WHETHER the problem of integration and refugees in the community sees him

Schwäbisch Gmünd is located in the East of Baden-württemberg, approximately 61,000 people are at home in the city. Due to the location of the Rems, in which the

WHETHER the problem of integration and refugees in the community sees him

Schwäbisch Gmünd is located in the East of Baden-württemberg, approximately 61,000 people are at home in the city. Due to the location of the Rems, in which the Locals go in the summer to bathe flowing. "With all of the half-timbered houses and the old churches, it is a town out of a picture book," says mayor Richard Arnold (CDU) in an interview with FOCUS Online. However, neither for its architecture nor because of the idyllic location Gmünd, Schwäbisch currently in the headlines.

the reason is, rather, a letter that IF Arnold together with the tübingen-town hall chief Boris Palmer (Green), and Schorndorf, mayor Matthias Klopfer (SPD) has been published. The politicians complain about the "increasing aggressiveness and disrespect of groups with adolescents and young adults in our cities". The background of the writing, the riots in Stuttgart and Frankfurt, where numerous police officers injured, businesses looted, and places were devastated.

As the three politicians write, there is the Problem of growing aggression among young people is not only since yesterday. Instead, you would observe for some time, "provocation, lack of communication skills" as well as "pure violence" in their cities. "You have to think again, the world was in order, but the world is not for some time," explains Arnold.

Arnold about police officers: "you are abused, sometimes even physically addressed,"

officials of his city-police report of incidents similar to those in Stuttgart and Frankfurt. "You are abused, sometimes even physically addressed," the mayor stated. Also, he have already made experiences with aggressive young people.

Arnold told: "I have seen two young men are changed on the marketplace along gender and their cigarette on the ground have thrown. So I asked you, you properly don't throw away, because this belongs to." The young people would have denounced him then desolate. Arnold is convinced that "The barriers are getting lower and lower." dpa/Christoph Schmidt/dpabild policemen

In your brand-letter from Arnold Palmer and thumper designate as a cause for the increased readiness to use violence to the frustration of the Corona-restrictions. To the other question, it is the role of the "Refugees in the emergence of a violent scene in the center of Stuttgart," as in the Letter. Because nine of the 24 Stuttgart-be Krawallos come as asylum seekers to Germany. For the authors of the fire letter is clear: "Among the Refugees there is a small group of violent men," which was above-average, often involved in serious crimes.

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mayor Arnold: "We have a problem of integration"

In Schwäbisch Gmünd, which is only about 50 kilometers from Stuttgart, the life of around 1,500 refugees. Arnold stresses that most of them lead a "decent life". Nevertheless, there is also in the 61.000 inhabitants of the city, a "group that does not penetrate the simply by," said the mayor. This would behave aggressively and societal rules note. "We have an integration problem," says Arnold, and refers to the so-called "basic service", the Palmer, the knocker, and he is asking for.

Behind the idea of a kind of social obligation of the year, in which young people - whether they have a migrant background or not, society must engage plugged in. It should be in old people's homes, local authorities or cultural institutions. Arnold is convinced: "With the basic service you can provide asylum seekers with the local values quite specifically." But also for young people without a migration past the concept is thought of.

WHETHER in its community, "social dynamite"

Because: "The violent groups, with whom we have to do it in our municipalities do not recycle, there are, of course, from refugees," says Arnold. Other young people who have no Perspective in life would play a role. Even before the Corona-crisis, the youth had increased unemployment in Schwäbisch Gmünd solid.

The pandemic, this trend is likely to exacerbated: The number of unemployed has risen, according to the "Federal employment Agency" as a result of the Corona-crisis, around 40,000 people were reported in the period from may to June unemployed. "With Corona, the power of globalisation is disintegrating, many companies have suffered and dismiss employees," says Arnold. He notes: "the one Who has no job, feels not needed. This poses social explosives, and fuels discontent among young people."

refugees are outraged over violence

resentment against the refugees don't want to stir up Arnold with the brand letter, however. He describes himself as a pragmatist and says: "We must look reality in the eye. Since neither dull nationalism and social-pedagogical support of romance helps." Many refugees integrate well into the society, know Arnold from his own experience.

"Every Morning I take a woman who comes from Senegal, and her child with to Schwäbisch Gmünd. She's doing a course at the Volkshochschule, and is just as pissed as I about the Situation in Stuttgart", he says. Because of the fact that many of the rioters would have no German passport and give it to the public perception of "only good people and refugees". Refugees who tried to have a good Integration would be thrown in with the rioters in a pot.

Arnold is about to initiate with the letter a political discussion, from the bottom to the top. "We are the mayor, we are close to the people in it. Maybe we can make the politicians in Berlin on grievances and possible solutions - to the attention of," he explains. Dog giant barking at a lizard, and promptly gets the receipt for PCP dog giant barking at a lizard, and promptly gets the receipt

Updated Date: 22 July 2020, 13:27

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