Vox takes over the celebration of the Day of the Taking of Granada

Granada is celebrating this Thursday the Day of the Decision, which commemorates the conquest of the moorish city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 and the end o

Vox takes over the celebration of the Day of the Taking of Granada

Granada is celebrating this Thursday the Day of the Decision, which commemorates the conquest of the moorish city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 and the end of muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula. As each January 2, the acts are performed under an extensive safety device that prevents incidents during the acts of homage. In recent years, there have been clashes between those who see no reason to celebrate this day and those who claimed. This year, the secretary-general of Vox Javier Ortega Smith has taken center stage, ensuring that "the conquest continues". The political formation of extreme right, and that goes for the second consecutive year, is the only political declarations have been made by now. The leader of the PP, Paul is Married, has congratulated the first hour of the morning to granada via Twitter. Last year, the popular distributed thousands of flags, this year, no.

"Today we celebrate the 528-year anniversary of our predecessors will end up with the most powerful enemy that had Spain and Europe, the islamic invasion. They were defeated in a reconquest that still has not ended and continues," said Ortega Smith in the door of the chapel Royal past 11.30 am. "The reconquest of the values, freedoms, unity, and fraternity among all spaniards. A pending subject, also in the face of this invasion of radical islam, the mosque, salafists who want to impose a theocracy totalitarian about Spain and Europe", he added.

The Day of the siege commemorates the conquest of the city in 1492 by the Catholic Kings. That victory, makes 528 years, put an end to the last muslim kingdom in the peninsula, the city of Granada, ruled by Boabdil. Something more than a century later, in 1609, came the definitive expulsion of the muslims, who had been forced to convert to christianity, following the signing by king Philip III's Decree of expulsion, in a process that took five years to complete.

The celebration of this day in Granada is a controversial recurring from some years ago. The platform Granada Open, which gathers a score of associations and collective Human Rights, leading the fight for the abolition of this commemoration under the premise that “has a dangerous effect called on the extreme-right, racist and xenophobic and poses a risk for the living”. On the other hand, none of the different teams of government has dared to remove the conclusion. The only modification of the protocol has taken place in the last years of the socialist Francisco Basin, which incorporated a parade of Moors and Christians and that this year has not intervened.

At 11: 00, shortly before start-up of the acts in the Hall had already gathered about 200 people in front of the City hall, some with flags of Spain. As soon as they appeared to the television cameras have esuchado the first living in Spain, something that has been repeated during the parade of the Legion. On the opposite side were heard shouts of no to taking and long Live Marian!.

Granada Open has convened a side-event at the same time under the name Jack no, Mariana, yes, it has insisted on the repeal of this holiday and that, instead, we consider local festive of 26 may, the day of Mariana Pineda, “a symbol of equality and freedom”.

Faced with the possibility that they did act appearance of extremist groups, the Local Board of Security held on the last day of 2019 was decided to prohibit the use of any symbol radical that incites violence, as well as any other instrument of public address or loudspeaker, he announced, would be confiscated.

a year Ago, in the first proposal of agreement of Vox to vote for Juan Manuel Moreno as chairman of the Board of Andalusia, the far-right party included in that document, the change of the date of the Day of Andalusia, which is now the 28 of February to the 2 of January of each year.

The sequence of events of this day in Granada has a strong component of the catholic and military. A lieutenant general of the army is received by the mayor in the town Hall square, where both pass magazine to a military formation. From there, a procession formed civil and military, in which participate the members of the corporation and the local subdelegada of the Government, among others, are moved to the Cathedral, where they are greeted by the Archbishop of the diocese of granada. The lieutenant-general sets out there the sword of the original king Fernando, who is buried in the cathedral of Granada. It also participates in the acts of the original crown of the king.

After attending a mass, a visit to the pantheon where are buried the Catholic Kings, and, finally, in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral, one of the councillors, on this occasion, the popular Luis Gonzalez, flies the royal standard, according to the protocol “three times Blessed and two to Graves Real”. Of the Cathedral, the procession moves back to the town Hall to return to tremolar from the balcony of the banner. The act closes a military parade.

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