When I saw what the Bank does with my money, I felt lousy to me and moved on

As an Eco-Disciple I don't want to call myself, however, I possess a well-reflected view on it, what are the consequences of my behavior on the environment and

When I saw what the Bank does with my money, I felt lousy to me and moved on

As an Eco-Disciple I don't want to call myself, however, I possess a well-reflected view on it, what are the consequences of my behavior on the environment and the people in it. With my cloth bag in the supermarket, I avoid plastic waste, the journey to work with the U-Bahn saves CO2 to dispense in the same way as my decision more on meat. If I'm going for once cheating, and with my old Volvo in the rain in the work, then my Conscience tweaks – cause and effect are easy to recognize.

But the money in my checking account, what is the contribution to a better and fairer world is to make that, please? No, I think...

Virtually all of the major money institutions to invest in questionable projects

... until I browse through one day mindlessly through my Facebook Feed and in front of me suddenly, the following question appears: "do you Know what banks do with your money anyway?" No, not and click I on the Link.

After the brief online reading I know that almost every private financial institution with sensitive financial products. Investment in armor shops over nuclear and coal power up to food speculation portfolios of the banks in the system, almost everything that I reject as an ethical and ecologically fashionable man. I'm sobered.

And also my Bank is investing well in questionable projects: for Example, 9.7 million euros in the period from 2010 to 2017 in the international mining companies who do not take it expressed in terms of working conditions and environmental protection, euphemistically quite as accurate. Can read I have all of this in the "Dirty Profit 6 Mining"-report of the non-governmental organization Facing Finance. Facing Finance non-governmental organization Facing Finance examined in your report: Dirty Profits - Our money for arms exports to war - and crisis areas of the investment policy of banks in the field of the arms industry

I gather from the "Fair Finance Guide Germany", are mining projects, only a small part of the long list of controversial extensions of credit in my Bank, which may also include arms exports in war and crisis areas. The independent Initiative to assess how environmentally and socially responsible lending and investment policy of banks.

at least now my mind is made up: It is time to switch banks. Only to what? Looking for a current account for my good Conscience, I land again on the Internet.

Sustainable current accounts have two advantages

not surprisingly, the selection of sustainable banks compared to their sensitive counterparts significantly smaller, but the desire for a conflict-free checking account seems not only me umzutreiben. I quickly got a handful of so-called ethical banks in front of me on the screen. What is immediately noticeable: transparency is paramount.

The abstract theme of the book is taking money from private clients as working capital of a Bank in the Online brochures on very concrete forms. What are the ways of taking the money out of my checking account, I can understand the majority of providers down to the smallest Detail - under strict social and ecological requirements is understood. No weapons, no coal, no to child labour – also the list of investment criteria of my new Bank are extensive and, above all, sustainable. The column "small steps to save the world"

the earth's climate is changing. Our interaction with the planet and its resources has contributed to this. If we want to save the earth, we must rethink – in the Large, as well as in the Small.

that is Why we take on in this column, each week, a consumer theme and ask ourselves: that Is also sustainable? We would like to reflect on our own behavior, and so maybe also the one or the other pulse pass.

All follow our column, you can find here.

they also Make experiences in everyday life on the subject of sustainability, what it is, perhaps, not the right answers, or advice have found? Then you can write to us at konstruktiv@burda-forward.de. We look forward to your ideas!

avoid destructive financial assets, however, is only a positive aspect - in fact, my money is now significantly more. Instead of on a monthly basis in the defence and mining investments of my old Bank is flushed, it travels well to projects that I would like to actively promote. For example, in the financing of seed for small farmers, what seems to me personally that much more meaningful, than to support with my money and the production of genetically modified agricultural products.

The positive Power of money, I can see that should appreciate in the current accounts of many German lies dormant, you do not like on the page of the Online banking Start-Ups "Tomorrow". In real-time 23.872.543 Euro appears in the Deposit capital of all customers:. At the sight of this million-amount I get for the first time, a feeling, what force can also deploy smaller amounts collectively. Tomorrow The Start-Up "Tomorrow" and the very highest levels of transparency in its investments.

in view of the marginal interest rates on private current accounts, the decision falls to me to an account change at the end is relatively easy. And also the monthly account fees as well as the member's contribution, amounting in total to just under ten euros, I my good of Some value.

my money is on the account, I have now learned. Only where it wanders, that's what I decide in the future myself. Dog learns in Pool lesson for life - his wife is thrilled to FOCUS Online/Wochit dog learns in Pool lesson for life - be wife is thrilled

Updated Date: 08 August 2020, 07:27

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