealing with a possible "Jamaica"-coalition three years ago, when the Thuringian power, drama, and when dealing with Corona.

the Söder is?

The tips and the jokes sometimes come so quickly that as soon as they have reached the Brain of his listeners – the next one is already out of is carved. He is, of Söder.

So he is the Söder? More on this topic in the future, when the revised edition of the Söder-biography of novel Deiniger and Uwe Ritzer will be presented. The is present then in November, Armin Laschet. The return game with a view.


Tobias Blaise Moritz Küppper: The power of human. Armin Laschet. The Biography. Plain text.--Verlag, Berlin, 2020.

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