We must not repeat the mistakes we made with the clans

At that time I only received threatening emails. The next day I was confronted with an attempt to break into my home, of which I still do not know whether there

We must not repeat the mistakes we made with the clans

At that time I only received threatening emails. The next day I was confronted with an attempt to break into my home, of which I still do not know whether there is a connection with the threatening emails. < / p> < p > fol About the author < p class="noads" > Carsten Linnemann is a German politician of the CDU and graduate economist. He is chairman of the Mittelstands - und Wirtschaftsunion (MIT), the influential economic wing of the Union, and deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. In his column" Neustart für Deutschland " Linnemann shows how Germany is getting out of its comfort zone again.

< / p> < p> Attacks on politicians are piling up. Let's not kid ourselves: in our society, not only the brutalization of language is increasing, but also the willingness to use violence. < / p> < p > Police crime statistics offer a light and a dark side. Thus, the number of crimes as a whole continued to fall in 2020, confirming a decreasing trend that we have been seeing for several years. This is a gratifying success. But those who take a second look note that crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape and, horribly, the sexual abuse of children have also increased. In the category of politically motivated crime, the number of violent crimes also increased noticeably within a year. Over 1,000 acts of violence were committed by right-wing extremists. And more than 1,500 were attributable to the left - wing extremist scene, which has become more radicalized in recent years-as unfortunately currently evidenced by the events on Rigaer Straße in Berlin. < / p> Display Anti-Semitism has reached a new high in 2020 < p > The results on anti-Semitism are also alarming. A new high was reached with well over 2300 crimes in 2020. This is only about the cases reported to the police. The dark field should be significantly larger again. And if we recall the images of anti-Israel "rallies" that reached us in May from many major German cities, we already suspect: the shameful record of 2020 could be surpassed again. < / p>

It's time to wake up. Politically motivated crime has the potential to disintegrate societies and shake democracies. It does not matter from which direction the extremist wind blows-whether right-wing or left-wing. And neither religious nor foreign-motivated violence deserves a cultural discount. < / p>

But it is precisely this clear address that is often lacking in politics and parts of society. Left-wing violence against police officers is still sometimes twisted as if the police officer who was attacked was to blame. Blinders are still put on when people with Arab and Turkish backgrounds shout anti-Semitic slogans at anti-Israel demonstrations. And in the case of clan crime, anyone who wants to discuss the term primarily because it is supposedly stigmatising refuses to face a serious problem: patriarchal extended families who show the middle finger to our rule of law. < / p> Speaking beautifully has never solved problems, but solidifies < p > Displacing truths by applying the art of speaking beautifully has never solved problems, but solidifies them. Just take the example of clan crime. For decades, people preferred not to look so closely. Not even when there was already talk of "no-go areas". The fear of having a racism debate on the neck was apparently too great among those responsible. The consequences are now known to everyone. Clan crime has become a real problem in many large cities and there are increasing indications that it is also shifting to rural areas. It is fortunate that in North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, an Interior Minister, is taking tough action against this milieu. < / p> < p > Mistakes we made in the past in dealing with clan crime are now threatening to be repeated in dealing with anti-Semitism. The fact that this comes from the radical right is communicated openly and clearly. But anti-Semitism from radical left or even Muslim milieus? Some people have a hard time. It's just uncomfortable when the usual victim-perpetrator schemes no longer fit. It takes courage to face the truth. One of them is that Muslim anti-Semitism is no longer a marginal phenomenon. It was fuelled not only by immigration from the crisis states of the Middle East, but also by Turkish nationalism, which is sometimes spreading among those of Turkish origin who grew up in Germany. < / p> < p> Germany is no slouch: We offer language and integration courses and comprehensive social services. The German Islam Conference will discuss with the Islamic associations how to support Muslim life in Germany. Nevertheless, there are repeated attacks in German mosques against Jews and Christians, against the West and against our German social and constitutional order. Something's going wrong. And it looks like some Islamic associations are not part of the solution, but of the problem. < / p> The state must no longer cooperate with anti-constitutional associations

Only one thing helps: State cooperation with associations and organizations that are not clearly on the ground of our constitutional order must be omitted or terminated. Otherwise, exactly the opposite happens: political Islam is made strong and capable of hope. Its dangerousness should not be underestimated. Its representatives adapt outwardly to do their destructive work inside. Their goal is an Islamic society in which our democratic and liberal achievements would no longer have a place. It is therefore right that the Federal Minister of the Interior has now convened a panel of experts in a first step to scientifically analyse the chameleon-like appearance of political Islam and develop recommendations for action. < / p>

But even more sensitivity in the selection of cooperation partners will ultimately not be enough. Anti-Semitism is an indication of the democratic constitution of a society and must therefore be fought vigorously. A consistent application of what is already possible under criminal law should be a matter of course. In addition, further measures are needed, such as a ban on the Hamas flag and stricter residency and nationality laws, in order to be able to show the red card to immigrants who become anti-Semitic. < / p> < p > Very important: More attention must be paid to what is happening at our schools. If "you Jew" has become a common swear word there, it can be assumed that children in their private environment come into contact with anti-Semitic and extremist ideas. It is therefore necessary, firstly, to make it compulsory to report anti - Semitic incidents in schools and, secondly, to use prevention and deradicalisation specialists who also go to the families of the conspicuous children. Where families refuse, social benefits must be cut and fines imposed. < / p> Our liberal-democratic state must be defensive

Our liberal-democratic state must be defensive. He must not let himself be fooled by criminals and constitutional enemies, but must gain respect. Through the consistent enforcement of its legal system. If we succeed in reliably punishing parking offences and tax sins, this must also be possible for anti-Semitic offences and personal injuries. In addition, criminal proceedings and penalties should follow the act as closely as possible, otherwise their effect fizzles out. If you let a young violent offender wait two years for a verdict, at most it paves the way to a criminal career. < / p>

The motto towards criminals must therefore be: Zero tolerance! < / p> < p> Fleischhauer jokes about breakdown protest: "Nobody wants Greenpeace as an enemy" ServusTV Fleischhauer jokes about breakdown protest:" Nobody wants Greenpeace as an enemy " < / p>

Date Of Update: 01 July 2021, 00:00

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