Walter (84) wrestles 7 weeks with Corona as he wants to give up, saves a gesture life

, CBA: Lord my God, you have survived Covid-19, and the age of 84. Can you believe it? Walter Bayerlein (Former judge and former Vice-President of the Cent

Walter (84) wrestles 7 weeks with Corona as he wants to give up, saves a gesture life

, CBA: Lord my God, you have survived Covid-19, and the age of 84. Can you believe it?

Walter Bayerlein (Former judge and former Vice-President of the Central Committee of German Catholics / ZdK) : But sure. To the beginning of the year I have my third heart attack, then a heavy Bypass surgery. After a few days at home with me has stretched then the Virus is low.

CBA : do you Know who has infected you?

Bayerlein : no. My brother had it at least as fiercely as I do, my son is a little less, and my house doctor also, in a mild Form.

CBA : If you stand on a knife's edge?

Bayerlein : Yes. But I got through it. Good Doctors are worth a lot.

Covid-19: double-sided pneumonia, violent coughing and loneliness

, CBA: What made you create the most?

Bayerlein : I had inflammation a double-sided lungs, and a brutal cough for a large surgical wound in the chest, the kidneys were failing intermittently. The exhausting scary. But what is at least just as bad: This disease is a psychologically huge. I've kept myself mentally always very strong. In the meantime, I have also heard from many others, pity that you had such a psychological Low. Katharina Ebel/KNA

, CBA: How has expressed the?

Bayerlein : I was seven weeks in the strictest Isolation, only in the hospital, then in the special rehab. My room dimension is three times four meters. Apart from the occasional phone calls I had no conversation partner, was not allowed into the Free, not receive visits, not even from my wife, I was separated in 58 years of marriage, never for so long. So alone I was not in my whole life. A prisoner in solitary confinement has more perks. You will feel innocent like a mad dog without a muzzle. Only contact with the outside world-the TV was. I then need to see how the military truck is lifted in the column bodies away, and excavators, many of the graves. For a life-threatening illness, Covid-19-patients mentally a disaster. So fast you couldn't retract at all.

, CBA: But they were intensively cultivated?

Bayerlein : The already, mostly with admirable use. But the staff at the clinic is disguised until recognition. I needed a week until I was able to distinguish at least three sisters to your eyes. They came and did what was necessary, and the good to excellent. Due to the risk of Infection you looked at, however, is that you come as soon as possible. If I had written about before, what I need, they were gone before I could say anything.

, CBA: And your family?

Bayerlein With the help of which I communicated mainly via WhatsApp, but much of it you can't tell on the way Yes, about that I was temporarily giving up just ahead of the.

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In the isolation ward, Walter gets a nurse has the most precious gift: time

CBA : What are you discouraged?

Bayerlein : Once I was in the middle of the night an attack of shortness of breath. And the fear: Now it comes to an end. I pressed the emergency button and Doctors came in, turned the oxygen higher, and gave me a syringe. As it calmed down, they pulled back. Because a sister asked: Can I do anything Good? I said: Yes, you just stay there for ten minutes and do not leave me in my Fears alone. You did, in a respectful distance sat down. About the disease we have not spoken, not even through my fear. You asked me about my family and my profession. So she has given away the most Precious thing in this Situation, namely time and funding. I'll never forget that.

, CBA: are you an active Catholic. Helped you in your Faith?

Bayerlein In the two months before and after my heart SURGERY, I had a pastoral conversation partner from the Clinic. A friend of mine, a priest brought me communion and donated the anointing of the sick. In Corona-times, no one came. There is also no one asked. I've seen the TV services and have to say that many Church dignitaries have given to my existential Fears no reliable answer. But a lot of people have written to me that they are praying for me. It gives you strength. If you ask me, why I'm still alive, then it is probably it. And my lifelong trust in God.

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, CBA: Are you fully recovered?

Bayerlein : I don't even know if I have antibodies. I do so as I would not have. If I have a good or bad day, I don't know in advance often, the varies greatly. Anxiety I always have, once again, especially at night. Therefore, I do not use the device any more of my oxygen, so I breathe too shallow. Since the 8. May I'm back home. The Run I had to learn - from the wheelchair to the Walker. In the meantime, I can set to 30 meters without a Walker back.

CBA : What do you think about the easing debates?

Bayerlein : necessary, because of restrictions on basic rights and the question of proportionality. But I do get the impression that a lot of people have started far too early as we had overcome the. We are still in the middle of it, to explore this Monster. We know far too little. I mean, the Bavarian state government has acted wisely. You should not bow down just now to the very public pressure.

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